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Submitted For Your Reconsideration...

If you'd asked me two years ago (roughly) who I thought would be the worst member of the Obama administration, I'd have answered without a doubt with one name.

Since then, I've reconsidered greatly. Mostly because I've seen so many others "rise" in the past year and a half to push that one candidate aside. Compared to what so many others have done, this one person's emerged as strictly a piker when it comes to harm and malfeasance.

But partly because my nominee does stuff like this:

I never thought I'd say it, but I'm starting to like the guy.


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Comments (19)

The Vice President is demon... (Below threshold)

The Vice President is demonstrating the anti-Peter Principle: In the Obama hierarchy, each person sinks to his level of competence. Joe "Bite Me" has found his niche as "Hot Dog Man."

JayTea, your video link has... (Below threshold)

JayTea, your video link has apparently turned into spam.

I wonder why bigot Biden co... (Below threshold)

I wonder why bigot Biden couldnt hand out 7-11 Slurpies, or Dunkin Donuts coffee?


Being a fool doesn't preclu... (Below threshold)

Being a fool doesn't preclude being likeable.

This kind of thing is a lit... (Below threshold)
James H:

This kind of thing is a little foolish, yes, but did you see that the service members in the audience loved seeing the vice president serve them hot dogs? That makes it worthwhile for the VP to do it.

Giani, when Joe is doing so... (Below threshold)

Giani, when Joe is doing something like this, for the troops, I'll gladly give him a bye. Besides, he's turning out to be one of the most honest members of the Obama regime.

Not that that's a very high standard, but still...


This kind of thing... (Below threshold)
This kind of thing is a little foolish,
I didn't refer to him as a fool because of this. His overall record stands for itself in that regard. This act is a good thing, and makes him likeable.
I saw him just a couple of ... (Below threshold)

I saw him just a couple of weeks ago at a funeral (I live in Delaware, small state, deceased was big in local Dem party) and he looked bad. Tired, Haggard. He seems to have come to the realization that he is nothing more than Obie's life insurance policy. Surely he'll write a tell-all book after this is over and I can't wait for him to spill his beans about how he was treated by the great one after this is over.

Even though he's always bee... (Below threshold)

Even though he's always been wrong on just about everything, I've always liked ol' Joe. I just can't take him seriously. And I don't think the left even takes him with any seriousness. Poor Joe.

I'm with Oyster in that I'v... (Below threshold)

I'm with Oyster in that I've always kinda liked Joe but never agreed with his politics.

Funny thing about Biden is that his so-called gaffes are often right on. When he said: "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy I mean, that's a storybook, man." he was absolutely correct yet he took a beating over it.

As for his serving food to the troops, good for him.

Biden is a metaphor for wha... (Below threshold)

Biden is a metaphor for what the Obama Administration treats/considers America. He's Barak's white faced lawn jockey.

As much ridicule as we have... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

As much ridicule as we have given Biden for all his gaffes and how he seems to not be very intelligent; It's sad to think that he really is the smartest one in the White House.

Funny isn't it, that back t... (Below threshold)

Funny isn't it, that back then, you wouldn't have considered Obama as the worst member of the Obama administration?

Biden was impressive on Mem... (Below threshold)

Biden was impressive on Memorial Day, when Obamas skipped celebrations at Arlington. Good, moving speech. And Jill Biden is a lady Michelle could never be.

I never considered him a particularly bright man, but Joe is likeable in his bumbling manner.

What do you know, Biden has... (Below threshold)

What do you know, Biden has found a job he can actually do without screwing up.

Sure was a lot of empty sea... (Below threshold)

Sure was a lot of empty seats.
The troops were in dress uniforms, the Marines in Blue. I think this must have been some USO stuff to fill seats

Joe Biden is the Gerald For... (Below threshold)

Joe Biden is the Gerald Ford to Obama's Nixon.

And when he becomes president, more people than you might expect will breathe a sigh of relief.

Bob says Mr Biden is demons... (Below threshold)

Bob says Mr Biden is demonstrating the anti-Peter Principle, that in the Obama hierarchy, every man sinks to his level of competence and that Joe Plugs has found his niche as Hot Dog Head.

Pretty good one, Bob.

But we've had a couple, too.

And Joe Plugs kinda brings to mind that one-time Republican Party and Bush Family blind-spot occupying and life-time RINO, Colin Powell, as he trickled his way down - via Dictaphone for Foggy Bottom's insidious basta*d-offspring of the Soviet-agents, Alger Hiss et al-descended brahmanas - to rest as the Peter Principle's Permanent Poster Person.

.... Murgatroyd says that w... (Below threshold)

.... Murgatroyd says that when Joe Plugs becomes president (and next September is my bet!) more people than you might expect will breathe sighs of relief ....

All of us, I reckon.

For as thick as Joe is (and that's as thick as two planks!) there's no real evidence he hates America.






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