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Ten Years Ago Today...

Ten years ago today was an utterly unmemorable day.

My computer's calendar says it was a Monday. I don't recall. I don't even recall many details of my work schedule at the time, but I think I worked on those days. Which means I probably got up, had breakfast, drove to work, did my job, then came home, ate dinner, watched some TV, read, and went to sleep. I might have even hopped on to AOL for a while -- I hadn't quite outgrown it at that point.

In the news, the presidential campaign was moderately interesting. The race featured two of the dullest slates put up since... well, 1992. Al Gore -- Mr. Boring Stiff Technocrat -- was trying to run and yet not run as Bill Clinton's heir. On the other side, Texas' governor George W. Bush (son of the guy who'd won the previous Contest of Dullards cited above) was stumbling his way along.

In another echo of the 1992 race, the vice-presidents were the more interesting folks. Dick Cheney -- former Congressman, former cabinet secretary -- was playing the mature adult on the Republican side. Gore, on the other hand, had picked Connecticut's Senator Joe Lieberman, the first Jew on a national ticket. But those two guys were also pretty dull people.

We'd all survived the Y2K Bug crisis which we'd feared would bring civilization to its knees. I still remember my favorite Y2K joke -- make certain your zippers are Y2K compliant, or at the stroke of midnight your pants will fall down. The only way to be certain was to check the tab of your zipper. That'll tell you if you're safe. (Go ahead and check any zippers you have on or handy. It might take you a few tries to get the joke.)

In the theaters, it was a bit of a lull. Apparently "Bring It On" was the big thing. On TV, summer reruns were winding down and the fall premieres were coming -- with all the buzz on this new genre called "reality shows." This stupid show called "Survivor" had dominated the summer ratings, and now all the networks wanted in on the racket. In sports, a few people were predicting the first "Subway Series" since 1956, with the Yankees facing the Mets. And in music, Janet Jackson's "Doesn't Really Matter" was just about to get bumped off by Madonna's "Music."

In the Middle East, it was a period of relative quiet. We were three weeks before the start of the Second Intifada, the Palestinian uprising and wave of terrorism that would last four years and claim almost seven thousand lives.

In Iraq, Saddam Hussein was still smarting from his defeat in the Gulf War. He'd been force to sign a humiliating surrender agreement, but was playing his "cheat and retreat" game, defying and lashing out at the West.

And in Afghanistan, the terrorists who'd tried to bring down the World Trade Center towers seven years ago, and who'd tried to blow up two American embassies in Africa two years ago, were getting to commit their greatest blow against America's power and prestige: to attack and possibly sink a United States Navy warship when it visited Yemen.

But those were in the future, and very few people in the world knew they were coming.

On September 11, 2000, so many of us were blissfully ignorant about the events of the next month, and of their long-term consequences.

September 11, 2000 was an utterly unremarkable day for so many of us. Absolutely nothing memorable or even notable happened, certainly nothing that would make that day stand out starkly in our memories ten years later.

And no one -- absolutely no one -- that we were only one year away from the whole world changing.

One year away from that beautiful, terrible day, after which nothing would ever be the same.


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Comments (12)

September 11th.For... (Below threshold)

September 11th.

Forever a day of Rage!

Never Forget!

But we must be t... (Below threshold)

But we must be tolerant.

Except for me.

NEVER forget...NEVER forgiv... (Below threshold)

NEVER forget...NEVER forgive...and to HELL with trying to "understand".

And while you're remembering how WE felt here, remember the scenes of orgasmic JOY that played on Arab TV that day. They were and ARE thrilled at every American death.

We remain at war. Our "beloved" jerkoff President just wants to pretend we're not. But at least we can send HIM and his verminous ilk a message on November 2nd.

Already played Courtesy of ... (Below threshold)

Already played Courtesy of the Red White and Blue by Toby Keith this morning.

Understand and Tolerate -- easy to say for those who did not die or lose loved ones on 9/11. What about those who died? Who will speak for them?


Nice approach, J.I... (Below threshold)

Nice approach, J.

I somehow managed to let the anniversary sneak up on me, almost forgetting it was coming until yesterday afternoon. So when I did realize, it was a tiny echo of what it was like to live through the day. There's remembering, and then there's remembering -- and apparently I needed to remember.

Jay:I enjoy your pos... (Below threshold)
Scott Kuntzelman:

I enjoy your posting, but it was only nine years ago. My son is nine, and I remember being home with him that day (he was sick and I stayed home). The attacks happened on 9/11/2001.

Scott, not to sound too har... (Below threshold)

Scott, not to sound too harsh, but did you actually read the article? I talked extensively about September 11, 2000 -- what it was like exactly one year before the attacks.

I wanted to give a reminder of the "September 10th world." And I can think of quite a few more things I could have said.

Does that change your opinion of the piece?


Watching those barbarians d... (Below threshold)

Watching those barbarians dancing in the gaza strip begged for a droning.

Unfortunately it did not come.

Scott, J was referencing the year before 2001.

Yeah, dancing in the street... (Below threshold)

Yeah, dancing in the streets. Way more offensive then burning a book, writing a cartoon, pissing on a crucifix. All of these things are inanimate objects. Real people jumping to thier deaths or being burned alive or shredded into a million pulverized pieces and the barbarians danced and laughed.

If that isn't an offense punishable by death there is no such thing.

FUBO indeed, nehemiah. New ... (Below threshold)

FUBO indeed, nehemiah. New York or Utah, by any chance?

Nice perspective. However,... (Below threshold)

Nice perspective. However, I think the previous election you are referring to was 1988. 1992 was Clinton over GHW Bush. 1988 was Bush pere over Dukakis (matches your dull description).

Good one, Mister-T. <... (Below threshold)

Good one, Mister-T.

Septembar 11 2001 - The psychopathologically hesperophobic Islamanazis gave us their 1400-year best-ever.

And now, ten politician-pushed "religion" of sub-bloody-mission years later, big banging into another and even worse -- and this time domestic -- enemy (the no longer bothering to be incrementally-fascistic gangsters who've infiltrated and commandeered the congressional and administrative branches of America's government) The Cordoba Initiative Islamanazis may have finally put spark to that aspect of America's character that has not seen the light of day since Dresden, Tokyo, Berlin, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

As a nation and to a man we have at last screamed: Enough!

And we are just not gunna take it any more.

There will NEVER be a mosque at Ground Zero.







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