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Jay Tea's Evil Thought Of The Day, Part 91

The latest talking point from the defenders of the Ground Zero mosque is to mention that the Pentagon -- which was also attacked on 9/11 -- contains a Muslim prayer area within.

I'm glad to hear that. There are a goodly number of Muslims currently serving in our armed services, and their religious needs should be met as well as those of any other member of our armed services.

But I find myself wondering... did Major Nidal Hassan or Sgt. Hasan Akbar ever worship at that site?


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The way apologists try to c... (Below threshold)

The way apologists try to conflate the argument about the location of the proposed mosque is laughable. In another time, the pro mosque builders would have won the argument easily with the help of the agreeable MSM. But now, with the internet and Fox News, we have learned that Islam conquerers like to build holy sites on the exact area they defeated. Thus, the truth in this particular argument is known and that is why there is a lot of citizens against this. Personally, since the occasional body part/bone or airplane part is still found, this is a sacred burial area AND an active crime scene.

Personally, I want it built to demonstrate the muslims lack of compassion and callousness. If it is to be built it will be something we can point to proving the lack of love Islam has for non believers. ww

I'm not glad to hear it. Th... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

I'm not glad to hear it. The pentagon should not contain a Muslim prayer area. Or a Christian one, or a Jewish one, etc. The people working in the Pentagon should do their praying on their own time in their mosques, churches, synagogues, etc. We seem to get along fine in my workplace without designated prayer areas. Why is the pentagon different?

As has been mentioned in ot... (Below threshold)

As has been mentioned in other places, how easy will it be to get construction workers to build this damn thing?

From what I've read, the Pe... (Below threshold)

From what I've read, the Pentagon does NOT have a mosque but it does have a "prayer room" that is used by any and all denominations, faiths, etc.

Secondly, there are NOT a large number of Muslims serving in uniform, that is, there are very few "true" Muslims of Arab or South Asian extraction; most US armed forces Muslims are black Americans who have recently or not so recently converted to Islam.

Thirdly, we must recognize that the problem is Islam, that there is no such thing as "moderate Islam"; there is only Islam and those who devouting follow it, are believers in Sharia Law and in jihad.

So consequently, the USA and the West in general have to consider the wisdom of allowing large numbers of Muslims to immigrate to their countries, for they could be planting the seed of much, much trouble in the (not too) distant future, for Islam is patient, very patient.

It is one thing to have a p... (Below threshold)

It is one thing to have a prayer room where people of ALL FAITHS can share the space and use it for prayer, etc. The problem with the Cordoba project is that they SAY it is to be a statement of unity among faiths yada...yada...yada, but we all know that is an after-thought at best, and most probably, they have NO INTENTION of opening up a space for Jews and Christians.

I would ask those who think... (Below threshold)

I would ask those who think the Pentagon's Muslim prayer room justifies the Ground-Zero Mosque: was the prayer room there before the terrorists flew a plane into the building?

I'd say that makes at least a small amount of difference.

There are Christian houses of prayer in the vicinity of Ground Zero that have not been allowed to rebuild. They were there before 9/11. Get them rebuilt before we talk about building GZM.

According to what I've read... (Below threshold)

According to what I've read, it's called a, "Reflection Room," not exclusively for muslims, open to anyone of any faith, including atheists, and opened in 1970.

I believe the Pentagon used... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I believe the Pentagon used to have a chapel, but moved to the New Age concept to avoid lawsuits once the atheists started winning in court.

There is no comparison at all.

Once they turned down an offer giving them a 50% return on the investment so far, it became pretty clear the symbolism is very important to them.

Devil worshipers are into t... (Below threshold)

Devil worshipers are into that 5-sided penta-gram/gon type stuff, so hope they have a place for them too.






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