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Campaign question for November...

... and then again in 2012 (though the number is likely to change):

Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Trillion Dollars Ago?

Thanks Morgan!


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$4 tril divided by 150 mill... (Below threshold)

$4 tril divided by 150 million (number of families in the US) = would be about $26,667 per family.

THAT would have been a hell of a stimulus. That'd be three household projects (EE windows and tile in a couple of bathrooms and new air conditioning downstairs) and a couple of moderately killer vacations. Win-win for a lot of people. (Hmmm. 15 night cruise, San Fran to Hawaii to Samoa to New Zealand... $1,556 for an inside cabin. Add in airfare back stateside... figure $2k each? That'd be a heck of atrip... Sorry this is behind a registration wall - been registered here for a long time, they don't spam you.)

Yeah, $26k - it'd be like winning the lottery. Wonder how much it would be after the IRS gets through with it? Probably about $10k...

Well that was a DYNAMITE "R... (Below threshold)

Well that was a DYNAMITE "Recovery Summer", wasn't it?

That's a racist question.</... (Below threshold)

That's a racist question.

No.But were... (Below threshold)


But were better off than we will be in 2012 unless November has anything to say about it.

Yeah JLaw, $26,000 could have bought me a new used car and paid off some loans. Instead it paid off Barrys handlers and stimulated National debt growth.

We cant take anymore of Barrys brand of recovery.

26k is chump change compare... (Below threshold)

26k is chump change compared to what the vacationer-in-chief and the first wookie spend every month on their little voyages to parts hither and yon.

I've had it being a wage slave to his whims and dalliances with Marxism.

The next three Novembers are going to be eagerly anticipated, to say the least.

Not even close. Losing mone... (Below threshold)

Not even close. Losing money. ww

In January 2007, when the D... (Below threshold)

In January 2007, when the Democrats took control of both houses of Congress, unemployment stood at 4.6%. The federal deficit for 2007, the last year Bush and the Republicans were in charge of spending, was $160 million. Now unemployment is 9.6% and we have a $1.3 billion projected deficit. My question: Who really drove the car into the ditch? While there is no question that Bush and his Cabinet initiated the first failed stimulus, the first TARP, the car company bailouts, the claim that our present economic problems are the result of the "failed Bush policies" is a big lie.

CORRECTION - the 2007 defic... (Below threshold)

CORRECTION - the 2007 deficit was $160 Billion; the present deficit is $1.3 Trillion.

While there is no ... (Below threshold)
While there is no question that Bush and his Cabinet initiated the first failed stimulus, the first TARP, the car company bailouts

Also keep in mind that while Bush may have initiated each of those things, it takes Congress to actually enact them.

Mitch McConnell wants to ba... (Below threshold)

Mitch McConnell wants to bankrupt the United States with a fiscally irresponsible tax plan that makes Obama's stimulus package seem like a generous tip in a nice restaurant by comparison.







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