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Cleaning Up Their Mess For Them

Yesterday, I took a few swipes at the Southern Poverty Law Center. One of my swipes was at their "Hate Map," the interactive web map of the United States that lists those they consider "hate groups."

I noted that in New Hampshire, they listed one group twice -- the Feeneyist "Slaves Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary" in Richmond, NH are listed both under their own name and "IHM Media."

I'd never heard of the Feeneyites, but my most casual research would indicate they're a Catholic offshoot, a bit of a nutty cult, but not overly dangerous. (OK, they seem really nutty. But as far as I can tell, harmless nuts.)

The other three groups listed as having a "presence" in New Hampshire are the Ku Klux Klan, the National Socialist Movement, and North East White Pride. I've encountered a few of them, so I know they're real, but they're also very small and ineffective.

Bob Owens of Confederate Yankee took a look at how the SPLC rated his own home state of North Carolina. He found they listed 29 groups as active, eight of which were "black separatist" -- the New Black Panther Party, five chapters of the Nation of Islam, and two chapters of the The Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ.

That seems to be a bit of number-padding -- if an organization has multiple chapters in a state, each chapter counts as a separate "hate group." Taking just North Carolina, eliminating duplicates reduces the count from 29 to 18. Taking it a step further, lumping the six variants of the Ku Klux Klan into one would bring it down to 13 total.

Wow, I'm amazing. In one fell swoop, I've reduced the numbers of hate groups in North Carolina by 55% without even leaving my chair!

OK, that's two states down, and 48 to go.

You'd think that the SPLC, with its remarkable resources (it pays its top ten (white) people an average of about $200,000 a year) could get something as important to them as their "hate map" accurate. But they haven't. It's got serious flaws.

But instead of kicking them, let's help them out. Let's do the work they haven't done.

I'm calling on bloggers and blog-readers to go to the SPLC's Hate Map, call up the specifics for their home state, and report on just how accurate it is.

I'll post semi-regular updates as folks tip me off to their states -- preferably in their own blogs, but in e-mails or comments. For this project, I've set up a fresh e-mail account:

HelpTheSPLC (at) gmail.com

Yeah, I could just kick them around some more, mock them for their sloppy work or even accuse them of hyping and exaggerating the number of "hate groups" in the US to boost their fundraising.

Instead, though, I want to be positive. I want to be pro-active. I want to achieve some good, not just slap around the bad.

So head on over to the SPLC's hate map, call up your state, and compare it to reality.

After all, with only two states checked, major flaws have been found in both. The odds are that there are a lot more mistakes in that list.

Let's find 'em, folks!


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Comments (17)

That was too easy. They li... (Below threshold)

That was too easy. They list 44 hate groups in New Jersey. One group had 11 chapters. But when I combined all of the chapters of the other groups into single groups I went from the 44 to 17 groups - that's 61% fewer than listed. So of these groups I never heard of around here. Nice work SPLC!

Just a cursory examination ... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Just a cursory examination of the 31 groups in my home state of Missouri reveal the names of groups I've never even heard of before today. They're small and inconsequential, according to a 2005 ATF report.

On the otehr hand, the Nation of Islam has a base in St. Louis. That group alone has far more reach than all of these other Missouri groups combined.

Wonder when the SPLC will e... (Below threshold)

Wonder when the SPLC will eliminate the word "Poverty" from their title. Judging from those salaries, isn't that a form of false advertising?

I'm in Texas. I started co... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

I'm in Texas. I started combining all the multiple chapters of various groups, but then I noticed an odd thing.

There's no mention of La Raza in Texas. So, I checked Cali, Arizona, and New Mexico. Nope, not there either.

Seems to me La Raza should qualify as a racist hate group under SPLC's definition.

Also, they call "Border Gua... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

Also, they call "Border Guardians" an "anti-immigrant" group. Notice how they conveniently left out the one word that makes all the difference...ILLEGAL. They are "anti-ILLEGAL-immigrant".

Guess that doesn't fit the narrative.

Tx also.Noted that t... (Below threshold)

Tx also.
Noted that the Jewish defense league and Fundamentalist Mormons are "general hate", we have more new black panther chapters than the MSM says there are members of the NBPP, and racist rap is a hate category. I thought all rap was hate of women.

Calif:JDL listed a... (Below threshold)


JDL listed as a "hate group". I used to be involved with the JDL, and that label is a lie. Since Irv Rubin died, the JDL is really a non-entity here (or anywhere). Also, the anti-immigrant groups are anti-illegal immigrant groups. Don't know about the neo-nazis though.

One more in Calif:... (Below threshold)

One more in Calif:

The Traditional Values Coalition is listed as a hate group, but they are really against same-sex marriage. The SPLC calls them anti-gay because of this.

Jay Tea,Well if yo... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

Well if you really want to help them, maybe we should also point out hate groups that they are missing? I'd like to offer the largest hate group in the United States, which seems to be missing from their list.

The Democratic Party. It has chapters and millions of members in every state of the union.

"I Hate Republicans" said the chairman of that group to a gathering of Democrats. Did the democrats present object to this hate speech? No, they cheered and applauded Mr. Dean for his remarks.

I'm sure our resident liberals will support the listing of this hate group.

Ohio is listed with 27 grou... (Below threshold)

Ohio is listed with 27 groups. Eliminating restatements of the same organization in different locales, the number goes down to 15. Eliminating apparent duplicates (though not researched) it goes down to 13.

MS has 25 listed. They have... (Below threshold)

MS has 25 listed. They have eight locations for a "Council of Conservative Citizens," 8 copies of the "White Knights of the KKK," and another branch of the KKK- the "Fraternal White Knights." (I have no idea what the difference is.)

There are two separate neo-confederate groups (one named the "League of the South," and another seems to be a store with a dead domain name- can't find any other reference to it since 2009).

They list a "Nationalist Movement" which is based in a town of approximately 50 people.

They have an amusingly named racist/skinhead group named "Folkish Women Front," which has no link on SPLC, no hometown, but they have a website with nothing but a list of links.

The New Black Panther Party is listed, but they don't give a location. If you can't tell me where they are, I don't count them.

So after removing the dead-link, blank websites, homeless organizations, and duplicates, MS drops from 25 organizations to a paltry 7 (eight if you count the two different klan groups.)

Anybody see any muslim hate... (Below threshold)

Anybody see any muslim hate groups listed? Besides the nation of islam I mean. There's got to be plenty.

They claim 13 groups in Wes... (Below threshold)

They claim 13 groups in West Virginia.Three are chapters of the KKK;two with no specific town listed; four are Nat'l Socialists in various places. In Hillsboro three groups exist, the Nat'l Alliance founded by that guy that wrote the "Turner Diaries". Then the other two are a record store and book store undoubtedly run by the same organization. A little "double-dipping" ya think?!? Another record store is in Marlinton, about 20 miles away, also listed as a separate group. Hillsboro has a pop. of 243, the majority of whom are probably not members. this map is totally fabricated as to WV.

I don't see SEIU, Media Mat... (Below threshold)

I don't see SEIU, Media Matters, Moron.org, AFL-CIO, or the Black Panthers listed either?

Hmmm, What's up with that?

Could it be that the SPLC is a leftist fringe kook hate group themselves, bilking money from other kooks so they can pay themselves these fat cat salaries?

I think this is a great pro... (Below threshold)

I think this is a great project. Last year I did a review of the SPLC's infamous "Hate Map" (http://wp.me/pCLYZ-K) and came to a few basic conclusions:

1. There is no legal definition for "hate group," which is why even the FBI doesn't track "hate groups."

The SPLC uses the deliberately meaningless smear "hate group" because it allows them to attack their perceived enemies without actually accusing them of any crime, and certainly not any hate crimes.

2. The SPLC's Public Relations Guru Mark Potok summed up their definition of what exactly constituted a "hate" group by stating that

"...a "hate group" has nothing to do with criminality... [or] potential for violence..." Rather, as Potok put it, "It's all about ideology."

In short, if you don't agree with Morris Dees' ideology you must be a "hater".

3. At that time, 127 of the 926 alleged groups were not affiliated with any city or town. In several states, ALL of the "hate groups" were phantoms. We all knew that these groups were really, really there because Mr. Potok said so.

This past year, possibly due to my pointing out this embarrassing fact in the blogosphere, the SPLC filled in many of the gaps, but there are still many, many "homeless" hate groups, as even a cursory look at the New England states will show.

4. In 2009, Potok told SanLuisObispo.com that a "group" didn't even have to be a group to add its mite to the list:

"Potok says inclusion on the list might come from a minor presence, such as a post office box."

While you're checking out the stats for your home state, check out how many of the "groups" are affiliated with tiny, rural towns with populations under 1,000.

5. On July 6, 2009, the PostCrescent.com site reported:

"Mark Potok, who has directed the SLPC's [sic]Intelligence Project for 12 years, said the report relies on media, citizen and law enforcement reports, and does not include original reporting by SLPC staff."

Potok, a Public Relations man with no legal or law enforcement background is compensated with more than $143,000 donor dollars a year to run a glorified news clipping service.

6. And this past Sunday, 9/12, Potok made the shockingly honest admission that:

"The Klan of today is small, fractured, impotent and irrelevant."


So feel free to strip all of those irrelevant Klan listings from your state's "hate group" totals.

In the long run, the "Hate Map," just like its moronic cousin the "Take a Stand Against Hate" map, (http://wp.me/pCLYZ-2a), is nothing more than a highly effective SPLC fund-raising tool.

The media never questions it and the suckers keep falling for it to the tune of tens of millions of donor-dollars a year.

A clean up project like the one Jay Tea is proposing is way overdue.

My state of Wyoming is rela... (Below threshold)

My state of Wyoming is relatively easy with 4 listings---but I'm not sure how to eliminate any but the obvious double listing.

Brotherhood of Klans Knights of the Ku Klux Klan / Ku Klux Klan
Creativity Movement / Neo-Nazi
United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan / Ku Klux Klan / Cheyenne
United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan / Ku Klux Klan

I guess technically it should be 3 listings, although they all smack of the same stuff.

Wyoming is a perfect exampl... (Below threshold)

Wyoming is a perfect example of "phantom groups."

Only one of the "groups" is affiliated with a locale. The other three float around in Limbo.

Why just 3? Why not 30? It's not like anyone is asking the SPLC to PROVE that any of these groups exist, even the ones associated with a town.

Potok can, and does, simply create new "groups" each year to pad the numbers.






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