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Noses, faces, and spite

Many moons ago I got my start in recruiting at a headhunting agency. Working in a 100% commission environment with a bunch of other salespeople - and that's what we were, salespeople - was a ton of fun. It was also a fantastic learning experience. The psychology of people working on 100% commission was fascinating.

One important lesson during those three years was that people with any kind of empathy towards the candidates they recruited was considered a troublemaker. That, and money trumps everything. Since I'm not a whore and actually enjoy mixing it up with people, I was involved in a lot of placements that at one time or another involved another recruiter and a manager or two at loggerheads.

To wit, a few times times I recruited some dude and presented him to another recruiter for one of his job orders. I always did my homework with candidates - profiling them carefully to find out why they were looking, what they were looking for, salary expectations, etc. A good number of the people I worked with were spaghetti on the wall types, but I just couldn't work that way. So we get my candidates out on interviews and there's mutual interest between them and the hiring manager. From the get go I've made it clear what the company needs to offer for my candidate to change jobs, but the other recruiter was too afraid of losing a deal to make that information clear to the manager.

Then, when the offer came out a few thousand dollars less than what my guy expected it was my job to coerce him into accepting. Which, because I'd been perfectly clear from the outset what his expectations were, I wasn't always ready to do. One of the managers' favorite tricks was for each recruiter to give up a couple of thousand dollars of their fee and our company would give the guy a sign-on bonus if he accepted a lower salary than he'd told me he wanted.

That's when the fireworks started. I would refuse. I did my job exactly as I was trained and because the other recruiter wasn't capable or willing to get his hiring manager under control I should take less money? No thanks. Besides, if he's good enough to get an offer there I can shop him to one of there competitors and get him a deal that will make him happy.

Of course, that made me incredibly selfish. I was refusing a deal when that poor other recruiter hadn't made a placement yet this month and really needs this deal. That's when I'd tell them I was doing him a favor. His company needs to learn to make competitive offers and pulling the candidate may cause them to come to the table with a better offer. I pull offers from candidates all the time when they go squishy to see if they're really interested, so why can't he do the same to his company? If he needs the deal so bad let him cough up all the sign-on money.

Or it made me stupid. Giving up two grand out of a ten thousand dollar fee was better than getting nothing. You're cutting off your nose to spite your face, they'd tell me.

Maybe, but I felt like I was dong what was right for my candidate. Better to be a principled pauper than a prosperous whore.

Which brings us to Delaware, where an insufficiently conservative Republican who's a shoo-in to win Joe Biden's old Senate seat is being thrown aside so a Tea Party endorsed candidate can go on to electoral slaughter in the general. Better to risk a sure win and possible Republican take back of the Senate than endure a someone who isn't 100% conservative all the time. If they're not conservative enough for the reddest among us, they're not good enough.

Well call me a hypocrite, but if it means Senate Majority Leader McConnell I can live with a Snowe or Castle in the Republican caucus. Democrats won their majority in 2006 and 2008 by finding candidates who were acceptable to enough traditionally red state voters to actually get elected. Now certain Republicans are actively embracing a small tent strategy and one-size-fits-all conservatism, quite possibly at the expense of regaining control of Congress.

I hope they know what they're doing.


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so, Castle was a shoo-in an... (Below threshold)
rain of lead:

so, Castle was a shoo-in and O'Donnell is gonna get crushed

says who? the CW can kiss my ass.

Well, maybe the majority of... (Below threshold)
Director Mitch:

Well, maybe the majority of voters in the primary just liked one person over the over, and pulled the lever for that person, and didn't have some grand stragery thing going?

Yes, you would like voters to think just like you do, and maybe they are stupid for not having your grand vision, but maybe they just picked their favorite of the two choices in front of them on who they wanted to represent them in congress. If that person ultimately loses, they lose, but they can go home and tell themselves they picked who they liked.

I dunno their is national m... (Below threshold)

I dunno their is national momentum and everything is going the Tea Parties way.

Well, Castle is undefeated ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Well, Castle is undefeated in 11 or 12 statewide races, so yeah, he was a shoo-in. And the Democrat Coons is going to hammer away at O'Donnell's dishonesty and shady finances, and she will be facing the general electorate, not the tiny subset of Delaware Republicans.

So it's close to giving away a sure pickup, and if we fail to take control of the Senate by one seat, those who pushed this candidate will be responsible for every single judge Chairman Leahy turns out of committee that Chairman Sessions would have stopped.

I fear a tiny coalition of Paul-bot Libertines and Buchananites have fallen into the marching formation and are pretending to be mainstream Tea Party, and too many of our leaders haven't spotted the infiltration or are too gleeful with the pendulum swinging our way to pay attention.

This entry is far too ratio... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

This entry is far too rational for the purify-the-party set.

It is a dilemma to be sure.... (Below threshold)

It is a dilemma to be sure. Pass on what appears to be an unreliable sure thing for a reliable maybe.

Could it be that is how the Democrats got themselve in the spot they are in today? They publicly sought conservative Dems to run in likely places where they saw weakness. And in 06 and 08 turned the map blue. But it was a weak blue. If those BlueDogs didn't have the right to vote for their constituents, then they were, at best, token Democrats.

And now these BlueDogs are to be thrown to the dogs. Political Triage is in play and where the Dems see a BlueDog being overrun by tea party red, they will just cut their loss and move on.

Is that any better than what we are facing today? Castle could have gained us that seat but at what cost? I contend that Castle is part of the problem. I do not think that his opponent is a good candidate in any way but to elect Castle is to return to the days that got us to where we are in the first place. You have to remember this is not the end but only the beginning. Take a big bite now in order to blunt the Dems agenda. and then take it all in '12. AND. KEEP. IT.

This country is still a center-right country. The big tent is in the right side of the middle - not the middle.

I think the way the GOP has... (Below threshold)

I think the way the GOP has behaved in this race and continue to do so is nothing short of a disgrace. Sure, she may lose in the general election but I think the message needs to be sent to these establishment toadies that they had better embrace the principles that gave Republicans a good name before they caved in on what they believed in just to get along.

Besides, I don't want to see a Republican providing cover for the left as they inflict disaster on this nation. Castle favors cap and trade and I don't see how anybody who calls himself a conservative let alone a Republican can be satisified with that. People like Castle are no better than Jim Jeffords or Arlen Specter who actually switched parties. I am tired of seeing that kind of embarrassment. People like Karl Rove and Dana Perino disgusted me tonight. Their stock dropped with me and if the GOP won't support O'Donnell than they won't get a thin dime from me.

I heard Castle voted for Ca... (Below threshold)

I heard Castle voted for Cap & Trade. If this is true, I doubt I could have voted for him if I were in Delaware and there was a conservative on the Republican primary ballot. I guess a lot of Delaware primary voters felt the same way.

What good does winning the ... (Below threshold)

What good does winning the Senate do if your winning majority refuses to go along with your agenda?

Castle was a paper tiger. ... (Below threshold)

Castle was a paper tiger. It's easy to win every election when you never have any opposition. He, Carper and Biden have been avoiding each other for years and part of that has involved making sure that any opponents are weak for each other.

Besides, if this is a wave year, it's the perfect time to get a more conservative candidate elected. The best part of this is that creates an opportunity to start bringing in real talent into the party's candidate pool. Castle purposely drained that talent to protect himself.

The problem with Castle is ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The problem with Castle is that he's not a moderate. He's a liberal. He voted for cap and trade. He is a big government republican.

You can get your majority by putting him in but you are going to spend all sorts of energy trying to keep him in line. He will defect to the dems at every opportunity just like Specter did. And when the GOP returns to the minority, if he is still in office he will be continually peeled away by the dems and support their left wing SCOTUS nominees and marxist legislation.

No. we are better off with candidates that are at least somewhat moderate. Let's be serious this guy makes Scott Brown look like Newt Gingrich. We need to do better.

What this is ultimately, is yet another example of how the beltway GOP is not interested in having the public have any real input into the nominating process. They hand picked Castle just like they did Scozafava. Both were left wingers and Castle even apparently co-founded a group with Soros that has actively worked to torpedo conservative legislation.

When you have a candidate running who has organized a group that has actively worked to kill conservative bills, getting him elected does not further your agenda by any stretch.

Yes, the GOP really needs m... (Below threshold)
Just a guy:

Yes, the GOP really needs more people like Snowe, Jeffords and Chaffee. Without them, this country would be getting pulled continually to the left.

Oh, wait....

The best part of this is... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

The best part of this is that creates an opportunity to start bringing in real talent into the party's candidate pool. ... and Dems into the senate.

" This is her third Senate race in five years. As O'Donnell's manager, I found out she was living on campaign donations -- using them for rent and personal expenses, while leaving her workers unpaid and piling up thousands in debt," she says.

David Keegan, a (another) former O'Donnell aide, told The New York Times earlier this month that when he found out about O'Donnell's personal financial problems, he decided he could no longer work for her.

"We are constantly trying to hold her back from spending. She was financially completely irresponsible," Keegan told the Times.(Who does this remind you of?

That is real talent, alright. Where do you find these "financially irreponsible" tea-party candidates to dislodge shoo-in GOP candidates?

Dems aren't that smart that they have been bankrolling the tea-party, are they?

If O'Donnel loses don't bla... (Below threshold)

If O'Donnel loses don't blame the Tea Party, Blame the sore losers who run the RNC and republicans (not conservatives) who control the money. They've already announced they won't fund her campaign which makes them RINO's to the max. Castle was a democrat in wolf's clothing and congress is better off without him. A democrat would vote against liberal policies more often than Castle did.

Castle's Main street republ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Castle's Main street republicans group actively worked to kill legislation that would have opened up ANWR for oil exploration. We don't need another Arlen Specter in the Senate. We just got rid if the original.

Castle is a professional po... (Below threshold)

Castle is a professional politician who is a Republican for personal convenience sake.

If Castle had won this primary and the Delaware Senate seat, and the GOP ended up with 51 seats in the Senate, he would be at the top of the list of Republicans to switch parties ala Jeffords or Specter.

jim m:I agree with... (Below threshold)

jim m:

I agree with you completely. You have to waste too much time making sure people like Castle will vote your way and I am tired of those kinds of deals because it is too often shady and corrupt. We deplore it when the left does it so why should we look the other way when our side does it? I am sick of seeing this kind of crap. And I am hardly going to concede that Castle would have won the general election just because of some stupid poll - the only one that counts is the one on election day. Yes, O'Donnell may well lose but if nothing else we are letting other Republicans in Congress know that we are watching them and we expect them to get onboard with a program that will retake the country back from big government statism. Just maybe they will consider their legislative votes more carefully because they might get primaried in the next election.

We need more conservative Republicans - not more liberal Republicans. We are a center-right country and when you consider the horrors of the last eighteen months you might well be surprised at how well received principled conservative candidates will be at the ballot box come November. It is time to take a stand for something and stop with the ridiculous pragmatism that led to big GOP losses in 2006 and 2008. The Republicans relinquished the conservative values that made them great and if the party leadership is too blind to see it then they will be doomed to irrelevency and the Democrats will remain the dominant party.

Hypocrite... (Below threshold)


Sarah Palin has nothing on ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Sarah Palin has nothing on this woman. I reckon she is really running for a post-election spot on Fox News (they better not demote her) or a reality show. She certainly takes herself very seriously, and has completely bought into America's entitlement/litigious culture. According to the conservative Evening Standard,

Citing "Mental Anguish," Christine O'Donnell Sought $6.9 Million in Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against Conservative Group

According to O'Donnell's July 1, 2005 complaint submitted by herself:

Miss O'Donnell was and is profoundly humiliated by this demotion of being asked to perform clerical and administrative tasks, after appearing on national television as a media and public relations expert and spokeswoman.

For at least six months after being fired, Miss O'Donnell suffered enormous pain, cried frequently at the sense of personal loss and failure caused by ISI.

I can understand the angst ... (Below threshold)

I can understand the angst shown by the Republican party and the establishment commentators.
Just like most of the U.S. citizenry which is paying attention, they are fearful for this country.
The people who are choosing "unwinnable" candidates instead of the safe, known candidates of the past are stepping out in faith that this country and the electorate WILL prevail.
One cannot accomplish change without risk. These voters this evening are risking their futures by voting for what they actually believe rather than the comfortable safe candidates.
Bravo to them.

The same people pushing Cas... (Below threshold)

The same people pushing Castle also told us McCain was the only Republican candidate that could win.

To that gang, pardon me if I think you're full of shit.

Can you hear us NOW? No? ... (Below threshold)
T Party:

Can you hear us NOW? No? Keep watching. GOP is heading for 3rd party status lucky to get 10-15% of the vote the way things are going. Average people are f-ing *sick-to-death* of elitists and we far outnumber the Beltway/Manhattan social set. Perhaps you should re-evaluate your political mindset and join the Dems. It might be where you have belonged all along.

Now, have some pudding and enjoy the rest of your evening.

God I love the Tea Party! ... (Below threshold)

God I love the Tea Party! Dems will now keep VP Biden's seat in the Senate, and will also pick up Castle's seat in the House! WOOT! I love you guys. "This is a center-right nation." Yeah you're right. Castle is a center-right individual. The sooner you replace the entire Republican party with wackos in "Comrade Obama" T-shirts, waving Kenyan birth certificates, the better it is for the Democrats and America in general. Thanks again Tea Party! WOOT!

Ryan:Are you even ... (Below threshold)


Are you even a conservative? If you are, you would not be supporting a guy like Castle. It is people like you that have seen to it that the Republican Party is really no better than the Democratic Party. Do you think Castle would vote to repeal ObamaCare? Do you want to bet your life he would not vote for cap and trade? How would he vote on Obama's radical Supreme Court nominees? How much time and how much would it take to buy him off so he will vote your way even on a fraction of those issues?

We need to rid the party of people like Castle. He is cut from the same cloth as Specter and Jeffords. They have no principles that any conservative could identify with. There is no point having a majority in the Senate if you cannot count on every member to vote your way when the chips are down. And again, the Dems need to take ownership of this failure. All it takes is one or two Republicans to vote for these disastrous policies and the Dems will portray it as bipartisanship and that is the way the media will spin it as well. I am sick of narrow-minded people like you who only look at the next election and cannot see that the GOP needs to change course and get back to their core conservative values or they will become irrelevant as a political force.

@PatrickNo, absolu... (Below threshold)


No, absolutely not. I am a liberal Democrat. I did not support Castle, I'm just happy he lost, which means Sen. Coons and Rep. (whatever Democrat) from Delaware can start picking out their office furnishings. I am not your friend, I just love how the Tea Party is making this tough year for Democrats quite a bit less tough.

Just a word of warning though: When you try to purify your party like this, you have to understand that the real American electorate are NOT far right wingers like you guys. If you cleanse the Republican party down to that, than you lose all rights to being a second party in our 2 party system, and hopefully another less nutty party will arise.

There is a certain logic to... (Below threshold)

There is a certain logic to the argument "Better something, than nothing." I can tolerate a conservative leaning candidate who has liberal social views in order to win in red states. Scott Brown is an example. However, I draw the line at liberals hiding in Republican clothes. Castle is the most liberal Republican of any member of the 175+ Republican caucus. He is to the left of former RINO Arlen Specter. He has a 52% lifetime average ACU rating and the NRA gives him an F. If the GOP can take the Senate, it will be a narrow victory. With a Castle, or Crist, in the majority, the Republican leadership would have the nice offices, but be held hostage on almost every issue important to conservatives. Then, if they failed to bend to the will of the RINO's, they would jump ship and become Democrats, or Independents who caucus with Democrats, and cost us our majority. It is far better to be a strong minority than to have to live in under the thumb of a liberal who is not much better than Reid, Pelosi or Obama.

As a Pennsylvania resident,... (Below threshold)

As a Pennsylvania resident, my memory is good enough that I have not seen one argument put forth for Castle that wasn't previously used by the Republican establishment to justify supporting Spector over Toomey 6 years ago. That worked out so well.

The reason Democrats win ti... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.(not the same):

The reason Democrats win time after time is that they are willing to accept an incremental ratcheting of things towards their ideas; take the half loaves whent hey come, then reach for half a loaf more and so on.

A strait laced conservative is not going to win in Delaware.

And if you are going to try one in the liberal northeast, they need to at least be politically talented. . . .

The problem with Castle bei... (Below threshold)

The problem with Castle being the 51st vote is that it would have been Jim Jeffords - remember that scumbag? - writ large. The Republicans would have to pamper and pet him and pour perks on him all day long - and then, even so, on the crucial votes he'd still screw them over. Oh, and then he'd pull his Ultimate Ninja Power and threaten to change parties. Then, when he'd wrung every advantage the situation offered, he'd actually changes parties.

Fuck him.

Controlling the Senate now would be nice, but not at the expense of having to drag this shitball along. 47 or 48 Senators with (R) after their name will be quite enough to toss a monkey-wrench into President Jughead's socialist fantasy machine, and given the damage this asshat has already inflicted on the country, there will be enough red states up for grabs in 2012 that picking up control *with real conservatives at the helm* should be relatively easy.

Like I said, I just hope fo... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Like I said, I just hope forfeiting potential Republican pick ups from traditionally deep Blue States over ideological purity works out.

To Echo Jim Addison above, ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

To Echo Jim Addison above, if you think 48 Republicans are enough just remember these words: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy.

Conversely, imagine these words: Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works Chairman James Inhofe.

Yeah, fuck Mike Castle.

WOW! Did you notice how fa... (Below threshold)

WOW! Did you notice how fast Karl "The Architect" threw her under the bus?? He was visibly angry and vitriolic.
Apparently he submitted his plans and the client turned them down. Could it be that the Republican established machine still doesn't get it? First and foremost the Tea Party are supporting those who MOST CLOSELY reflect the conservative values THEY believe in, not the republican party line. The voters decisively voted Castle down. Why would I vote for a candidate who has demonstrably proven to be a RINO? Are the republican party leaders so arrogant that they assume the voters don't know how their elected officials vote? I used to respect Karl Rove, not anymore. If you saw the interview on Hannity, he essentially advocated the politics of personal destruction in re: O'Donnell.

As a note of interest Karl, the voter turn out was predicted at a little over 30,000. If I remember correctly, over 55,000 voters turned out. WAKEY WAKEY!!!

A Delaware democratnik ment... (Below threshold)

A Delaware democratnik mentioned this event will help bring out enthusiastic Democrat voters in November. Maybe they will, but to vote for O'Donnell instead.

I live in this sorry little... (Below threshold)

I live in this sorry little state, and emailed Castle to tell him he'd never get another vote from me after his vote for cap and trade.

But my experience living in this state tells me that the majority of DE voters are stupid. Exhibit #1: Joe Biden. And I came to the same conclusion as the Baron above.

As a result, I broke my promise yesterday and pulled the level for the Castle.

And I'm still in shock. I can't believe she won. I suspect that the voters are MUCH more angry than I've imagined (and I'm pretty pissed myself).

She might/could just beat Coons - he is beatable. He is an admitted marxist. They have to keep the message straight and channel the anger.

The real lesson here is for the GOP elitists. We're sick of your pandering/feeding at the trough ways. Politics as usual is over. Stop spending our money or you can join Castle and the rest of the non-conservative R's.

The TP polls higher than ei... (Below threshold)

The TP polls higher than either the GOP or Jackass party. And 99% of the people are pissed off (the other 1% are inside the Beltway). So what's the problem with her chances?

They say she's a goof and a... (Below threshold)

They say she's a goof and are worried about what she may say before November. Want proof she can still win in DE: Joe Biden.

The reason for supporting C... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The reason for supporting Castle was to gain the majority in the senate. Gain it and do what? The GOP wasn't going to repeal obamacare with him. They wouldn't stop the next far left SCOTUS nominee with him.

No. The reason to support Castle was that they would be in charge and they could decide who gets the spoils. Screw 'em. This isn't about spoils. The spoils belong to the public. That money was taken from us! We want people in DC who will stop spending it on their friends and family and start giving it back to us. We're sick of the high taxes and getting nothing but more government intrusion in our lives. We don't need to be told what to eat and what to drive. We can figure out how we want to live our lives on our own thanks. We need at least one party in DC that will listen to us. If the GOP can't figure out that it doesn't help by putting yet another liberal republican into the Senate who won't help achieve these aims then we need to look elsewhere.

he Democrats are able to co... (Below threshold)

he Democrats are able to control the moderates in the Senate, the Republicans can not. We are at a point in time when most people are upset with the Congress. If we can't win with a conservative now, when can we win?
Many things Reagan wanted were stopped due to moderates like Lugar. Even if you get 51 in the Senate, if you cannot get them to vote in a block, what good are 51?

The time for half-loaves is... (Below threshold)

The time for half-loaves is over. The rot is too pervasive and the people have been lulled to sleep. Having RINO candidates hasn't worked all that well for us, has it?

I can understand the bitter... (Below threshold)

I can understand the bitterness and pesimism, Baron, but I believe that a specific segment of the Republican party spoke out last night that they are tired of having to hold their nose and vote for someone just because the Republican Apparatchik says he is the best chance of winning. It didn't work out too well with McCain, ditto for Specter and Chaffee. They are now telling us that O'Donnell cannot win. Says who? They said Scott Brown couldn't win, either. While I loathe the acrimony that is coming out from both sides of the O'Donnell issue, I believe that if the Republican Establishment is truly concerned with retaking this country and reclaiming it from the Democrat/Socialists, then they should take their own past advice, realize that O'Donnell won the primary, and do what they need to do to help her win. Because if they don't do that, then it will become apparent to everyone that the only thing the Republican elites are interested in are bigger offices for themselves. They cannot have it both ways- either they are in it to win it, or they are in it to protect their own interests.

What the Democrat and the R... (Below threshold)
John S:

What the Democrat and the Republican establishment hasn't realized is that they are both dead meat. People, like myself and my 35 million un- and under-employed friends, are PISSED and we've sat around for months getting even more pissed. Since we can't put Congress into a mass grave (this time) the ballot box will have to do. Many of these MSM-labeled Tea Party candidates will win. And the establishment is scared because they won't be able to control these actual citizens.

I've seen this meme again a... (Below threshold)

I've seen this meme again and again: The Democrats found moderate candidates for red states.

This is not the whole truth. The Democrats actually found candidates who SOUNDED as though they were moderates. However, once elected they voted right (left?) along with their liberal counter-parts. The only exceptions were when Nancy or Harry already had enough votes and gave certain members the OK to vote "Nay" and provide them with a fig leaf for townhall meetings.

I wonder what it would look like to compare the number of times Castle (and other "moderate" Republicans) voted with the Democrat majority to the number of times Blue Dogs voted against that same majority.

Even if a moderate votes a conservative line 90% of the time, it does not help if the other 10% happen on critical issues (Obamacare, Cap and Trade, Card Check, etc). In those cases it doesn't matter if the vote was cast by a liberal, a blue dog, or an electable moderate Republican.

One last point. In the 2006 elections many conservative voters did not go to the polls to send a message to spendthrift Republicans. Some were defeated by Democrats and Republicans in power took away the wrong message: the people want us to be MORE moderate! These defeats by Tea Party candidates are sending the same message that voters attempted to send in 2006 but this time in an unambiguous manner: We want conservatives not moderates!

Started to weigh in with my... (Below threshold)

Started to weigh in with my arguments, but found that several others have made my points. DaveK sums it up pretty well.

The RNSC will probably call looking for a hand-out. I will tell them that my $$ are going to O'Donnell, just as theirs should.

One commentator, who I actually respect, referred to O'Donnell as a deeply flawed candidate. Maybe so, but wouldn't that make her the most suitable candidate for Biden's seat? Same with Angle vs Reid. Voters in Delaware and Nevada have made it abundantly clear that they prefer deeply flawed politicians. So GOP, ride that wave.

Seriously, when the people who control the money supply declare a candidate unelectable it tends to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If the GOP establishment wants the Senate, it would make sense to put their resources into bolstering the more vulnerable of their candidates; those who in fact have been chosen by the people to carry their banner.

Yeah, 53% of Delaware's bit... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Yeah, 53% of Delaware's bitter clingers and not a one as bright as the Baron's pooch.

Well screw your pooch. Again, this time with feeling.

So long Castle. Have a lous... (Below threshold)

So long Castle. Have a lousy trip you spector/jeffords leech.

"What good does winning ... (Below threshold)

"What good does winning the Senate do if your winning majority refuses to go along with your agenda?"

Yeah. That.

When the dems got "conservative dems" into weak areas in '06 and '08 they knew that they could be largely controlled and bribed into voting with the dem agenda.

Not so with Castle and republicans. His voting record already indicates he votes with Republicans only about half the time. He's already on board with Cap & Trade. I guess if I were from DE I would say if someone is going to vote for a piece of trash like C&T I'd likely rather they be a Dem and let the Dems continue to own that vote among others.

But hey, I'm from Florida and we can't even punch a chad here. Not to mention that I'm preoccupied with the spectacle we've had of a Governor's race and the unseemly love/hate triangle between Crist, Greer and Johnson. Hell, just keeping up with Crist's "Yes, I do" then "No, I don't" then "yes, I do" is a full time job.

I'd rather have real democr... (Below threshold)

I'd rather have real democrats than a majority of RINOs.

Look at it this way-
with 'moderate' RINOs, you get Democrat policy, only YOU VOTED FOR IT.

"Thanks again Tea Party!... (Below threshold)

"Thanks again Tea Party! WOOT!"

Wait! I thought we were supposed to have been silenced by now. Whassa matter? Have your lords let you down?

"What good does winning the... (Below threshold)
Just a guy:

"What good does winning the Senate do if your winning majority refuses to go along with your agenda?"

Exactly. Voting for the RINO only works if the RINO votes with the party. Of course, if the RINO would vote with the party, (s)he wouldn't be a RINO.

Baron: "To Echo Jim Addison... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Baron: "To Echo Jim Addison above, if you think 48 Republicans are enough just remember these words: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy."

Yeah, and one DIABLO on the committee gets the vote to the floor. Even Orin Hatch said "It would be [underhanded] to filibuster Kagan".

You're a tool, uninformed, fabulist.






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