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Upset in Delaware

I didn't follow the O'Donnell/Castle GOP primary race until I listened to Tammy Bruce's interview with Christine O'Donnell just a few days ago. I like to support the underdog and was impressed with O'Donnell's spunk, so I tossed $20 or so her way. It seems, though, based upon last night's primary results, that the underdog was actually Mike Castle, although he apparently didn't know it. Christine O'Donnell beat long time Republican Congressman and former Delaware Governor Mike Castle handily 53% to 47%.

Well that set off a very interesting series of events, and in case you haven't followed them, here's a rundown:

The Beltway Republicans in the NRSC did not like the Delaware Republicans' choice of candidates to represent them, so while Ms. O'Donnell was giving her victory speech last night, the media reported that the NRSC said it will not give a dime to her campaign. Needless to say that caused a firestorm of criticism from voters and conservative grassroots activists who published messages all over Twitter last night that the NRSC should not bother calling them for donations this year because they're not getting a dime. This morning, John Cornyn came out and insisted that the media reports were all wrong and that the NRSC is giving her the maximum donation of $42,000. Cornyn said the media reports were wrong and that the NRSC had planned on supporting her all along because they support all their Republican candidates. If this were the case, why didn't he try to correct the report when it came out, instead of allowing it to circulate all night long? l suspect the NRSC realized that if they didn't get on board and support O'Donnell, the train would leave the station without them because in the hours since she was declared the winner, her campaign website is well on its way to raising $500,000.

Even more baffling than the NRSC's diss of O'Donnell was Karl Rove's rant against O'Donnell on Hannity last night. He said she lacked rectitude and honesty. Then he said she needs to explain why she took so long to pay off her student loans and why she had a run-in with the IRS. O'Donnell said she addressed those accusations a number of times before but did so again with George Stephanopolis on Good Morning America this morning:

The Washington Examiner's Byron York was at the O'Donnell victory part last night and published this report:

O'Donnell's win was "inexplicable," Rove said. "There are serious questions about how did she make her living, why did she mislead voters about her college education, how come it took her nearly two decades to pay her college bills, and why did she sue a well-known and well-thought-of conservative think tank," Rove added. "This is not a race we're going to be able to win."

It would be the understatement of the year to call those comments unpopular at the Elks Lodge. If Chris Coons, O'Donnell's Democratic opponent, had walked into the room, people probably would have booed. If Karl Rove had walked in, they would have killed him.

So far, Rove hasn't found his way to respecting the will of Delaware's Republican primary voters and went onto Fox again today to repeat his views from last night. Yet he fully supports Sharron Angle in her race against Harry Reid even though she hasn't run the most effective campaign since her GOP primary win.

In the mean time, Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell having witnessed the public flogging the grassroots gave Cornyn and Rove made sure Republican voters knew that he said even before the primary last night that he would support O'Donnell's candidacy if she won.

What I find baffling is the GOP establishment's belief that O'Donnell's win automatically means a win for the Democrats. They are the only ones who are convinced she's unelectable. The media may say the Democrats are salivating at the idea of running against her, but as Rush mentioned on his show today, there's not that any excitement in the media about O'Donnell's win. Rather, Obama Democrats are in serious trouble, while those Democrats who stood up to the far Left are doing well. In fact, all 34 House Democrats who voted against ObamaCare won their primary races, even though the Democratic leadership said they would run primary challengers to defeat them. Don't forget Obama's approval rating is in the tank everywhere, not just in red states, yet Beltway Republicans think Delaware voters are chomping at the bit to cast their votes for Democrat Chris Coons, a self-described "bearded Marxist" and guaranteed vote for Obama's big government takeover agenda.


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I dunno. Rove was the "arch... (Below threshold)

I dunno. Rove was the "architect" of that GOP political machine that did what it did so well in 2006 and 2008. Who are we to question his greatness?

The GOP establishment didn;... (Below threshold)

The GOP establishment didn;t want anything to do with the Tea Partiers until they saw how they helped Scott Brown win the 'Kennedy Seat'. Then they thought they could tap into that energy, but still keep them at arms' length. When Tea Party candidates actually started getting ahead in the polls against RINOs, that's when the NRSC went into panic mode and started their attacks. Miller in Alaska, Rubio in Florida and now O'Donnell in Delaware, all were either ignored or opposed by the GOP establishment. Corwyn and the others will just have to face the fact that the Tea Party is a movement that has momentum. He and the others will have to either embrace the Tea Party candidates. If they don't they will eventually lose their leadership positions in the GOP.

Castle lost. He's dead to ... (Below threshold)

Castle lost. He's dead to me right now.
O'Donnell won and she is going to beat Coons. I have a hard time taking seriously the opinions of people who keep getting race after race wrong. Everytime they tell me some Tea Party-backed candidate is unelectable, they miraculously get elected anyway. What, these insiders are somehow unable to predict what will happen in the primaries but geniuses when it comes to general elections? I don't think so. They don't understand the force behind the Tea Party movement and the general disgust Americans have for this Obama Administration and his Democrat Congress.

O'Donnell is going to beat Coons. The news the next day: "Surprise win in DE."


Did Dewey defeat Truman? Oh... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Did Dewey defeat Truman? Oh, yeah.

It's time for Rove to make ... (Below threshold)

It's time for Rove to make like Bush, and go away.

Now is not the time for "Compassionate Conservatives, AKA RINOs

I feel good about contribut... (Below threshold)

I feel good about contributing to her today...she kept upping the goal and just hit $500,000 today alone!!


"the GOP establishment"... (Below threshold)

"the GOP establishment"

There's your problem, right there.

If Chris Coons thinks he's ... (Below threshold)
Brad S:

If Chris Coons thinks he's going to win in a cakewalk over "Crazy Christine," he's making it a little harder when he publishes her smiling face all over his website. Christine looks...quite pleasant on her opponent's site.

Just a thought.

This year, if a Republican ... (Below threshold)

This year, if a Republican can win Ted Kennedy's seat, then a Republican can win anywhere.

Breaking News!!!Ba... (Below threshold)

Breaking News!!!

Barry is trying to quickly steal some stimulus funds in the form of a new jobs bill.

Barry see's the writing on the wall, when will the entrenched GOP elite?

Go O'Donnell!

Karl Rove's hissy fit over ... (Below threshold)

Karl Rove's hissy fit over O'Donnell perfectly encapsulates my biggest gripe against the current GOP "leadership"; its apparent regard of anyone distinguishable from a democrat as "extreme", and for anyone actually waning to defeat democrats and their policies (instead of just trying to get along with them) as being totally "beyond the pale".

I want to scream at those idiots Oliver Cromwell's words, "In the name of God, GO!!!".

"I like to support the unde... (Below threshold)
today we are all dane:

"I like to support the underdog and was impressed with O'Donnell's spunk.."

Pretty sure O'Donnell is against spunk in any form.

Absolutely agree with Eric ... (Below threshold)

Absolutely agree with Eric (post 9).

Being one of the very few conservatives in Ma, I never ever thought Kennedy's seat, or any seat for that matter, would go repub.
It happened here, could happen anywhere.

Besides, perhaps this year at least, it may not matter if a candidate has a perfect past. What might matter more to most people is stopping the bankrupting of our country.

"I feel good about contribu... (Below threshold)
today we are all dane:

"I feel good about contributing to her today...she kept upping the goal and just hit $500,000 today alone!!"

Good job! Now she can pay rent!

Good job! Now she ... (Below threshold)
Good job! Now she can pay rent!

Somebody sounds jealous.

It's a huge hill to climb.<... (Below threshold)

It's a huge hill to climb.

Delaware is 48% registered Democrat, 20% registered Independent, and about 30% Republican.

Only about 3,500 more republicans voted for O'Donnell as opposed to Castle.

Then there are the historical voting trends of Delaware that Jay Cost posted as "fun facts" at the Weekly Standard blog:

-The last time it voted for a Republican presidential candidate was 1988.

-The last time it voted for a Republican senator was 1994.

-The last time the GOP held the state house was 1972.

-The last time the GOP held the state senate was 1972.

-The last time a Republican won the governor's mansion was 1988. That Republican's name is Mike Castle.

-Between 1988 and 2000, the Democrats held on average a party registration advantage that ranged between 5 and 9 points. In 2006, the Democratic advantage hit 11 points. In 2008 it hit 12 points. This year, it reached 17 points.

-In 2008, one out of four self-identified Delaware conservatives voted for Barack Obama.

So O'Donnell very easily could lose Delaware.

Well, I haven't paid rent i... (Below threshold)
Trust Fund Dane:

Well, I haven't paid rent in years. The trust fund handles that, and I get my groceries and other goods online so I don't have to go out to the stores. Have you SEEN the people at WalMart? ICKY! Dumb-ass proles - they should just shut up and let their betters run things, but NO - they've got to go all 'Tea Party! Take back control of government!' Stupid assholes, if they'd been paying attention in the FIRST place we'd never have been able to rip them...

Oh, wait. Never mind!

Anything is better than a 6... (Below threshold)

Anything is better than a 6 term RINO at the helm.

Besides after Nov. Barry is not going to have a bulletproof majority of any sorts.

By the way?? Jim X? Where have you gone? We have a bet remember?

And dumbass dane. November, its all for you!

This will not be easy of O'... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

This will not be easy of O'Donnell, but she is running against a guy who went to Kenya and came back a bearded Marxist as he self describes. I find no evidence he converted back from his transformation from a conservative to Marxist. Everyone wants to look for faults in O'Donnell. Let us look at Coons for a little while. The county he administered is broke. He raised taxes. He supports Obama's radical agenda. O'Doonnell has not and is not. The choice is clear.

I'm glad Teabaggers aren't ... (Below threshold)
the Dane of your Existence:

I'm glad Teabaggers aren't concerned with the petty details such as the likelihood of their candidates actually getting elected.

Charles Krauthammer attacked both conservative Sharron Angle and conservative Christine O'Donnell tonight on FOX News Special Report.

WEW - we Dems were worried there for a while Luckily the conservative fringe lunatics have over run the GOP and the inmates are now running the asylum - choosing candidates who don't have a chance of winning the election.


You keep telling yourself t... (Below threshold)

You keep telling yourself that as you slam another kool aid Dane...

ha haahahahahahahaha

"....choosing candidates wh... (Below threshold)

"....choosing candidates who don't have a chance of winning the election."

Don't you want to wait until AFTER the election before making that statement. Not that anyone will rub your face in it on November 3rd, to prove you the fool that you are.

I see I am not the only one... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I see I am not the only one who wrote an email to the RNC telling them to shove their contribution forms.

As Coons is up by 13, it se... (Below threshold)

As Coons is up by 13, it seems they want to do just that.

RDM I am with you. I mean ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

RDM I am with you. I mean I knew that republicans would never take Ted Kennedy's old seat either.

To the Desperate Dane:<br /... (Below threshold)

To the Desperate Dane:
She couldn't win the Primary either.
Remember? She couldn't get elected dog catcher - straight from the State Republican Chairman.
She cannot win - straight from the architect of rejuvenated conservatism (Rove).
Let me check the news from last night, since you cannot read. Oh, my goodness she won!
Why aren't Democrats using Obama's name or even the name of their party in their advertisements? You are so brilliant, maybe you can enlighten the readers.
Spending, over zealous regulation, increased taxation, nationalization, and the beltway crowd has seen it day and they are all dissapearing rapidly - get used to it.

I can't explain Rove's acti... (Below threshold)

I can't explain Rove's actions as anything other than a hissy fit that O'Donnell dared to win without him. But be careful before you tar the enture RNSC with the same brush.

The only "evidence" that the RNSC intended to withhold funding from O'Donnell was the supposed word of some unnamed staffer ... reported by a "journalist." The same sort of person who heard Tea Partiers chanting the N-word at black congressmen amd who heard boos when George W. Bush wished Bill Clinton a successful recovery from heart surgery ... In other words, people who unapologetically make shit up in their efforts to discredit Republicans.

Not every congressperson ha... (Below threshold)

Not every congressperson has to be Newt Gingrich's (or Karl Rove's) intellectual equal. They just have to vote for the bills that will help and against the bills that will hurt.

Karl could turn into a real... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

Karl could turn into a real hurricane;).


I think that Delaware shoul... (Below threshold)

I think that Delaware should have a choice between a conservative and a liberal, now they have that. If they want a bearded Marxist to represent them then fine elect him. Why should they have to choose between 2 liberals? Why should any of us. To me this is the issue with the parties, they want to win at any cost to hell with what happens after. I live in Ohio so I've had to live with George (cry baby) Voinivich for god knows how long. No more I would much rather have a conservative face a liberal and let the chips fall where they may.






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