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Chris Matthews awakens from his stupor

I can't help but think the awakened state is temporary:

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"I've waited all my adult l... (Below threshold)

"I've waited all my adult life for an election when the voters have the fire to reach up and burn those who've been running the show for decades. But I did't know it would come from the Right... and the Center"
When reality pierces even Hardball's echo chamber...

Hmmmmm...Something is most ... (Below threshold)

Hmmmmm...Something is most definitely different. Here comes that change after all.

Even a stopped clock is rig... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I don't expect Chris Matthews to continue on in this vein for long. But it's encouraging that even he can have an epiphany and understand the mood of the times.

"Leg tingle" PARTIALLY gets... (Below threshold)

"Leg tingle" PARTIALLY gets it. The anger he speaks of is directed at the LEFT and at RINO sell outs, not at career politicians in general. How many true conservatives have lost primary runs??? That's right...ZERO!! But being a super RINO, even Juan McCain was nervous and had to go a long way in pretending to be a conservative. Only the weakness of the opposition saw him through. Leftists like Matthews will not--CAN not--admit that only libs are in trouble, however.

Poor Chrissy. He's suddenl... (Below threshold)

Poor Chrissy. He's suddenly realized that come November, he'll be irrelevant.

He is irrelevant anyways.</... (Below threshold)

He is irrelevant anyways.

"Chris Matthews awakens fro... (Below threshold)
Bill Fabrizio:

"Chris Matthews awakens from his stupor" but finds his head is still up Obama's ass!

I can't help but think t... (Below threshold)

I can't help but think the awakened state is temporary:

Once in a while, he shows brief moments of lucidity, as during the Gulf oil spill when he and fellow Obama worshiper Keith Olbermann all but openly wondered, "Can't this jerk get anything right?!"

But, the moment quickly passes, and he returns to his version of normal. I suspect that "tingle up his leg" won't go away completely anytime soon.






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