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Ines Sainz and the manufactured sexual harassment case (UPDATED)

I'm late to this story and I'll blame my being on vacation last week when it first hit the wires but when I came across the following, written by a woman, I thought it worthy of sharing:

When Ines Sainz went to New York to interview the quarterback for the Jets she got more of a story than she bargained for. Sainz complained that one of the assistant coaches seemed to be throwing balls at her on the sidelines, and once she went into the locker room, several Jets player made inappropriate comments towards her. Clearly this is wrong, right? The poor innocent sports journalist was just minding her own business trying to get an interview, right?


I don't think anyone should be sexually harassed. I don't think men should be jerks, but I have heard worse walking around on the streets of New Orleans. Hell, I've heard worse at the gas station, and I was wearing a business suit. Perhaps the real question is if she was truly offended or if this is a publicity stunt.

Ines Sainz said she accepted Jets owner Woody Johnson's (I'm not making that up) apology on Monday. So why is she still doing television interviews? Let's keep in mind that this woman covered a Super Bowl by measuring player's biceps. I'm sorry, how is that not offensive? Double standard much?

Again, I don't think anybody should be harassed. Then again, I don't think that anyone male or female should be in the locker room. Nobody needs to see that. But my point is that this is bad press for everybody. How are female sports reporters supposed to be taken seriously when the one that gets the most attention is the one in the painted on tight jeans that cries sexual harassment? This is our role model?

Sexual harrassment should not be minimized but there are times when the claim made is unfounded and too often there are times when the claim is made to further an agenda.  This seems to fit the latter like... well... like... those pictured jeans fit Ms. Sainz.

A gal who seeks the limelight, a gal who dresses in ways that invite the sideways glance, a gal who proclaims herself "the hottest sports reporter in Mexico", a gal employed by a 'news' network that seems hell bent on promoting their female reporters as... well... bimbos... is a gal that's gonna have a tough time convincing anyone that coaches purposely overthrowing footballs in her direction or guys noticing that she's hot in a locker room are engaged in sexual harassment. 

Women's groups whose lifeblood is hatred of men are smelling testosterone in the water and are using Ms. Sainz as a blunt instrument to once again do what these groups do... beat up on men.

It's great to see other women recognizing this for what it is.

A sham.

UPDATE: Bookie is comparing and contrasting the behavior of MSNBC's Meredith Veira in a related post.  Speaks volumes.


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Comments (7)

Apparently all athletes <a... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Apparently all athletes cheat, so why shouldn`t female sports reporters play up ther best assets, to get a 'competitive edge' too?. And aren't they sharing the sidelines with goodlooking cheerleaders.

It's clear at this point th... (Below threshold)

It's clear at this point that we will never get to the bottom of this story without me intensively cross-examining Ms Sainz as to her ill-intent and questionable "sports gal" methodologies.

Perhaps this cross-examination could be made more palatable if conducted over drinks and sushi?

Since this story is all ove... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Since this story is all over the media I could not help staying abreast of it. I am sure that Ms Sainz is hoping that the story will have legs, however, I think that both she and the Jets will be the butt of jokes for some time. Regardless of how tittilating the story may be, I think Ms Sainz will find her reputation trampled.

The women in those Women's ... (Below threshold)

The women in those Women's groups hate one thing more than men: Hot sports chicks that look way better than they do.

"Yummy"! There's nothing m... (Below threshold)
Bill Fabrizio:

"Yummy"! There's nothing more to say!

Is it me or is her booty po... (Below threshold)

Is it me or is her booty poppin?.... You know what? If she wants to be taken seriously she needs to accentuate her biceps and not her buttceps.

Thank you for not being a t... (Below threshold)

Thank you for not being a typical coward and sicking your attorneys on the Jets.....you're such a "strong woman" to show such incredible restraint after such trauma. I think you're afraid of the backlash, and a little sick of people saying ya just ain't all that....but that's just me.

Don't worry sweetie, it won't be very long at all before ogling will be a bittersweet memory for you. And don't listen to those that say you're ungrateful to sports professionals with actual talent (unlike some people) who are the source of your incredible career.






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