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Update: Acid "victim" admits injuring herself

I posted a while back about Bethany Storro - the Washington woman who claimed an unidentified black female approached her on the street and threw a caustic liquid in her face. She has now admitted to injuring herself and the case is being referred to a grand jury.

Anyone who would do that to herself and concoct a cockamamie cover story obviously has some serious issues, but she deserves some kind of punishment. She wasted finite police resources, wasted public sentiment, and (unwittingly?) stirred racial animosity. She acted stupidly.


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That's one hell of a way to... (Below threshold)

That's one hell of a way to draw attention to yourself. She'd a gotten more mileage if she'd threatened to burn a Koran.

That's called "taking one f... (Below threshold)

That's called "taking one for the team."

What an idiot.... (Below threshold)

What an idiot.

She's mentally fit enough t... (Below threshold)

She's mentally fit enough to be a White House advisor.

Anyone who'd splash acid in... (Below threshold)

Anyone who'd splash acid in their face is already punished... she's going to have a hell of a lot of pain and surgery and not end up looking anything like she did before.

Which may have been the point...

Psychological help? Sure. Mor ethan that? It would depend on what the shrink finds...

Thanks for the update - it'... (Below threshold)
the Dane of your existence:

Thanks for the update - it's rare to see corrections like this on Wizbang. Usually the bloggers are strictly "smear and run"...

From your original post:

The initial round of stories only described her assailant as a "young female". It took a day or two for a full description "black woman in her 20s who was wearing a ponytail, green shirt and khaki shorts" to appear. Many stories still leave out that seemingly relevant information. Today, a sketch has been released.

I don't know why a news organization would omit very relevant information like a suspect's description, but I'd hate to think the fact it was a black suspect attacking a non-black victim caused some editors to hold back information that could help lead to an arrest.

The only reason you wrote about this in the first place is because the attacker was black.

Only there was no attacker - it was just race-baiting by the "victim" and you took the bait.

THAT's why the victim faked this - to stir up racial hatred. To get the right wing media rolling with a "black on white" crime so heinous that racists would be up in arms.

And she found a willing sycophant to carry her message.

But thanks again for the correction. I guess there is hope after all.

Of course Drudge gave this ... (Below threshold)

Of course Drudge gave this story prominent play, in line with his policy of highlighting every attack on a white person by a black person in order to increase racial division and an "us vs. them" mentality, "us" being white folks and Obama being one of "them."

Remember Ashley Todd?

When this story first broke... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

When this story first broke, I speculated whether it was a crime inspired by that shocking TIME Magazine Afghanistan cover on Wizbang Pop. But, now this story takes this very disturbing twist with shocking mental health issues of the woman involved. Unfortunate as well that a number of innocent African American women were questioned by Vancouver police who had a description similar to the phony claims of Storro.

What's known about her is that she was born partially deaf and is recently divorced. She recently moved from Idaho and moved in with her parents and started a new job at a Safeway store. She's only 28.

This is such a sad and sick story. And you only have to ask why?






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