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Why did Mike Castle speak to Barack Obama and Joe Biden on election night instead of conceding to Christine O'Donnell?

From what I understand, Mike Castle still has not called Christine O'Donnell to concede the race, yet he had time to accept phone calls from President Obama and Vice President Biden. I wonder what Mr. Castle discussed with Obama and Biden Tuesday night. Michelle Malkin has the details that are currently available.


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Running as a third party ca... (Below threshold)

Running as a third party candidate and then getting an administration position after he loses and takes O'Donnell down with him.

It's quite obvious that Cas... (Below threshold)

It's quite obvious that Castle will get a czarship, an ambassadorship, a judgeship or some other appointment for his turning on O'Donnell and either endorsing the 'Pet', or run as an 'independent'.

He was just reporting into ... (Below threshold)

He was just reporting into RINO headquarters.

C'mon. Who is seriously g... (Below threshold)
jim m:

C'mon. Who is seriously going to tell the President to go take a hike when he calls you? Even if it is a sorry excuse for a President like obama?

The real question is why is Barry contacting Castle at all? What it tells me is that they are worried that Coons will lose in November and they know he is vulnerable. It also clarifies that Castle was not the candidate that anyone wanted on the GOP side of the ballot.

Simple: Biden called him b... (Below threshold)
Bill Fabrizio:

Simple: Biden called him because he is from Delaware. Obama called him to say there was now no reason for Castle not to support the tyranny we are about to see in the lame duck session. As for Castle not calling O'Donnell to congratulate her, he's either classless or too old to remember that he actually lost the election.

Will Hussein boot Coons fro... (Below threshold)

Will Hussein boot Coons from the ballot and install Castle as the democrat he is??!! As I understand it, it's too late for additions to the ballot form, but since when has the LAW prevented the left from imposing its will!

Just another reason that th... (Below threshold)

Just another reason that the voters in Delaware seem to have made the right decision.

Has anyone considered askin... (Below threshold)
the Dane of your existence:

Has anyone considered asking him?

Dane- BRILLIANT! Why didn'... (Below threshold)

Dane- BRILLIANT! Why didn't 'the press' think of that? What? Mike Castle is ducking the question? Wow. BRILLIANT.

You, Dane, make my case everyday that Liberalism is a mental disorder. Thank you.

who cares ?dead ho... (Below threshold)

who cares ?

dead horse, stop beating it ...

she won the primary ... On to the general ...

spitting venom at Castle will not help get his voters to the polls in Nov ...

O'Donnell should talk to the man in private without making a big deal about it ... she can heal the wounds if she really wants to ...

People need to remember Rea... (Below threshold)

People need to remember Reagan's 11th Commandment, "Thou shall not speak ill of another Republican."

That's what Democrats are for.

Hopefully mike jeffords wil... (Below threshold)

Hopefully mike jeffords will find solace within the "Ones" czar network.

Pssssst! Dane! Think "Job... (Below threshold)

Pssssst! Dane! Think "Job Offer!"

One thing they didn't discu... (Below threshold)

One thing they didn't discuss was how to be gracious to ones' political opponent.

The winner of the DE Novemb... (Below threshold)

The winner of the DE November election gets sworn in immediately. No lame duck opportunity for Castle, unless the results are contested.

"Thou shall not speak il... (Below threshold)

"Thou shall not speak ill of another Republican."

Bullshit. That's exactly what got us into this mess.

Kinda emphasizes just how "... (Below threshold)

Kinda emphasizes just how "dedicated" Castle is to the Republican Party, doesn't it?

Obama and Biden were just g... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Obama and Biden were just getting a heads-up on what it feels like to get your butt kicked hard.

Castle does need to man up and endorse O'Donnell. Other people have lost rough campaigns before and stepped up, it is the thing to do. The man served his state honorably for many years - does he really want to be remembered as the grumpy old sore loser?

Hey, I supported him because he was a lock in the general, but it is OVER now. We need to get behind our nominee and move on. We have an election to win.

Castle is the longest servi... (Below threshold)

Castle is the longest servicing representative in Delaware history. Couldn't Obama and Biden just be calling to say, "thank you for your service"?

No, a conspiracy theory is much more fun, isn't it?

Bullshit. That's e... (Below threshold)
Bullshit. That's exactly what got us into this mess.

I disagree. It's not the same thing. It is counter productive to throw mud at your fellow party members so that you lose the election as a result. It's important to win graciously and to lose graciously. It can be done without handing the victory to the Democrats.

You think Reagan got to be Governor of California and President of the USA without stepping on other Republicans' toes? Of course he did, but he did it with a smile and didn't air the dirty laundry in public.

Castle needs to bow out gra... (Below threshold)

Castle needs to bow out gracefully ( wait, to late! ) and emulate the ever gracious hildebeast..

He is well qualified for a position in Barrishnikov's admin. Maybe as czar for party jumpers and flip floppers alike.

"O'Donnell, a Tea Party que... (Below threshold)

"O'Donnell, a Tea Party queen,
Defeated the party machine;
The grizzly right-winger
Gave Castle the finger
That's free by not flicking her bean."

-JFD8 9/16/10

A wee limerick to lighten up the proceedings. Not that it's really needed as politics becomes more and more like a combination of professional wrestling and the gong show as we go deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole.

Clay commented on .... ... (Below threshold)

Clay commented on ....

.... "Thou shall not speak ill of another Republican;"

By saying ....

.... Bullshit. That's exactly what got us into this mess ....


Not true, Clay.

What got us into this mess was our allowing the likes of Messrs Castle, Gingrich, Rove, McCain, Snowe, Collins, Dole et al to be treated as if any of them was or is a "Republican."

And now We, The People, just are not gunna take that any more.






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