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DREAM On, Dirty Harry

It's baaack...

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided to tuck the "DREAM Act" -- which would, among other things, give amnesty to illegal aliens who came to the United States as minors and grant them in-state tuition at state-run colleges -- into the defense funding bill.

No deal, dirtbag.

There are three great reasons to stop this measure. The first is that this bill is about defense funding, and Reid's attempt to piggyback his pet bill -- which has nothing to do with defense spending, and is a perfect example of just what the hell is wrong with our entrenched governing class.

The second is to simply echo Reid's side whenever our side has brought up any kind of immigration reform or enforcement issue -- "it has to be part of a comprehensive immigration reform move." Whenever our side has brought up building the border fence, or improving enforcement, or tightening up the laws, we've been shot down and told that it can only be done as some huge overhaul of the entire system.

Well, if that's the case, then it has to apply to attempts to give amnesty to illegal aliens. Sorry, Harry. Our side didn't set that policy, but we're damned sure not going to be the only side that abides by it.

The final reason is a philosophical one. I believe that the law should never set up a circumstance where it is more advantageous to not be an American citizen than to be one.

Let me set up a hypothetical situation (hypothetical, as in I don't know of an actual case like this, but it's entirely possible): two families, the Serras and the Alleynes.

The Serras live in Nashua, New Hampshire -- a city on the southern border. Mr. and Mrs. Serra both work in Massachusetts, at good jobs, and pay Massachusetts income tax. Their daughter turns 18 and wants to attend the University of Massachusetts at Lowell -- it's a decent school, just about 20 miles down a highway. It's less than half an hour's drive, most of the time.

Meanwhile, the Alleynes live in Lawrence, Massachusetts. It's about the same distance from Lowell, and their daughter also wants to attend UMass-Lowell. The only thing is, the Alleynes are illegal aliens.

Under the DREAM Act, young Ms. Alleyne would get to attend the school at a reduced rate. However, young Ms. Serra would not be eligible for that same rate. In fact, they'd have to face the fact that they are subsidizing Ms. Alleyne's tuition through their taxes while still paying the full boat for their own daughter.

That just isn't acceptable.

Yank the DREAM Act out of the defense spending bill, Senator Reid. We know you're an unprincipled scumbag, but -- just this once -- show that you don't always have to do the scummy thing.


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The second is to s... (Below threshold)
The second is to simply echo Reid's side whenever our side has brought up any kind of immigration reform or enforcement issue -- "it has to be part of a comprehensive immigration reform move."

That only works with people who can shamed by their hypocrisy.

In the past, if the Republi... (Below threshold)
lurker9876 Author Profile Page:

In the past, if the Republicans voted it down, the Democrats would play the American Public how callous the Republicans are.

I don't think that they can play this game any more. I dare the Republicans to vote it down and they'll see an increase in donations to their campaigns. And the Democrats will see that their games are not working any more.

Vote down this bill.

It seems to me that this mo... (Below threshold)

It seems to me that this move by Reid is a example of what we can expect should the Libs become a lame duck Congress from Nov 3 to January.

"I've tried to. I'... (Below threshold)
"I've tried to. I've tried so very, very hard, but those Republicans we've had in the last Congress have left us," he said, referring to Republican senators who previously supported an immigration overhaul.

Yeah those same Senators lost their cushy lifetime jobs because of that vote. Dirty Harry will also be walking down the road kicking cans and muttering to himself, come November. Too bad it can't be sooner. The shit has hit the fan and Dirty Harry has most of it on his face.

The defense appropriations ... (Below threshold)

The defense appropriations bill also contains a $10 million earmark for construction of The John P. Murtha Center for Public Service, at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. With Democrats, some things never seem to change.

My contention for quite som... (Below threshold)
Bill Fabrizio:

My contention for quite some time has been that as error prone as the republicans are, the democrats continual pushing and overreach on their extremely unpopular ideological agenda will always trump the republicans errors. And the American voter is paying more attention now than he/she has in decades. The result will not be pretty for the dems; Reid will lose to Angle, Coons will lose to O'Donnell, and on and on.

I see hope for our future but it can only be achieved if the voter stays diligent and doesn't go back into the Rip Van Winkle coma state!

Harry's numbers must really... (Below threshold)

Harry's numbers must really be bad to have to push this now. And Barry is just as stupid. According to today's paper, Barry is going to PUSH real hard for passage NOW!

Maybe Reid needs to include Cap & Trade in the bill as well. Give a man enough rope.

Yank harrys job! Damn blue ... (Below threshold)

Yank harrys job! Damn blue blooded dipshit.

If Angle doesn't take this ... (Below threshold)

If Angle doesn't take this and shove it up Harry's butt (sorry about the redundancy) she SHOULD lose her senatorial bid. Harry has just committed political hari-kiri by proposing amnesty, and mitigated it by attaching it to the DEFENSE budget. I hope she beats hell out of him with it in their debate.






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