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"Arlen Specter in a dress"

By now you've heard about this story:

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski Friday said that she plans to run as a write-in candidate in the November election for her seat, setting up a rematch between her and a tea party-backed candidate who beat her during the GOP primary.

The two-term senator announced her candidacy at a rally Friday in Anchorage, saying she was staying in the race against fellow Republican Joe Miller and Democrat Scott McAdams.

A few hours prior to the event, the senator explained the decision to former state House speaker Gail Phillips. "She said, 'This is what's best for Alaska'," said Ms. Phillips, a Republican who lives in Anchorage.

Best for Alaska?  Jonah Goldberg thinks not:

I think independent campaigns or party switches are forgivable or understandable on some grand issue of principle. Joe Lieberman's steadfast support for the war comes to mind. But reading this, it sounds like Murkowski thinks she should run because the people who like her have told her what she wants to hear. How is she anything more than Arlen Specter in a dress?

That'll turn your stomach.  In fact, Murkowski's decision does.

Beware the RINO... it's always about themselves...  always.


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Murkowski really ought to b... (Below threshold)

Murkowski really ought to be a Democrat. She's ugly, has no ethics, and has a deep sense of entitlement!

I already donated to Joe Miller...time to do so again!!!

You've seen other children ... (Below threshold)

You've seen other children like this. They grew up with mommy and daddy telling them they are special and gosh darned it because they are better than any of the other kids they are entitled.

Arlen murkowsi jeffords, a ... (Below threshold)

Arlen murkowsi jeffords, a rino to be proud of.

Yet another incumbent shows... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Yet another incumbent shows their contempt of the American public by refusing to listen to the will of the voter.

And let's not forget that up to yesterday she was part of he Senate GOP leadership. This is the beltway culture and they are not going to willingly give up their graft and perks just because the country can no longer afford to make them all multimillionaire aristocrats.

Shame on us for not getting rid of these scum earlier.

What is truly stunning here... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

What is truly stunning here is that there is a factional battle on the right. And when you are in a facional battle, like any other, you really want your side to prevail.

And what do we see with Spectre, Scozzafalva, Crist, Murkowski, and Castle? That they are killing their own faction! They are coming out glaringly and undisputably, and demonstrating that virtually every single thing their factional opponents say about them is correct! They don't care about the values of the party, they don't look after the party's common good, they do do whatever is most personally expedient for them in the end, they are half again as likely to endorse Democrats at the drop of a hat, and on and on and on.

I really wonder if these five et al have sealed the victory of the tea party wing within the GOP. I mean, how can any genuine moderate GOP'er, who has a heartfelt nervousness about X, Y and Z with tea partiers etc, possibly stand up and say "Yeah, these five got it goin' on, they know how to stand up for what's right" and so forth? It would be absurd.

"You only care about your career" says their opposition. "That's not true, how dare you!" they reply. Then, they lose primaries, and pull this crap, again and again.

In a sort of unfortunate way, as I have always thought myself one, moderates are screwed, and they have these five philosphical incompetents to blame in a big way.

In a sort of unfortunate... (Below threshold)
jim m:

In a sort of unfortunate way, as I have always thought myself one, moderates are screwed, and they have these five philosophical incompetents to blame in a big way.

I think it is important to point out that while the Tea Party has a lot of social conservatives within the movement, it is not at its heart a social conservative movement. Scott Brown got Tea Party backing and he is far from a social conservative. Where he has gotten criticism it has been for his succumbing to big government policies.

The Tea Party isn't about prayer in school it is about school choice. It isn't anti-abortion as it is about keeping the government out of the business of our families and paying for things we don't agree with. It isn't about DADT at all in any way.

You listen to the speakers and it is about stopping spending. It's about restraining government overreach. It's about curtailing corruption.

It's about a government that listens to the voters and responds to us rather than dictating to us what they have decided should be good for us irrespective of what really is good or us.

In that way it is not explicitly conservative or moderate. It is more classically liberal or libertarian. The faction that Spectre, Scozzafalva, Crist, Murkowski, and Castle are destroying is the faction of the entrenched and privileged political class that expects to be obeyed while they loot the public coffers for their own personal gain. With any luck their time is at an end.

Has anyone 'followed the mo... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Has anyone 'followed the money' on this. Somehow, someway I think there is liberal left wing kook money heading towards these third party candidates. All in an effort to quash the teaparty movement at any cost, even electing a RINO.

Having lived in Alaska for ... (Below threshold)

Having lived in Alaska for 10 years (should have stayed darnnit) I think Murkowski just bit herself in the ass. If you double cross an Alaskan, they will go out of their way to nail your ass to the wall,

Ah that BIRTHRIGHT to polit... (Below threshold)

Ah that BIRTHRIGHT to political power enjoyed by the ruling class. If those silly, ignorant, two-timing voters should declare it null and void, well such an insane decision must OBVIOUSLY be corrected.






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