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Daily Kos Founder: Scott Rasmussen is a "Chickensh--"

As first seen on Pundit Press:

Crazy blogger and founder of dailykos.com Markos Moulitsas has been busy lately. He's had to try to figure out an excuse for the reversal in fortunes of his beloved Democrats, all the while bashing the right and writing a book that calls all conservatives "jihadists." I guess all of that extra work is starting to go to his pompous head.

Covering the primaries extensively Tuesday night, Moulitsas rambled on about the usual moonbattery. 'All conservatives are racists.' Heard it. 'O'Donnell's inexperienced and dumb.' Heard that too. But taking a step outside of his usual delusions, Moulitsas decided to insult the founder of the nation's most accurate polling service, Scott Rasmussen.

Rambling about the election of Christine O'Donnell, Moulitsas took a step back and decided to take Scott Rasmussen on. I'll quote him here and provide a picture of his post so you don't need to go to his site and give him unnecessary traffic.

Talking about the primaries, Moulitsas wrote, "Tomorrow we'll have general election matchups from PPP in Delaware and New Hampshire. And I'm sure Rasmussen will have O'Donnell ahead by 17 points, Ayotte by 34, even though he was too chickens--- to poll the primaries." I added those three dashmarks.

Here's the actual post. Since we're a family site, I've blurred the word in question:

Here's the link if you want to go to his site and see it for yourself.

So let me get this straight...Rasmussen Reports did not do polls on several primaries (though he did polls on many) so that means he is biased? Or that means he's a "chicken----?" Or that means he will automatically put O'Donnell and Ayotte in front? I'm sorry, but I don't understand insane logic (and hopefully you don't either).

Apparently Mr. Moulitsas is unaware of Rasmussen Report's accuracy. Either that or he is utterly aware of it, and thinks that by smearing them, he can discredit them.

Sorry, Moulitsas, the only person you discredit is yourself.


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Comments (15)

Markos Moulitsas is too chi... (Below threshold)

Markos Moulitsas is too chicken$hit to be a real man.

Then again, who pays attention to what this libtard twerp has to say. If it did not show up in other blogs, no one would ever know she said.

So, if the Kos says something and no one heard it (or cares), did he really say anything at all?

"Sorry, Moulitsas, the only... (Below threshold)

"Sorry, Moulitsas, the only person you discredit is yourself."

Incorrect. In order to discredit himself, that pinhead would've needed credibility in the first place.

Marcos leftist chickens--- ... (Below threshold)

Marcos leftist chickens--- are comin home to roost.

I strongly suspect Rasmusse... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I strongly suspect Rasmussen didn't poll the primaries because they both were thought uncompetitive at first, only becoming close late in the races, and because no one commissioned him to poll them after that.

Markos could have had polls done on his own if he paid for them. Of course, when he WAS doing that, they turned out to have no more credibility than he does.

Michael, next make sure you... (Below threshold)

Michael, next make sure you sterilize the link. I took a gander at comments and it was sickening the mental illness on display there. Dane x 50

Pfffft. How can this shitty... (Below threshold)

Pfffft. How can this shitty little dwarf lose his credibility when he never had any to begin with? For him, I invoke my rule for assholes. I wouldn't cross the street with a full bladder if Markos was on the other side spontaneously combusting...

Looking forward to seeing t... (Below threshold)
Mr Evilwrench:

Looking forward to seeing that freak, well, not seeing that freak at all anymore.

If you don't like the messa... (Below threshold)

If you don't like the message, shoot the messenger. Poor Markos. He'll be a candidate for the loony bin come Nov 3rd.

No further illustration of ... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

No further illustration of the devolution of American political scene is needed than the prominence of this disingenuous,mincing, pencil-necked simpleton.

Obama is either the smalles... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Obama is either the smallest political giant
of our time, or the largest political midget.
Kos may be torn on this poser, as am I.
It is an amusing conundrum for the ages.

The majority of USA voters ... (Below threshold)

The majority of USA voters are now rejecting the democrat's policies and leadership.

Kos has spent his entire bl... (Below threshold)

Kos has spent his entire blogging career backing losers - even when Democrats were winning. I would expect no less from him (or his army of trolls) than the usual mindless self-important blather he's prone to putting out. "Screw them."

It's going to be interestin... (Below threshold)

It's going to be interesting to see how the Democrats fall apart after November.

I'm seeing more and more signs of it each week - blaming random Republicans every time they have a setback, trying to "point out" how it's only isolated Democrats who are having election problems, blathering about how "the media" is all at fault for reporting all of the wrong things.

...and quite a few are (finally) blaming Obama. Not a huge number - yet - but enough to start the stampede when they lose control of Congress. I've already been seeing the early defectors (the ones who now deny voting for Obama, even after being vocal supporters of his during the Presidential election), and it's going to be hilarious when half of the country tries to claim they never voted for him, while frantically trying to scrape two year old HOPE stickers off of their cars...

Funny, always thou... (Below threshold)

Funny, always thought that Kos's pic was in the dictionary next to "chickenshit".

'O'Donnell's inexp... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:
'O'Donnell's inexperienced and dumb.'

So if she changes party, she's Presidential material?






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