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"The feet of the tyrant... are already touching a tripwire"

Regular readers know I have my own blog and the astute among you know that I crosspost here what is originally posted over there. I also however have posts over there that are published by guest bloggers that are not published here and there are sound reasons for that, after all, Kevin invited me and not others to post at Wizbang. But this morning, I want to engage in the unconventional and actually excerpt and link back to my own place and highlight one of my new guest blogger's posts:

When I wrote the poem at the end of this piece, it was one of those which, like many, evolved from a dream, assumed the clarity of a vision and imbedded itself in my mind. In the vision, the America which I saw was bleak and devoid of feeling or warmth... not until I saw the Book of Eli did I see a landscape to resonate with the view.

Originally I thought that it had to do only with the growing parasite of apathy which had seemingly attached itself to more and more people with each passing day. As when Kitty Genovese was slowly stabbed to death while her neighbors, considering her screams for help to be bothersome, admitted having turned up their televisions and radios so that they were not troubled by the dying woman.

"Turn up Ed Sullivan; why doesn't that miserable girl stop screaming?" And eventually, she did..

But now, I flash forward to the evening in which staunch Republican Karl Rove, ranted viciously about a young woman named Christine, who had the audacity to run for office without the anointing of the "Party", and who had won the hearts and minds of the common people. The Ruling Class, which sees itself as Royalty, may wear a D or an R as a suffix, but it does not approve of the mere hoi-polloi daring to raise its voice. Like the people in the poem, the Elites just want troubling sights to go away and leave them alone, to rule the peasants as always.

The rest, I believe, is most worthy.


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anyone who thinks Rove does... (Below threshold)

anyone who thinks Rove doesn't support Tea Party candidates is an ignorant fool ...

do your homework before trying to label people at elitist or establishment ... it makes you look less ignorant ...

Sure, Rove has supported so... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Sure, Rove has supported some Tea Party candidates. But what is revealing about this election cycle is that a number of people who previously would have been characterizes as conservatives have been revealed as party-first pragmatists. Rove, Gingrich and others have shown that they care more about the party and it's ability to gain power than they do conservative values. In particular they have shown that they have absolutely no serious interest in a smaller, more affordable and less intrusive government. They don't care about a smaller government they just want to control the government. We don't want that kind of politician any more.

In other words, Rove and friends are showing themselves to be part of the problem.

As a longtime conservative ... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

As a longtime conservative R, what I find most troubling is the "elites'" lack of judgment in choosing candidates. From Scozzafava, to Crist, to Murkowski to Castle, we were told that these candidates are who we should vote for. They gave us the best chance of winning - loyal Rs, all. Yet, when the hoi polloi get involved in the primaries [which, we were told, is what we should do] and nominate a person not pre-ordained by the elites, the "party loyalists" no longer care about the R winning. From Scozzafava endorsing the D, to Crist running as an independent, to Murkowski running a write-in campaign, to Castle not endorsing O'Donnell, it's party-be-damned, it's all about me. Pardon me if I don't give Rove, Gingrich, et al the respect I used to, but they're starting to "un"earn it.

Walter hits the nail on the... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Walter hits the nail on the head. If there were any question at all about Rove and other party elites it is answered by their endorsement of these losers, who when they lose their primary they turn their backs on the party and what it stands for.

What is the difference between these candidates when they win or lose? The only difference is that they betray the party in running against it or endorsing its opponents vs voting against it in Congress. I'd rather have them out of office where the damage can be limited to just one election cycle.

The party elites have gotten caught up in the game of who gets to control government and have lost sight of what the party base believes government should be. They are interested in the power and how to hold on to it and they no longer have any interest in what should be done with that power. That's why they lost so badly two years ago. That's why they will continue to suffer losses in their primaries and if they don't straighten out they will lose it all again in 2012.

Glenn Reynolds puts it thus... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Glenn Reynolds puts it thusly:

The Murkowski story embodies what's wrong with the traditional GOP: Self-centered, dynastic, and looking to lobbyists as primary allies.

Face it conservatives, the GOP leadership is just not that into you. Of course the bad news for the GOP leadership is that we know it and we're not all that into them anymore either.

Jim m - As one who got "cle... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

Jim m - As one who got "clean for Gene" in '68 and threw out the baby with bath water concerning American traditional institutions [and then grew up when I worked at an urban county's welfare department - what an incredible waste of human potential that system is], I worry that the Tea Partiers, and those who sympathize with them [I belong to one of those groups, just don't know which one, yet], may become so disenchanted with the "ruling elites" within the R party, that they too, will throw the baby out with the bath water and start a self-defeating 3rd party. What makes this so frustrating is the elite R's refusal to see that the groundswell of political activity by those who want less government and less government spending is a natural ally of what an R should be. Their reaction to Tea Party victories in R primaries is incredibly discouraging. 22 months ago, everyone was saying conservatism was dead. Now, when it has risen from the ashes, the establishment dunderheads refuse to embrace it. Pogo was right.

I am voting against the est... (Below threshold)

I am voting against the establishment rinos regardless of what is said during campaigning.

Not playing the game anymore.

So Rove, who has raised som... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

So Rove, who has raised some $50 million for Republicans this cycle, including $2 million for Sharron Angle, speaks his mind (what he is paid to do as an analyst) about O'Donnell and suddenly he is compared to . . . the New Yorkers who ignored Kitty Genovese's cries for help?

Sorry, this is beyond stupid. It's downright evil. Think about it for a minute.

Rove did Badthink, and then compounded it by Badspeaking on national TV. So he must be denounced publicly by all.

For supposed "freedom lovers," you people act more like Stalinists.

Comparing Karl Rove to the ... (Below threshold)

Comparing Karl Rove to the guy who stabbed Kitty Genovese to death seems a bit much, but it's par for the course here.

Rove did a lot of damage wi... (Below threshold)

Rove did a lot of damage with his reaction the other night. If he was as smart as they say, he'd do something about it.

Republicans and democrats had better wake up and smell the tea.

We dont need them - they need us.

Rove spoke his mind that's ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Rove spoke his mind that's fine. What he revealed in doing so is that he's not interested in advancing a small government conservatism or even any sort of conservatism per se. What he wants is a GOP majority so the party that employs him will have more power.

He supports Angle in Nevada because he thinks she has a chance of winning. He isn't interested in the Tea Party movement ideals of smaller, more efficient, less intrusive and less costly government. The impression he leaves is that he is only interested in winning and holding power.

If that impression turns out to be true then we don't want or need him. Party operatives like him are corrosive to the nation. They sell out principles for the purpose of holding the ability to direct graft and patronage.

Congratulations, Republican... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Congratulations, Republicans. After all these years you finally see that Karl Rove doesn't have ideals, doesn't care about you, but is only interested in the aggrandizement of his special-interest masters.

This comes as no surprise to Democrats like me. We've been telling you for years.

IMO Karl Rave did reveal so... (Below threshold)

IMO Karl Rave did reveal something other than a conservative bent. He really should have kept his mouth shut and his excuse that he was paid to offer opinions was lame. Exit Karl for POTUS. As a TPM I generally find I vote for the conservative candidate - which is usually a republican. The republican party showed part of its ass in nominating McAmnesty for POTUS - and he basically rolled over and spread em for the Won.
There is no one individual so important, that if they dropped dead today, they would not be replaced tomorrow. Personally I'm happy Rove revealed himself before he gained a really important position.

And we're supposed to belie... (Below threshold)

And we're supposed to believe that the DEMOCRATS care, Bruce?

That's a laughable idea - just look at how they handled health care!

A pox on both their houses - vote them all out and maybe it'll get their damn attention, because they're sure as hell not listening now!






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