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Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens

Hey, remember those Democratic operatives and representatives of www.barackobama.com who showed up at a rally with Nazified-up pictures of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, then retired to a Democratic Representative's campaign headquarters? Well, it turns out that the representative question, Debbie "Sgt. Schultz" Halvorson (D-IL) sees nothing, hears nothing, and knows nothing about the whole thing.

You see, those people -- one of whom works for her re-election campaign -- didn't tell anyone what they were going to do or what they had just done. They just stopped by for some water or something.

Sure, Debbie. We believe you.

But if you really want us to believe that you had nothing to do with it, and find it utterly abhorrent and repulsive and unacceptable, then don't accept it. Fire the one who works for your campaign, get rid of the rest on loan from Organizing For America (d/b/a www.barackobama.com), and make it clear that you have no truck with anything like this.

And someone -- anyone -- please ask President Obama what he thinks of what the people running www.barackobama.com are doing in his name. Let's see him throw his own name and web site under the bus.


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Comments (16)

I think she's more like Col... (Below threshold)

I think she's more like Col Klink.

Didn't Glenn Beck dress up ... (Below threshold)

Didn't Glenn Beck dress up as a Nazi on the cover of one of his own books?


Is that the "Nazified-up picture" you're writing about?

Well, maybe that's Barry. ... (Below threshold)

Well, maybe that's Barry. I just wanna know who Gen Burkhalter is. Is that Kos?

Interesting that Barry does... (Below threshold)

Interesting that Barry doesn't wear a flag pin on his own web site spoof page?

Just saying.

I'm sure they were just "jo... (Below threshold)

I'm sure they were just "joking". Isn't that always the case?

Mr. Galoob,I've ch... (Below threshold)

Mr. Galoob,

I've chastised you previously for not using "google" to answer your own question prior to posting. You didn't even have to use google this time. You could just follow the link in the post to see the sign of Mr. Beck with a "Hitler mustache." I used to think that Dane was not the "brightest crayon in the liberal box." Now, I'm considering someone else for that title.

SER, it's a contes... (Below threshold)

SER, it's a contest among them for maximum stupidity. Let them vie with one another for the title.

That aside, if the saying that stupidity's painless is in fact true, neither of them should experience an instant's discomfort throughout their lives.

So there's that.

galoob, I'm of the... (Below threshold)


I'm of the opinion that, with the backwards r on that cover, that instead of a Nazi, he's dressed as a Soviet Officer. Nice try though.

Is that the "Nazif... (Below threshold)
Is that the "Nazified-up picture" you're writing about?

Actually, the uniform Glen Beck was wearing was an East German military uniform. East Germany was Communist and came after Nazi Germany.

Throughout the book Glen Beck dresses as different characters as a literary device to highlight the point of view of different people. The East German character represented the idiots as in the title "Arguing with Idiots."

It's perfectly ok for Glenn... (Below threshold)

It's perfectly ok for Glenn Beck to do anything he wants. The Teabaggers worship the ground he waddles on.

When Beck does it it's ok. When someone on the left does it it's horrendous.

"When Beck does it it's ok.... (Below threshold)

"When Beck does it it's ok. When someone on the left does it it's horrendous."

Looks like you need a new set of magic markers Dane. Bye the way, were you breaking curfew?

Barney is very disappointed in you.

Dane how long have you been... (Below threshold)

Dane how long have you been a homophobe?

The trolls are getting lame... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

The trolls are getting lame. Perhaps the certainty of their upcoming butt-whipping by the American people has dispirited them.

But it is good of them to bother to show up and support their extremist comrades in their dirty tricks anyway.

Enjoy the rest of the campaign . . .

Can you imagine how drab an... (Below threshold)

Can you imagine how drab and wretched Dane's and galoob's lives must be, that they want to be trolls? And that they do it so badly?

I think they pay extra for ... (Below threshold)

I think they pay extra for butt whipping, Jim.

The Teabaggers wor... (Below threshold)
The Teabaggers worship the ground he waddles on.

You are confusing Glen Beck and his supporterd with Obama and his supporters. You know the Dead Enders who stick with a guy who favorability rating is in free fall.






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