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Colin Powell critical of Obama

But only mildly:

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president in 2008 despite serving three Republican presidents, said Sunday that Obama needs to change his approach in the White House because voters are feeling overwhelmed by sweeping new laws that expand the scope of government.

"The president also has to ... shift the way in which he has been doing things," Powell said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "The American people feel that too many programs have come down. There are so many rocks in our knapsack now that we're having trouble carrying it."

Powell, a retired Army general, who was national security adviser and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President George H.W. Bush and who ran the State Department for President George W. Bush, said Obama must focus "like a razor blade" on employment, giving the same level of attention to creating jobs -- and bringing down the 9.6 percent unemployment rate -- as he did to passing bills overhauling health care and reforming education.

"I understand the importance of all of that," Powell said, referring to Obama's signature legislative accomplishments. "But as far as the American people are concerned, the main attack is employment."

Powell's critique is noteworthy, given his decision in the 2008 election to spurn Republican John McCain -- a fellow Vietnam veteran and personal friend -- to back Obama, whom he described as offering "generational change." The president has continued to consult with Powell in the White House.

"He has lost some of the ability to connect that he had during the campaign," Powell said. "And it is not just me picking on the president. It's reflected in the polling. Some of the anxiety and anger that you see out there, I think, comes from a belief on the part of the American people -- whether it's correct or incorrect, and the White House would say it's incorrect -- that ... his singular focus should be on employment."

This will be news in some circles... but the fact is that Powell goes on to state that he's not sure if he would vote for Obama again... leaving the possibility that he would. 

How in hell could he?

Mr. Powell, if you're unsure at this point, you're unworthy and sad.



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Comments (25)

This is getting interesting... (Below threshold)

This is getting interesting. And 60 Minutes has President Carter on to defend the effectiveness of his presidency.

It seems that more and more members of the MSM are not satisfied with Obama. And as a result greater numbers of negative comments and opinions are being displayed in the media.

As time passes and the tea party gains strength perhaps even more anti-Obama comments will prevail as more main stream media types join this bandwagon of bashing Obama.

Are there any conservatives... (Below threshold)

Are there any conservatives or moderates left whom Colin Powell has not disappointed?

Powell talks out of both si... (Below threshold)

Powell talks out of both sides of his mouth.

He lost all creditability when he decided to vote skin color instead of character and integrity.

Powell of all people should have wondered about Obama's blank resume and lack of vetting.

Powell is irrelevant now.

This is Powell just being a... (Below threshold)

This is Powell just being an opportunist. He sees the effect the Tea Party supporters have had on this election and he hopes to take advantage by his mild criticism. He hasn't slammed Obama since Powell still expects some sort of appointment from the Won, but he is hedging his bets. If the GOP does win as big in November as anticipated, he will try to manuver himself into a leadership spot that RINOs and Establishment Reps will claim the GOP needs a 'moderate voice' to run Congress.

Colin Powell --- A magnific... (Below threshold)
Bill Fabrizio:

Colin Powell --- A magnificient warrior and military leader who is totally inept and "out of his pay grade" as a civilian leader.

Obamalala is and always has... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Obamalala is and always has been an anti-American, liberal, anti-colonialist, socialist, megalomaniac. Colin Powell is a political turn coat.

Bill Fabrizio: "Colin Powel... (Below threshold)

Bill Fabrizio: "Colin Powell --- A magnificient warrior and military leader who is totally inept and "out of his pay grade" as a civilian leader."


Powell is a very competent military administrator and strategic leader. No question. He's basically an Eisenhower.

However, hs is not a magnificent warrior. He is no Patton (not that you'd have to be). In our time, stromin' Norman Schwarzkopf would be considered a "magnificent" warrior, as would any number of solid "on the ground" and "in the muck" military commanders over the last 8 years.

Make no mistake, I'm not denigrating Powell's service in any way. Our nation needs both the great administrators and the warriors.

Think of Powell as "Ike" due to his (Powell's) history of solid political intuitiveness...until now.

The campaign and election of obambi has thrown Powell a real curve ball, and he didn't handle it well then, and he's not handling it well now.

Powell supported individuals (obambi and sheriff joey) who trashed the vision and efforts of real military heroes and who represented the opposite of all that Powell had aligned himself with in the past.

Difficut to walk that back.

Reality is, you don't get t... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Reality is, you don't get to be a senior officer in our military, and especially Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, without a through understanding of the dynamics of politics. And you have to become a politician/former warrior to achieve it.

That Powell has made this "move" tells us he is at least still trying to be a player. It tells us he sees the need to re-position himself from where he has been since the 2007 campaign season.

I'm guessing the hope-ie/change-ie thing isn't working out for him quite how the "Good General" expected.

How could Powell vote for H... (Below threshold)

How could Powell vote for Hussein again?? Well, naturally his RACE couldn't POSSIBLY be a factor.

Up until the Obama campaign... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Up until the Obama campaign I don't remember Powell espousing his OWN opinion on anything but education for those in the ghetto.

He served at the pleasure of the President (Bush) and reflected those policies. As a military officer, he NEVER expressed whether he was or was NOT a conservative.

Too many people have made assumptions about Powell.

I agree with TexBob ... Powell voted skin-color and diminished his credibility by doing so.

WOuld have been quite inter... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

WOuld have been quite interesting had Powell bit the bullet and ran for president as a GOPer in 1996 (but he declined to do so in 1995).

Most likely, we would have avoided the Obama disaster where the majority of people voted for the blank slate because of his skin color and white guilt.

It's too bad Powell didn't ... (Below threshold)

It's too bad Powell didn't run back in 1996 or 2000.

Powell doesn't get it. How ... (Below threshold)

Powell doesn't get it. How many times does he say, "too many programs". There should have been no programs, and no bailout. All Obama did was throw money at a bunch of crooks of which hundreds of billions ended up overseas helping other countries out but not this one.

Powell does not appear to understand that the American people are not interested in government sticking their crap stained noses up the American peoples butt.

This is not about marketing. The Democrats sugar coated crap, and the people bought it. Now they are fixin to flush it.

Got Billy'bob Clinton running around saying Obama is not getting the message out effectively. Code for sales and marketing. AHH#$%$#. I got a code too; it's called money talks, and BS walks.

Hows that for sales and marketing.

Powell - he really demonstr... (Below threshold)

Powell - he really demonstrated his "intelligence and political acumen" when he urged people to vote for Barry in the first place.

Colon Jeffords, the other b... (Below threshold)

Colon Jeffords, the other black meat.

Powell - he really demon... (Below threshold)

Powell - he really demonstrated his "intelligence and political acumen" when he urged people to vote for Barry in the first place.

Powell would have kept his own counsel if McCain chose someone more educated, experienced and balanced than Palin as his running mate.

The danger of McCain croaking and Palin becoming president was too much of a threat to the Republic for him to bear.

If you think things are bad, well, they could be a lot worse. All you can say is, McCain's still alive.

I voted Sarah not John. He... (Below threshold)

I voted Sarah not John. He seems like a real nice guy but I dont like all the aisle crossing and growing of government.


"Powell would have kept his own counsel if McCain chose someone more educated, experienced and balanced than Palin as his running mate"

Obviously Colin voted for the dark color and ignored the empty suit in the room. Palin had/has more experience and quality then all the democrats that ran combined.

Threat to the republic.. You dumbass

How in hell could he?... (Below threshold)

How in hell could he?

Obama is still black, that why he supported him the first time.

galoob that 'Palin has so l... (Below threshold)

galoob that 'Palin has so little experience' mantra is bullshit and you know it.

Barry had 'mountains' of experience? In what?

Ooops! Hope and Change loo... (Below threshold)
"Barry had 'mountains' of e... (Below threshold)

"Barry had 'mountains' of experience? In what?"

Community agitatin

There's truly nothing repub... (Below threshold)

There's truly nothing republicans hate more than when one of their own starts thinking for themselves.

#22Oh, like coming... (Below threshold)


Oh, like coming here with a 'cut and paste' of DNC talking points?

Powell demonstrates it take... (Below threshold)

Powell demonstrates it takes one to know one.

Mr. Powell, you're a mugwum... (Below threshold)
Bill Johnson:

Mr. Powell, you're a mugwump.

I believe it was Shel Silverstein that defined mugwump - an animal that sits on a fence, it's mug on one side and it's wump on the other.

Mr. Powell, you're a mugwump.






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