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Can one be any clearer than this on the Ground Zero Mosque?


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I will be contributing tomo... (Below threshold)

I will be contributing tomorrow. Etherridge is scumbag!!

Renee ROCKS!!

Its just a coincidence the ... (Below threshold)

Its just a coincidence the scum want it by ground zero.. Right Barry.

Yep....in a nutshell....<br... (Below threshold)
workingclass artist:

Yep....in a nutshell....
The Video nails it...

You think liberal values li... (Below threshold)

You think liberal values like TOLERANCE can contend with the will of ALLAH?! Silly oversensitive Christians and Jews, NOTHING can stop Allah.


Imam Rauf and his supporters don't need to tolerate feelings and opinions from the likes of you when they have DIVINE power behind them...who cares if 70% of the country disagrees, this isn't democracy, this isn't tolerance, this is ISLAM.

Wait a minute...

You're a true scholar of me... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

You're a true scholar of medieval Iberian history, there, Ron.

So, tell me, after Ferdinand reconquered Cordoba, did he leave the Mosque standing, and functioning as a mosque?

Are there any other POSSIBLE reasons why an Islamic center, the backers of which claim to be promoting tolerance, would name said center Cordoba House? Any other possible reasons at all?

Please, tell us all you know about the history of the Iberian peninsula during the period of Islamic occupation and the Reconquista. Go ahead, regale us.

So is she a republican, dem... (Below threshold)

So is she a republican, democrat, WHAT??? I saw nothing about party in the ad!

She's running for the feder... (Below threshold)

She's running for the federal congress from North Carolina. What about local rights? New York City and State approved the mosque.

Does she propose a power-grab for the federal government on local zoning laws, or to abolish the First and Fifth Amendments - no more freedom of religion or property rights?

How is this "conservative," the federal government trampling on local zoning decisions?

You can tell the video nail... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

You can tell the video nails it, the trolls are spinning like mad.

OK, Cap'n, you tell me how ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

OK, Cap'n, you tell me how Congress can make sure the "Ground Zero Mosque" will never be built without trampling on local jurisdiction.

"Conservatives" are only "conservative" when it suits them, apparently. They don't want the Federal government involved in local affairs until they do.

I wasn't adressing you dire... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

I wasn't adressing you directly, Bruce, but OK.

It's quite simple.

They have every right to build their "Victory Mosque" in the vicinity of Ground Zero.
However, Ground Zero was created by actions of terrorists acting in the name of the same religion. This action goes against the sensiblities held by most Americans (liberals excluded).
Keep in mind the imam behind this was quoted as being quite pleased when he made the purchase as wreckage from the terrorist attacks had landed on the building.

Congress has no business sticking its nose in, nor does the Kenyan community organizer (even if he is not Muslim).
The local zoning boards should have had the intelligence to forsee this uproar, being located in NYC, but did not.
So stopping the construction now will come down to the local people, one way or another.

So how does the video "nail... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

So how does the video "nail it?" And what do you mean about "spin?"

I say build the mosque near... (Below threshold)

I say build the mosque near ground zero so we can always point to it as a demonstration of Islam's lack of compassion and sensitivity. Their Allah hates non believers while other faiths encourage praying and loving non believers. We should embrace that mosque as evidence of Islam's hate. ww

@ Bruce in #11,Wha... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

@ Bruce in #11,

What, no comment AT ALL about my views in #10?
Even after you asked for them ?!?
And you now expect me to expain how the video nails it.

I must have really nailed it with #10. :-)

I may attempt to explain it later, I jst don't have time right now to interpret it into terms liberal trolls can understand.

The video nails the fact th... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

The video nails the fact that Muslim build mosques as symbols of their (perceived) victories.
To build a mosque at Ground Zero declares to Muslims "see, we won!"

The spin comes in when trolls try to make it a First Amendment issue, yet completely ignore the First Amendment rights of Molly Norris.

I do disagree in that this should not be used to bash Bob Etheridge.
IIRC, Bob Etheridge is the Democrat nutcase who assaulted a couple of students for video recording him. That should be front-and-center in every ad in this NC House race.






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