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Looking Eternity In The Face

Anyone else wondering if Jimmy Carter recently got some bad news at the doctor's? Because his latest attempt to reform rewrite his personal history has a suspiciously "gotta tidy up loose ends while I still can" smell to it.

In his recent PR blitz, he's trying to rewrite the history books on his presidency and post-presidency into being... well, something less than a disaster.

Sorry, Jimmy. Too many of us lived through those years, and our memories don't quite match up with your little fantasy.

I have a special reason to resent this. One of the revisions Carter wants to push is that he tried, 30-odd years ago, to push for universal health coverage, but was stopped by Teddy Kennedy. It's been about a year since Teddy finally overpowered the astonishing preservative powers of alcohol and drove off The Final Bridge and plunged into The Pond Beyond, and I've been glad that his legacy is finally closed. To hear that he saved us decades of anguish by sabotaging Carter's plans (presumably to keep Carter weak for Ted's own abortion of a 1980 presidential run) bothers me. Plus, I simply don't believe it -- this was something Teddy championed all his life. To think that he would toss it aside in pursuit of an office he really didn't want to hold doesn't fit almost everything we know about him.

Carter's behavior after we (well, my elders -- I was too young to either vote for or against him) kicked him to the curb, though, has set the new standard for "worst ex-president." For several years, he was good enough to largely stick to the established model -- he wrote his book, lent his name to some good causes, built some houses for poor people, and mostly avoided the limelight. (Part of that, undoubtedly, was because he left such a stench of fail in his wake.) But after the freshness wore off the stink, he decided he missed the attention and power, and he shoved himself back on to the world stage.

Early in our nation's history, we had one particular asshat by the name of Dr. George Logan. At the time, we were having particularly touchy relations with France -- "touchy" being my term for what others call the "Quasi-War." Logan, a pacifist, went to France and tried to improve relations between the two nations. In response, Congress passed "The Logan Act," which banned private citizens from engaging in private diplomacy with other nations.

Sadly, the Act has never been tested in court. Had it been, then Carter's freelance diplomacy (mainly in North Korea, but in other places as well) which caused the Clinton and second Bush administrations such headaches might have been averted.

Jimmy Carter wants us all to remember him as a nice guy, an honest guy, selfless Christian who worked all his life towards peace and understanding and caring for the poor. Unfortunately for him, too many of us remember not what he wishes to project, but what we actually saw -- a petty, sanctimonious, weak, small-minded, wrong-headed, anti-Semitic, pompous, jerk who rode Watergate into office, and his own ineptitude rode him out.

Mr. Carter, right now your standing is "the worst Democratic president in modern history" and "the worst ex-president in history." The only hopes for that changing are not in trying to rewrite your own past, but that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama's futures.

Get off the stage, Jimmy. Give up the limelight. Stop trying to convince us to believe you and our own lying eyes. To steal a line from a talk-show host, it's time for you to go home and pray for a peaceful death.


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Comments (48)

Jimmy Carter is certainly t... (Below threshold)

Jimmy Carter is certainly the worst ex-president. The old fool. The title for worst president in my opinion is Lyndon Johnson. And as far as Obama goes...I never considered him the president. Like entities who hurt/abuse children...I don't consider them human.

Just when I thought Carter ... (Below threshold)

Just when I thought Carter couldn't go any lower, he now attacks a dead man.

In retrospect, it's obvious the media initially covered for him. It was only later when it came to light that the man was a habitual liar with an out-of-control ego.

And I completely agree with mag; Carter is the WORST ex-president we've ever had. That may, however, change in the next few years.

Mag, you remind me of my gr... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Mag, you remind me of my grandfather, who refused to set his watch to Daylight Savings Time. In the summertime, if you asked him what time it was, he'd say, "Well, THEY say it's 1:30, but it's REALLY 2:30." What a kook.

As for your post, Mr Tea, I find it somewhat ghoulish and mean-spirited, but hey, that's par for the course for Republicans.

The truth about Jimmy Carter is that both viewpoints you refer to actually have some merit. Carter actually IS a nice, selfless, Christian guy who worked all his life for peace and for the little guy. He is also petty, weak, sanctimonious, somewhat pompous, and he did ride Watergate into office.

I take issue with you calling him small-minded and wrong-headed, and especially with calling him anti-Semitic, though. If we had followed Carter's prescriptions on energy policy instead of Reagan's, we wouldn't be nearly so dependent on foreign oil today. If we had implemented his health-care reforms in the 1970s, perhaps we wouldn't be paying through the nose for healthcare and health insurance now. Just those two areas disprove, in my opinion, the allegations of small-mindedness and wrong-headedness.

And being even-handed in one's view of the Middle East does NOT make one an anti-Semite, despite conservative attempts to paint anyone who doesn't blindly support everything Israel does, right or wrong, as being one.

If the criteria consists of... (Below threshold)

If the criteria consists of which ex-President is the meanest, pettiest, most self-centered and vindictive ex-President, then yes Jimmy Carter is the best ex-President ever at those qualities.

Hey, Hank, I agree that att... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Hey, Hank, I agree that attacking a dead man is wrong. You ought to read a blog called Wizbang if you want to see some egregious examples. Go back and look at what was said there when Ted Kennedy died. Oh, and Walter Freaking Cronkire.

Or even just scroll up and see what Mr Tea just said about Ted Kennedy. Or his ghoul-like glee in anticipating a fatal illness for an 85-year old man.

Cronkite.... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:


Jimmy will always be in the... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Jimmy will always be in the discussion of worst POTUS ever, worst POTUS emeritus even with John Tyler-President with no party-and Il Douche-even if the latter is retired early.

The self-described 'nuclear engineer' was a lieutenant in the original nuclear sub program, which he did not finish, having been rushed through to commission and a degree in three years after the end of hostilities in WWII.

His promise as a competent outsider following a single term governorship was quickly exhausted in DC. Inflation peaked above 11% and U6 unemployment around 20%(even then the numbers were suspect).

The fool has even been a Sunday School teacher all of his adult life, twisting little minds with his sickness.

Greet the outer darkeness, Jimmah!

Bruce, if you have been att... (Below threshold)

Bruce, if you have been attacking the dead man when he was alive, then attacking him after he is dead is maintaining consistency. NOT attacking the man UNTIL he is dead, well that is chickenshit.

Your airbrush of the Carter Years, his plans that weren't realized and the supposed end points of his dreams if they had been realized, well, its still kinda dirty after all that Hope and Change spraying, so you ought to clean it out more carfeully after every use to make it effective.

"Hey, Hank, I agree that at... (Below threshold)

"Hey, Hank, I agree that attacking a dead man is wrong. You ought to read a blog called Wizbang if you want to see some egregious examples."

Really Bruce?
You're comparing commenters and authors on wizbang to a former president of the US?

Funny thing is that the worst author/commenter on wizbang has more class than Carter, now or then, though you may be an exception.

Epador, your arguments are ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Epador, your arguments are tiresome and insulting, blah blah blah.

It's true we can't know what might have happened had Carter's prescriptions been followed. I was simply addressing Mr Tea's characterization of Carter as "small-minded" and "wrong-headed." Whether one agrees or disagrees with the merits of Carter's energy and healthcare policies, they can't, in my opinion, be construed as "small-minded," and their "wrong-headedness" is, in my opinion, arguable.

And I think Mr Tea's allegation of anti-Semitism is specious and unfair. Just my tiresome, insulting opinion, though. Feel free to disagree.

You're right, Hank. Attacki... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

You're right, Hank. Attacking a dead man is acceptable behavior if you're a commenter or an author on a blog. It's only wrong if you're a prominent person.

Excuse me.

The best thing Car... (Below threshold)

The best thing Carter did for this country was losing an election.

Bruce Henry, you seem to be... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Bruce Henry, you seem to be equating comments here, in this post, with the vitriol heaped on Tony Snow's still warm body by the Kos/DU crowd. Is that how you view the comments here?

If so, I have a suggestion as to where you can stick your opinion.

Before Jimmy Carter, it was... (Below threshold)

Before Jimmy Carter, it was accepted (and good) practice that former presidents did not interfere or comment upon the presidencies of subsequent presidents EVER. The graceless and mean-spirited Carter violated that practice again and again, sticking his nose in where it was clearly not needed nor wanted, acting as though he still held the office for which he had been repudiated quite soundly by the American people. Now he is - astonishingly - claiming credit for the release of the Iranian hostages! Here's the deal you malevolent old liar - they were released AFTER Ronald Reagan had already taken the oath of office - and why, you might ask? Because the Mullahs knew that Reagan would kick their asses otherwise as well as they knew that you were a impotent coward on your best days!

I'm a Reagan baby! I cast ... (Below threshold)

I'm a Reagan baby! I cast my very first vote, at 18, for Ronald Wilson Reagan. Those of you too young to remember the Carter years, listen up. Every time you went to the store groceries were more expensive than the time before. We drank powdered milk and bought two-day old bread because we couldn't afford the high prices. When my grandpa got sick we packed the car with gas cans because there was no guarantee we could refuel driving across the country. There was no Rush, no Internet, to alternative to the sick leftist mainstream media who kept pounding into our heads that America was finished, exhausted, done.

We elected President Reagan and the sun came out! Lordy, lordy, we were delivered from the pasty gray evil that was Jimmy Carter. I will never forget the feeling of deliverance when Reagan kicked Carter to the curb.

I saw a show one time (Disc... (Below threshold)

I saw a show one time (Discovery Channel or something like that) talking about Machiavelli's book The Prince. And they said Jimmy Carter was the exact opposite of what Machiavelli idea of a leader should be.

I use to think he was a decent man, but now I see he is anything but. Building house for the poor??? I think that was a show and really unbecoming an ex-president.

Also, my husband was talking to some guy up at Saratoga. He could have been b.s.ing my husband but he seems to know a lot about the presidents (had some kind of gov't job) and he said Jimmy Carter was the biggest hound dog...way worst then Bill Clinton adn JFK...I wonder is that is true...I never heard much of him in that regard,

One thing Barry has in comm... (Below threshold)

One thing Barry has in common with Bruce. They both talk about how things 'might have been'.


Oh, you're not a millionair... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Oh, you're not a millionaire, Mr Fan?

Must be because of your own personal failings, or the poor choices you made when you were younger. Or maybe you just didn't work hard enough, is that it? Or perhaps affirmative action did you in, and an undeserving minority candidate got that dream job for which you were rejected?

Because everyone here knows, if you just work hard and keep your nose to the grindstone, you too can be a millionaire in America. So it must be YOU, Mr Fan.

15. Posted by F... (Below threshold)
15. Posted by Frazetta_girl [TypeKey Profile Page] | September 21, 2010 10:23 AM
I wish I could give this comment ten thumbs up. Frazetta_girl and I must be about the same age and I remember it just that way. Powdered milk and expired bread. {{{shudder}}}
...and tuna fish in about h... (Below threshold)

...and tuna fish in about half of our meals each week. {{{retch}}}

I know people in my family ... (Below threshold)

I know people in my family that are millionaire or close to it. Truly. You know how, they were extremely cheap. And I mean cheap. They would hardly eat at home (never any meat) but they would come to your house and eat everything. They had regular jobs (both husband and wife worked and only had 2 kids)...they saved every penny, never went out, ate what was grown in the garden..and by golly they pass it all on to their children, made it even more. The rest of us in the family...did indeed work hard, but we did go out, ate out a lot, went on vacation etc, spend our money....so though we are not poor, we are not millionaires either. So it is not only hard work...it is really how you handle your money....

No worries Bruce at the rat... (Below threshold)

No worries Bruce at the rate Obama is going there will be no way in hell for anyone to become a millionaire (exceptions for corrupt politicians.) Isn't that the goal, everyone gets the same crappy standard of living no matter what, in the old days they called it the worker's paradise.

Thank god the Mr. peanuts d... (Below threshold)

Thank god the Mr. peanuts dreams were never realized. From a growing America to freed hostages he failed in every respect. The only plus he can take to his grave is the fact that yoda ears has stepped in to make his tenure appear less depressing.

I had 3 paper routes during Cahters misery index and suffered thru those sweater wearing fireside chats where he told us all to do our part and turn the thermostat down to 64 degrees.

Get screwed you loser and join Terrafat..

Not sure why Jay Tea is so ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Not sure why Jay Tea is so upset about Carter? Is in being naive, or just blinded by his loathing of Carter, even over someone like Ted Kennedy, whom he normally has nothing but the vapors for. This was a diary Carter was writing while he was president over thirty years ago- he said he didn't change a sentence- What is he supposed to revise the historical record out of respect for the feelings of the dead? It is to the living we owe respect, to the dead we owe the truth.

And Ted Kennedy has said more than once he missed, (his greatest reget?) a enormous opportunity when he didn't jump on Nixon`s proposal for a national health care scheme, years earlier as well.

I find it more than plausible that Kennedy withdrew support from Carter's scheme for the reasons Carter said; Kennedy thought he could get a stronger, more comprehensive plan, a full loaf, when he became president. Kennedy had a consuming ambition to be the president, in 1979-80, and he didn't want Carter to get all the credit for a health plan, when he was about to run for the nomination himself, against Carter.

"I wuz jes paddling 'long..... (Below threshold)

"I wuz jes paddling 'long... the rabbit got in the way... honest."

Crickmore:<blockquote... (Below threshold)


Kennedy had a consuming ambition to be the president, in 1979-80, and he didn't want Carter to get all the credit for a health plan, when he was about to run for the nomination himself, against Carter.

Strange how a little car wreck ruins the plans of the mighty, with a little help from the Carter fawning 1980s version of the state controlled media.

"Kennedy had a consuming am... (Below threshold)

"Kennedy had a consuming ambition to be the president"

Tangent, I know, but if that is true, why couldn't he explain it to Roger Mudd?
When asked why he wanted to be president, he really could not answer and that, more than anything, wrecked his chances.

As for Carter, looks like Billy was the smart one.

I still blame Carter for th... (Below threshold)
Listen up:

I still blame Carter for the deaths of so many following the wimpy aborted mission he sponsored to rescue the hostages in Iran. If he had sent an overwhelming force to do the job correctly so many people would be alive today and there would have been no 9/11. Carter encouraged the embolding of Islamic extremest by showing them weakness, hamstringing the US military. I will always remember the death of Navy man Stethem on board that high jacked airline...his blood and the blood of thousands are on Carters hands. He was a deadly president and the one we have now is going to make Carter look like a hawk.Heaven help us!

"Or even just scroll up and... (Below threshold)

"Or even just scroll up and see what Mr Tea just said about Ted Kennedy. Or his ghoul-like glee in anticipating a fatal illness for an 85-year old man."

No Bruce unmighty. Ghoul like glee is what the leftist's have when activist judges sentence the unborn to death. Uncle pickle does not rate respect in any sense of the word.

Not sure why Jay Tea is ... (Below threshold)

Not sure why Jay Tea is so upset about Carter?

Because, Steve, I first became politically aware during his administration. And I remember all too well just how terrible a president he was.


Sorry, Jimmy. Too many o... (Below threshold)

Sorry, Jimmy. Too many of us lived through those years, and our memories don't quite match up with your little fantasy.

As one of those who lived through it, and dreaded the possibility of yet four more years of him on election day, 1980 (before the results started coming in, the polls were saying "too close to call") my memories are all too clear on him. Some disasters get seared into your mind forever.

His ultimate fate that day (in spite of the polls) reassures me that in the case of the Obama administration, like dysentery, "This too shall pass".

I (barely) lived through th... (Below threshold)

I (barely) lived through the Carter years. Triple doubles for those that do not remember. Interest rates, unemployment and inflation. Very long lines in gas stations. Rationing. His suggestion? Turn your thermostat down. Failed foreign policy and he allowed Iran to hold our US citizens illegally for more then a year. He was at the time and still is imcompetent. He ran from a giant hare. His brother pissed on the temple wall. He confessed he has lust in his heart. Of course he was born again, but that was allowed by the likes of the Bruce Henry's of this world. Only when a conservative president professes his faith is it "nuts".

The history is certain. There will be no whitewashing Carter's failure of a presidency. It is what it is. He may fool the young while they are young and he fooled Bruce Henry, but the educated and those that lived through that era know how utterly miserable it was.

So Bruce Henry, try to distract the thread by assulting JT but you cannot change the fact that Jimmah Carter has a huge bold "L" on his forehead. ww

I remember the tuna fish to... (Below threshold)

I remember the tuna fish too. Hot tuna casserole with two day old bread crumbs. Yeah, that's the smell of the 70's to me. Remember how Carter destroyed the dreams of our Olympic athletes by boycotting the Games because of the Soviet's invasion of Afghanistan? The Olympics were a beloved family event where we could cheer on Americans. Couldn't have that, now.

Then Carter set up the world for the Islamic supremacist movement. His abandonment of the Shah led to the takeover of the mullahs in Iran and the radicalization of Islam in positions of power. Carter is a Jew hater so I guess he's consistent, anyway. What a piece of offal that man is. I shall lift a glass when he goes to meet his Maker, glad that I don't have to sit in judgement of his life.

I remember P.J. O'Rouke's l... (Below threshold)

I remember P.J. O'Rouke's list of 99 ways in which Carter was better than Clinton. A couple of examples:

• Carter only lusted in his heart.
• Carter's incompetence set the stage for 8 years of Ronald Reagan.

Despite P.J.'s talking him up, I've got to admit that Jimmy C. is the worst president whose term I've lived through in my 63 years. (FDR died before I was born.)

Remember the WIN (Whip Infl... (Below threshold)

Remember the WIN (Whip Inflation Now) buttons.
When turned upside down they were NIM (No Immediate Miracles)

Oops that was more a Ford g... (Below threshold)

Oops that was more a Ford gaffe

WIN was Ford, Rodney... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

WIN was Ford, Rodney

Yep, did it from memory the... (Below threshold)

Yep, did it from memory then second guessed myself. Alas, no delete by author option.

"a petty, sanctimonious, we... (Below threshold)

"a petty, sanctimonious, weak, small-minded, wrong-headed, anti-Semitic, pompous, jerk who rode Watergate into office, and his own ineptitude rode him out."


Oh relly anti-semitic is in... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Oh relly anti-semitic is in bold~ letters,French kiss.

I don't recall, Carter being anti-semitic, perhaps not sufficiently pro-Israeli to suit conservatives. But the prize for being the most anti-semitic (as defined by the ADL) would have to go Nixon and Billy Graham the GOP`s traditional spirtual advisor, courtesy of the verbatium release of the Watergate tapes. Amen indeed!

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today called the anti-Semitic views the Rev. Billy Graham shared with President Richard Nixon "chilling and frightening even today, 30 years after the statements were made." ADL was shocked to learn from the just released tapes that the spiritual advisor to American Presidents believed and espoused age-old classical anti-Semitic canards.

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

We were shocked to learn that a man of the cloth and stature of the Rev. Billy Graham held anti-Semitic views and freely shared them with President Richard Nixon, as revealed on the just released Nixon tapes. Rev. Graham's assertion that Jews had a "stranglehold" on the country and that a second Nixon Administration "might be able to do something," is chilling and frightening, even today, 30 years after the statements were made.

I suppose we should respect the memory of Richard Nixon, and Billy Graham by not reporting what happened 30 years ago..but there it is.

Steve, have you even LOOKED... (Below threshold)

Steve, have you even LOOKED at what Carter's done vis-a-vis Israel in the past few years? "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid."

Carter's plans for "peace" involve slamming Israel and demand they make suicidal concessions, while ignoring Palestinians' continuing attacks.


Jay, I have, that makes him... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Jay, I have, that makes him anti-Zionist or anti-Greater Israel. I don't think he is anti-semitic. Wasn't Carter a close friend of Menachem Begin?

Well, maybe not?... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Well, maybe not?

In Mr Tea'a world, writing ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

In Mr Tea'a world, writing a provocatively titled book in which one argues for a two-state solution and refuses to demonize Palestinians makes one an anti-Semite.

Must be a journolist for tr... (Below threshold)
rich K:

Must be a journolist for trolls as I see the regulars here doing spot on work. Bravo!

"I wish I could give thi... (Below threshold)
John S:

"I wish I could give this comment ten thumbs up."

Remember gas rationing in the summer of 1979? You could only buy gas on an odd or even day based on your license plate number. And the federal government closed all gas stations from Friday evening to Monday morning.

My most vivid recollection of the Carter years and 15% inflation? Getting paid on Thursday, running out of money by Sunday, and not eating for three days. Could have gotten a second job, except unemployment was over 20%. Say "Democrat" to me and I still feel the hunger pangs. I never have and never will vote for one.

"Rev. Graham's assertion... (Below threshold)
John S:

"Rev. Graham's assertion that Jews had a "stranglehold" on the country... is chilling and frightening... "

Frightening because it's true? The White House and Congress are owned and operated by Goldman Sachs. That's the real reason the establishment is terrified by the Tea Party.

Ladies and gentlemen, I giv... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you John S, who has just revealed his true colors.






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