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Obama goes to Church

Some suggesting or implying that this was to combat the increasing perspective that he's Muslim:

President Obama attended church on Sunday for the first time since April as an increasing number of Americans believe - falsely - that he is Muslim, not Christian.

The entire First Family walked from the White House across Lafayette Square Park to St. John's Episcopal Church, the quaint house of worship informally known as the Church of the Presidents.

The Obamas sat a few rows back from the altar among about 40 worshipers.

The President and First Lady Michelle Obama, along with their daughters, went up for Communion.

Obama last attended church in Washington on Easter Sunday, April 4.

That from U.S. News and World Report... note again the reference to how some Americans believe falsely that Obama is a Muslim.

I believe Obama and his family attended the 9 AM service and left roughly an hour later when the service ended... perhaps one of you can confirm that.

An interesting sidebar about Obama's visit is what was taking place at the same church at 10 AM that morning:

September 19, 2010

Prospects for the Two-State Solution the Middle East, Part I.  Speaker: Ziad Asali,  M.D., Founder and President, American Task Force on Palestine

You would think that his handlers would choose a date to go back to church that didn't coincide with a Muslim set to speak at the same church from a perspective that favors the Palestinians (presumably).

You would apparently be wrong.

Most interesting.


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Comments (16)

Imagine a forum at the chur... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Imagine a forum at the church, talking about the future of the place where Jesus was born in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem in West Jordan or where he grew up in Nazareth, the Arab capital of Israel. What would Jesus do?

Thats what happens when he ... (Below threshold)

Thats what happens when he thinks that people are responding to his symbolic gestures, but his results in total are junk. Everyone sees this as an empty gesture even if he truly is a Christian. I don't believe he is either.

What a fraud! Should have b... (Below threshold)

What a fraud! Should have brought Wrong reverend Wright with him. Than and only than would it have some hate filled legitimacy.

Make what you will of it, i... (Below threshold)

Make what you will of it, it was "all show" anyway.

Axelrod: Hey, ya gotta start going to church!
Staffer: Hey, there's one right across the street!
Rahm: Somebody drop a dime to the press!

My initial thoughts certain... (Below threshold)

My initial thoughts certainly were that he decided to go to church as a response to the the poll that showed that a significant number of Americans think he is a Muslim. Even he knows that perception presents a problem for him. Then I saw the item that the guest speaker that Sunday was a pro-Palestinian Muslim. What are the odds?

While all the powers that be that really don't know anything and certainly are not intellectually curious enough to find out have dismissed such notions out of hand that Obama is a Muslim but at the same time short of praying five times a day in public view exactly what has Obama done to really combat those perceptions? Even when he makes an empty and symbolic gesture like going to church there is some sidebar story that again makes one ask more questions. He seems to go out of his way to talk about Islam with a kind of reverence he almost never shows for any other religion and there are countless other examples that seem to make it clear where his sympathies lie. Certainly the church he attended in Chicago for twenty years had more in common with the Nation of Islam then it did with any form of Christianity that I am familiar with.

Why is it that the people who ask questions that have been unanswered and ignored are labeled crazy? There is simply so much about this guy we simply don't know. We are finding out more about Christine O'Donnell then we know about Obama even now and I have no doubt we will be finding even out more about her because all the media really needs to do their job is the proper motivation. The MSM either knows some of the backstory about Obama or they simply refuse to make the effort to seek out the truth out of fear they may find out things that will unsettle the American people. Which is it? I don't know what to think but I do know that an honest effort about finding out his true history has not been made to this day. That alone raises my suspicions. I don't think people who ask questions they have the right to have answers to makes them bad people. I refuse to believe that. Maybe Obama behaves this way and keeps his past hidden (even if he has nothing to hide) because he feels being divisive helps him because it marginalizes those who are casting the suspicions. For somebody who claimed in his inauguration speech that he wanted to be president for everybody and not only those who voted for him I think he is behaving very childishly.

Re "Americans believe - fal... (Below threshold)

Re "Americans believe - falsely - that he is Muslim"

Nice to see opinions once again finding their way into hard news stories. They do not know what is in Obama's heart only what he claims and what actions they see. In this case IIMO they are going solely from what he claims. It would be like saying before the facts came out otherwise that "Americans believe - falsely - that Edwards cheated on his wife". After all Edward claimed he has been faithful. Or "Americans believe - falsely -that Earth have not been visited by aliens".After all I believe they have.

Is Obama Muslim? None of us can know for sure but we can have opinions on it. Stating others opinions as "certainly" false is asinine especially in

"Is Obama Muslim? None o... (Below threshold)

"Is Obama Muslim? None of us can know for sure but we can have opinions on it. Stating others opinions as "certainly" false is asinine especially in"

?? light of his bowing in Bahrain? light of his given moslem name?

Dont keep us in suspense Wayne..

914Those two facts a... (Below threshold)

Those two facts are circumstantial at "best". His given name says things about his parents and little about him.

IMO he is not a Muslim but he is not a Christian either. IMO he went to church because it help him politically. However I recognize that it is mostly a gut feeling. There is little solid evidence one way or other. People's opinion one way or the other on this matter is just loose speculations.

#8I really think y... (Below threshold)


I really think you are right Wayne. He seems to be more of a "citizen of the world" maleable to whatever it takes to achieve his objectives. Which I may add appear to be a one world government IMO..

I notice that he very caref... (Below threshold)

I notice that he very carefully left before the "lecture". That way he can maintain plausible deniability, but the people who came to church to "see the President" would still be there.

Did Obama carry a Bible....... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

Did Obama carry a Bible.....a BIG one, like
the one Billy Jeff was dragging around every
Sunday after Monica became a celeb?

Taqiya anyone?... (Below threshold)
Stephen H.:

Taqiya anyone?

It is too bad Billy Graham ... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

It is too bad Billy Graham is no longer around to be the spirtual advisor to Obama, as he so endeared himself to all the Republican Presidents. You remember vey few of them also went to church but then they had an intimate knowledge of the divine from the special one, Billy Graham.

Let's face it, the only per... (Below threshold)

Let's face it, the only person Barry worships is himself.

"Think he is a Muslim?" </p... (Below threshold)

"Think he is a Muslim?"

What absolute rubbish.

He is either a Muslim or he is a murtadd Muslim.

A Muslim, that is, by any other name.

And by what bloody authority or whose, did he and his spawn, none of them Confirmed in that faith, dare to presume to take the sacrament at an Anglican Mass?

The so-called "black liberation 'theology'"-spewing cult of which he claims to have been a twenty-two-year member, is, by the way, a manifestation of Marxism. Neither it nor he represent any form of Christianity.

Lights, Camera, Obama. Nuff... (Below threshold)
rich K:

Lights, Camera, Obama. Nuff Said.






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