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The Pope isn't who the left says he is

The Anchoress brings us to this InsideCatholic piece righteously titled "Newsflash: Benedict isn't the angry, aloof pope we keep insisting he is":

Deacon Greg linked to an article in the Vancouver Sun this morning that wrapped up the pope's UK visit, and I'm exasperated just from the title:

Pope sheds 'Vatican Rottweiler' image on Britain trip

Really? Are we still acting surprised when, once again, Pope Benedict turns out to be nothing like the angry caricature so often painted of him?


I'm curious to know how many state visits it will take -- how many meetings with abuse victims, how many World Youth Days, how many photo ops like this -- before people stop trotting out the Rottweiler line, as if he has suddenly undergone some radical transformation, and state the obvious: Pope Benedict is a "shy," "warm," "lovable, elderly figure." It's not some act he's putting on to win over crowds; anyone who has been paying attention would know that -- as the massive crowds who turned out for his visit can attest.

Yes, Benedict had a reputation (unfair even then) as the Church's watchdog -- ten years ago. He's now been pope for five. It's not like he's been hiding under a rock all that time, and this is some shocking new character development. Can we please come up with some new headlines?

Of course, the answer to that last question is no. 

The filtration system used by leftist media and the gullible who take it all in can't allow a positive portrayal of the Pope to get out, for in too many ways he and the church he leads is anathema to their own misguided faith.  After all, isn't the Pope anti-women, anti-gay and God forbid, anti-choice?  And hasn't he done all he can to cover up the pedophilia scandal?  Those are bedrock dogmas of the Religious Left and anyone who stands in the way of those beliefs is Satan to them and so will be portrayed as such... with one key exception.

This same bunch of leftist ideologues will bend over backwards to portray the Islamic faith positively.  They will ignore a faith system that truly subjugates women and absolutely persecutes gays. They won't report on the rampant pedophilia engaged in by the faithful or the fact that Muhammad its founder married a 9 year old girl

It's a juxtaposition that may initially seem puzzling unless viewed through the prism of Veritas.  In the end, and this will certainly bust a leftist vein or two, it's about truth or if I might especially offend, The Truth

A false belief system will never embrace The Truth and in fact will do all it can to prevent its spread to include propping up like belief systems also built on lies.


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Comments (12)

I personally believe he sho... (Below threshold)
James H:

I personally believe he should have kept the "Cardinal Ratzinger" name simply because the name sounds like a villain from Hogan's Heroes.

May I propose a better head... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

May I propose a better headline for your post?

'The entire world, everything about the human race presently, the past 5,000 years of its history, and it's entire proposed future, isn't what the left says it is.

Today's Chapter: #475,693 -- The Pope.'

I just think it flows much better, don't you?

Mohammed married a nine yea... (Below threshold)

Mohammed married a nine year old 1400 years ago.

Benedict was covering up for and enabling child molesters a lot more recently, up to 2002 at least.

What's your point, Rick? Catholicism: not as evil as Islam? Priests don't molest as many boys as primitive Pashtun tribesmen in Afghanistan?

Well, that's a pretty low bar, you win.

galoob, present some actual... (Below threshold)

galoob, present some actual evidence that the Pope knowingly and purposefully covered up or enabled child molestation.
Seriously, not allegations, proof. Put up or shut up.

"Put up or shut up."<... (Below threshold)

"Put up or shut up."

You mean he can't just repeat what he's heard? But that's all he knows.

He'll need to convert to th... (Below threshold)

He'll need to convert to the "religion of peace" to get better press.

I don't know, rick. The Cat... (Below threshold)

I don't know, rick. The Catholic church has engaged ins a systematic cover-up of child abuse by catholic clergy.

I guess conservatives like yourself don't care about morality as much as you pretend to.

This is all part of a PR campaign by the vatican to shift blame.

However, Vatican officials have tried to shift the blame for the abuse scandal engulfing the church onto the previous Pope John Paul II and the media.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, the Archbishop of Vienna -- a staunch supporter of the pontiff and seen as a possible successor -- laid the blame on John Paul II and his close advisers for failure to take action against Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer, Cardinal Schönborn's predecessor as Archbishop of Vienna and a serial child abuser.

Cardinal Schönborn told Austrian television and L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper, that as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which dealt with clerical sex abuse, the Pope had pressed John Paul in vain to investigate Groer. He eventually stepped down in 1995 after being accused of sexually molesting a schoolboy.

After Cardinal Groer resigned allegations surfaced that he had also sexually abused young monks. He was never defrocked, however, and died in Germany in 2003. Cardinal Schönborn said that Vatican officials -- who he did not name -- had persuaded John Paul not to investigate Cardinal Groer because of the bad publicity that it would give the Church.

Good cover, Rick. And I'm guessing the Pope didnt' ask about your penis. Big relief there, eh?

It is always difficult argu... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

It is always difficult arguing with conservatives about religion and the corruption of their temporal representatives.

I`m surprised that Pope Benedict XV1 didn't give the defence of the Jew in one of Boccaccio's stories, who said after returning from Rome to embrace Catholicism, "any organization that can survive such corruption must be the true Church."

The Pope's a wanker.<... (Below threshold) For galoob Dane and Crickmo... (Below threshold)

For galoob Dane and Crickmore: Lincoln's advice is pertinent to your views on religion in general and the Catholic Church in particular: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

You all have removed the doubt.

Harmon, as a student of Joh... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Harmon, as a student of Johnson, by memory I know it was Dr. Johnson who said "It is better to be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubts". That is more eloquent.

So Harmon got the quote wro... (Below threshold)

So Harmon got the quote wrong and also who said it?

I wonder if he knows what day of the week it is.

Gawd, these morons are fun to poke and prod. You push them and then watch the hot air escape from their assorted orifices.






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