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"The time has come to address our nation's bigotry"

Jim Wallis and is merry gang of duplicitous religious leftists at Sojourners are attempting to raise money and combat all the Islamaphobia that's out there.  An excerpt from their latest fund raising email follows with some running commentary from yours truly in brackets:

Dear Rick,

It's easy to see that hostility toward Muslims is on the rise in America [what's not apparently easy to see by Sojourners is the reason why this might be the case - Rick*].

My heart aches every time I hear about the experiences of our Muslim brothers and sisters in our country [my heart aches for the those victimized by Islamists the world over - Rick*]. In the past month, a Florida pastor proposed burning hundreds of Qurans [but didn't -Rick*], a New York City Muslim taxi driver was stabbed in his own cab [by a drunken leftist - Rick*], and protesters rallied on the site of the proposed Islamic community center near Ground Zero [which is their right to do and there are sound reasons for their doing so - Rick*].

The time has come for us to address our nation's bigotry. Sojourners acts as an instrument of peace in our restless country. [The time has come for the nation to address the dishonesty of Sojourners for they act as an instrument of duplicity - Rick*]
We offer thoughtful commentary [filled with lies and half-truths - Rick*], engage in dialogue [I'd call it leftist vitriol - Rick*], and promote civility to mend the brokenness [more like you promote dishonesty to further an agenda that contributes to brokenness - Rick*]. The world needs to know that Christians care about our Muslim sisters and brothers. We need your help: Join the Sustainers Circle today, and we'll put your generosity to work right away. [Just like they did with the money sent their way via George Soros - Rick*]

Unfortunately, this year we've seen pundits and religious people opposed to social justice [also known as Marxism or statism or liberation theology - Rick*] take to the media to inspire suspicion and division [what the rest of us call inspiring freedom and truth - Rick*]. What's worse, mainstream media outlets add fuel to the fire, increasing the need for independent [independent my eye, not when you're receiving money from George Soros and his ilk - Rick*] voices like Sojourners. You depend on us for truth-telling and awareness-raising [we depend on you for lies and propoganda - Rick*].

It went on but I think you get the drift of their message.  They hope to put a stop to America's bigotry by promoting leftist causes while telling us all that they're really moderates looking to bridge the divide between the extremes.  Blah, blah, blah.  It's amazing to see how in your face with their lies they are these days while calling themselves truth-tellers.

An example is this recent piece by Jim Wallis in the Washinton Post:

It is easy to believe that hostility toward Muslims is on the rise in America. Media coverage of the battle over the proposed Islamic community center in New York, together with the hateful rants of Florida pastor Terry Jones, who threatened to burn Korans on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, paints a picture of tension between faiths.

But this narrative of constant conflict doesn't tell the whole story. In my work with religious communities across the country, I have seen interfaith relationships strengthened in recent years, not in spite of 9/11 but because of it. And these connections helped avert a tragic conclusion to the Jones saga last weekend.

It's telling that Wallis references a narrative of constant conflict that doesn't tell the whole story.  Not a single time in this WaPo piece does he reference the fact that the proposed mosque engendering all this 'hateful' opposition is being built near Ground Zero.  Not a single time.  Instead, he simply refers to the Islamic community center in New York.  Nor does he reference in any way the thinking and feelings of the 9/11 families victimized by the Islamists on that fateful September day.  Not once. 

Instead he lectures us on how this conflict doesn't tell the whole story.  It's brazen.  It's the pot calling the kettle black.  It's dishonest.  It's what Jim Wallis and Sojourners do.

Anyone who gives money to this bunch needs to have their head examined.  Anyone who gives money to this bunch rather than give it to a reputable charitable organization is, quite frankly, an idiot and a loon.  Anyone giving money to this bunch is funding dishonesty and deceit.

And that's what truly needs addressing.


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Comments (7)

Shorter version of the Sojo... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Shorter version of the Sojourners' message: There are so many things we need to do with your money!

I agree, it is time we addr... (Below threshold)

I agree, it is time we address "bigotry." People who follow a religion that commands them to lie to and deceive, even kill anyone who does not, are the very definition of "bigots." To stand up to the spread of such bigotry is self defense.

Other than the stabing I do... (Below threshold)

Other than the stabing I don't see anything here where anyone did anything but exercise their rights. A Florida dumb ass wants to burn Korans ok a left wing "atrist" wants to dip Virgin Mary in piss what's the difference? I'm not a Christian but I do get very tired of the double standard, you can't do anything that might upset muslims (and lots and lots of things upset muslims) but Christians can just take it, in fact their tax dollars can actually go to support it.

I always get suspicious whe... (Below threshold)

I always get suspicious when they start telling you how they are "telling the truth", rather then just demonstrating it with facts....

When someone goes out of th... (Below threshold)

When someone goes out of their way to talk at length about "the truth", you can bet their lying their asses off.

Example: Barry Obama

Upset Old Guy @1Just... (Below threshold)

Upset Old Guy @1
Just a little addition to your message "There are so many things we need to do with your money!" - to help you understand how wonderful and correct you are in the ideas you already have.

"Social Justice" is an oxym... (Below threshold)

"Social Justice" is an oxymoron.
"Social" makes all equal, in every conceivable way. Social policies guarantee that all (except for the elites) will have the same income, the same clothing, the same housing, the same healthcare, the same schools, and so on. The elites are naturally exempted from this equality, because they are ... well ... special.
Justice is blind; the rich and poor are judged on the same standards; all are equal IN LAW. Theft is equally criminal for the beggar and the billionaire. Obama wants no justice; his desire is, instead, for jurists who will tilt the balance toward the "deserving." So Obama desires "Social injustice."
Sojourners is at the forefront of the demand for Social Injustice. Jim Wallis and his cohorts want all assets seized and re-distributed according to their diktat. Then we will be truly equal.
Like Maoist China, where everyone dressed alike (except that the Mao jacket worn by Mao was hand-tailored).
And blatant hypocrisy is at the heart of these moonbeams.






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