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This one's going viral

Trust me. 

It comes our way via Ben Howe at RedState.  Watch it.  Pass it on.


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I put it up on my website, ... (Below threshold)

I put it up on my website, BeJohnGalt.com, and this one too:
(I hope the embed code works)

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)
Such denial. It wi... (Below threshold)

Such denial.

It will be a pleasure to see the leftwits blame november on Booooosh!

Such denial, so sad.

It is an excellent ad...</p... (Below threshold)
workingclass artist:

It is an excellent ad...

Begins and ends with the ... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

Begins and ends with the voice of a great
man, close friend of Lady Thatcher and who, had they been contempories, would no doubt have been greatly admired by Winston himself. What a let down to come a point in American history where a distinctly untalented man, strictly because he was an available black American, has been given a opportunity to project his mediocrity into an office that demands LEADERSHIP. Ebinicus Rex is not a leader! He is also not a gifted speaker, or eloquent, as the left media claims, Some months ago he was shown before a White House fireplace seated next to a real leader, a real talent, Benjamin Nettanyahu, who speaks English as a second language. In the words they spoke without script, Barack Obama demonstrated far less facility with impromptu speech than his guest...the ooohs and aahs and pauses where a wonderful example of how the American press has created a persona that is wholly false. To a large extent Barry must be scripted or have stump perfected points at hand. What he does undoubtably possess is loquaciousness...not more. But, you can be sure of this...nobody like to hear Barack Obama speak more than Barack Obama does himself.
In contrast to all of the true leaders metioned herein, Barack Obama stacks up as a beer fart in polite company, nothing more, and nothing that America will want to tolerate for too long.






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