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"Tace et audi"

Random Thought's son has a run in with a 'tude... a Latin teacher with a typically liberal 'tude attempting to typically foist it on the young and seemingly gullibe.  Thankfully, this young 'un's got good parentage.  We pick up after the son's first run-in:

So, Youngest Son already felt that Latin Teacher disliked him.  He really does want to be liked by his teachers; that this one apparently had it in for him bothered him. Until the next day, that is, when Latin Teacher took an opportunity to pontificate about peace and violence, in the process clearly stating his disapproval of the US military.

Youngest Son is VERY proud of his USAF 1st Lt. older brother, and he told Latin Teacher, "I have to support our military, my brother is in the Air Force."

Latin Teacher, with all the arrogant certainty of his type, corrected Youngest Son, "You don't have to support the military, you just need to support your brother."

Youngest Son realized (his words again) "there's no point in discussing it further," so he dropped the conversation.

As I told him later, this just proves you can be very intelligent about some things (teaching Latin, for example) and an idiot about others.

If I'd been there, I would have said, "Hey, I get it!  I don't support the school football team, only the quarterback, because he's my cousin. I hope he wins all the games he plays in, but I don't care if the rest of the team does."


Mr. Latin Teacher, tace et audi. Keep your liberal anti-military rhetoric to yourself. This isn't public school. I pay your salary, and I pay you to teach my son Latin, not your political views.

Read the whole thing, including the most appropriate image used to accompany the piece. 

And bookmark this blog.  Lots of wisdom over there.


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My son came home one day, s... (Below threshold)

My son came home one day, shaking his head after one class in US History. Seems the "prof" stated that, knowing casualties would be high, the Army made sure that the first wave of troops ashore at Normandy 'were of low intelligence'. My son countered with 'General Teddy Roosevelt Jr landed in the first wave and was Phi Beta Kappa. If you'd like, I can bring in my 78 year old great uncle, who landed at Omaha with the Engineers. I'm sure he'd like you calling him an idiot.' The 'prof' dropped the subject.

As Reagan said, "It isn't t... (Below threshold)
jim m:

As Reagan said, "It isn't that liberals are ignorant, it's that they know so much that isn't so."

Truth, the cure for liberalism every time.

Anyone care to note why Lat... (Below threshold)

Anyone care to note why Latin is a Dead Language? Seems like the Latin teacher missed that lesson.

"Truth, the cure for libera... (Below threshold)

"Truth, the cure for liberalism every time."

Someone needs to send stockpiles of truth to the whitehouse.

When I was in Jr High I lea... (Below threshold)

When I was in Jr High I learned a valuable lesson. In order to have peace between two sides, both sides have to be willing to hav epeace. If only one side is willing, there will be no peace.

In other words, "It takes two to make peace, but only one to make war". I was fortunate tha the principal understood that idea, it saved me a lot of problems.

And this is the root of the whole middle east problem. Isearl is willing to have peace, the arab nations are not.

A good teacher will challen... (Below threshold)
James H:

A good teacher will challenge a student's views while also respecting the student and his ideas. A very good teacher, if teaching in a socratic or debate style, will deliberately take a position opposite his student's in order to challenge that student.

I had a professor once who was quite conservative. But if somebody made a conservative argument in class, or a liberal argument for that matter, the professor would adroitly pick apart the student's argument and expose its weaknesses. It forced us all to become better scholars.

Insert clever Latin phrase ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Insert clever Latin phrase here________ in agreement!

Et tu Brutus just doesn't "cut" it.

So the job of a latin teach... (Below threshold)

So the job of a latin teacher is to "challenge" a students views, views that were not expressed? Interesting, if it were a latin debating class OK I get it, but given these circumstances sounds more like a case of "your idiots let me striaghten out your thinking for you"

Let's extend all this a lit... (Below threshold)

Let's extend all this a little further:

"I have to support the teacher's union, my relative is in it!"

Or, even better:

"I have to support the planet, my brother is on it!"

So conservatives, unless you don't have any relatives, you really do need to start CONSERVING, for both people of the present as well as people of the future.

Heck, recalling that the mi... (Below threshold)

Heck, recalling that the military is a part of the federal government, The Youngest Son could also have said,

"I have to support the federal government, my brother is in it!"

and all you conservatives would wholeheartedly agree, right?

So the job of a la... (Below threshold)
James H:
So the job of a latin teacher is to "challenge" a students views, views that were not expressed? Interesting, if it were a latin debating class OK I get it, but given these circumstances sounds more like a case of "your idiots let me striaghten out your thinking for you"

Which was my point, if I was rather oblique about expressing it. A good teacher challenges and respects his students. This teacher clearly did not respect the student.

I recall my Geology teacher... (Below threshold)

I recall my Geology teacher in HS urging us all to go home and remind our parents just how evil Reagan and Bush were prior to the election... and getting flabbergasted when one of the students asked what this had to do with Earth Science, and I chimed in with "Doc Rock, (his nickname) will this be on next week's test?"
Luckily I was in the Geo Club, so I got away with alot of snark in that class.

James, agreedHighl... (Below threshold)

James, agreed

Highlander, speaking for me, I don't care what attitude the teacher or the student have, the problem here is the person of authority is pushing a view on the person without. The teacher can be as anti american, anti military, anti whatever he/she wants. Why can't the student but the opposite, the answer of course is the teacher gives the grades the student receives them.

heres the thing highlander,... (Below threshold)
JustRuss (mobile forgive mistakes please):

heres the thing highlander, SHUT UP. You arr using rather shallow logic. Yes, it is possible to hope for your brothers safety and successful career without supporting the military. But it is like hundreds if world leaders flying to Copenhagen in big polluting jets then rolling around in polluting limo's all in the name if reducing pollution.

it is fascitious and unknowingly hypoceitical. If you want him to live and be successful then you want a strong and successful military with the resources to win.

if you don't want them to win then you DON't support the troops, you support not having a military. It is fascist of you to say you support your brother at that point, more truthfully you do NOT support his decision or his involvement and you di NOT want him successful. You do NOT look up to people in jobs you don't agree with. At best you only hope he doesn't die.

that kind of 'support' is weak sauce at best man. Fascist and disrespectful. Being ex-navy I politely decline that kind of "Support our Troops" attitude. But fight for your right to hold that opinion and express it loudly.

"So conservatives, unless y... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"So conservatives, unless you don't have any relatives, you really do need to start CONSERVING, for both people of the present as well as people of the future."

Really? On what basis? On whose information should we be required to make those decisions on conservations? And why is it that those who are most vocal about conservation seem to care so very little about actually do that themselves?

Given that nut cakes since Thomas Malthus have been unsuccessfully predicting the end of the earth, mass starvation, energy shortages and societal collapse for centuries I'll wait a bit before deciding that drastic (indeed if any) action is necessary.

Every doom sayer has been proven a complete fraud in his turn. The problem being that every progressive idiot assumes that man has learned everything and nothing new can be done to solve the problems we face. So advances in agriculture, crop management, technology, etc are never considered.

Reality is that if progressives had their way there would be no innovation because their suffocating laws and government controls would forbid it. However, mankind has continued to move forward and will because there remain places on this earth where people can still invent and innovate and not be put in jail for benefiting mankind against the wishes of the progressives.

Doom sayers would tell you that we cannot support the ever increasing global population and if the population really were ever increasing. However, population models all show world population maxing out around 2050 and then heading into decline. The real question is what do we do when the global population is declining to ensure economic growth?

Conservatives,Just... (Below threshold)


Just how would your ancestors have replied to a German teenager in 1942 stating, "I have to support the German army, my brother is in it"?

Have you finally gotten it through your thick skulls that the decision to support or oppose a nation's military should be independent of having relatives in that military?

Jim M.,The selfish... (Below threshold)

Jim M.,

The selfishness you express in your post is breathtaking but also depressing. So you're not going to give up your air-polluting, global-warming gas guzzler are you? Will you at least turn the lights off when not in use?

And by the way, 2050 is still FOUR DECADES AWAY What is the world population now, and what will it be in 2050?

Highlander, so once the mis... (Below threshold)

Highlander, so once the mission is underway and AMERICANS are in harms way what is the option? By the way it's dicy to equate a dictatorship (Nazi Germany) with American republic, there are a few real real real big difference. First off no president(at least up to now) has ever had a priviate army like Hitler, 2ond no American President has taken over the country as a dictator. So if you oppose a military action the US has engaged in you can vote against those that got us into it (remember 2006) Now play that out in your 1942 Nazi Germany? Is there maybe a bit of a difference? If you oppose American military action you have many legal options, none of them will get you killed.

Additionally, it's is perfe... (Below threshold)

Additionally, it's is perfectly acceptable to be anti military action that's an American tradition, the problem is the "nuance" of supporting the troops not the mission. You simply can't support the troops in harms way but not the mission that put them there. That's OK I don't equate that neccessarily to wishing harm to the troops but when the home front fails the politicians grow weak and indecisive and troops die. It's happened over and over again. So oppose military action it's your right, but don't try to mitigate the reaction by falsly claiming to support the troops at the same time.

Highlander never takes his ... (Below threshold)

Highlander never takes his "defend the left, no matter what" kneepads off, does he?

Seriously, someone points out that the global warming conference attendees that arrive in jets one by one are hypocrites and the response is to assume that person drives a gas guzzler and equate the imaginary car to a private jet...






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