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Mourning in America

President Obama and Vice President Biden are heading out across the country in an attempt to convince the American people that their feelings of sadness, fear, and uncertainty are just in their heads. He will try to get them to forget that record numbers of people are still losing their homes to foreclosure everyday, that Americans are still losing their jobs daily, and when a job does open up, hundreds to thousands of people flock to apply. President Obama can say his policies are helping the economy all day long, but just because he says so doesn't make it a reality.

The reality is his policies have undermined our economy. They've done nothing but act like an anchor because they extract money from the private sector, the only sector that can create wealth and jobs, through big government policies such as his $1 trillion stimulus that didn't do anything but stimulate government expansion, ObamaCare, the government takeover of student loans, mortgage relief programs that have failed, and very soon massive taxes to pay for these new policies and government spending. Any anemic economic growth that our country is experiencing is in spite of Obama's policies, not because of them. I think most Americans understand this fact, which is why they didn't buy Obama's dog and pony show that we just experienced a "recovery summer."

So as President Obama heads out into the country to try to sell his domestic agenda, he will find his message will countered by a new and more accurate message that highlights exactly how his policies have hurt America:

If you think that looks and sounds familiar, it's because it was based upon Ronald Reagan's highly effective ad "Morning in America":


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Comments (7)

On the bright side, the Dem... (Below threshold)

On the bright side, the Democrats are going to be hemorrhaging campaign money, paying people to fill the venues where Barry and Joey will appear.

Tickets were down to $50 for Barry's last appearance. And they still couldn't fill the gym.

But the healing pr... (Below threshold)

But the healing process will begin on November 2.

At least they're being cons... (Below threshold)

At least they're being consistent. John Kerry is out there saying that everybody's just stupid or something.

The lunatic is in Barrys he... (Below threshold)

The lunatic is in Barrys head.

Dane comes awfully close to... (Below threshold)
Not Always Right:

Dane comes awfully close to proving that liberalism is a mental illness if he actually believes the tripe in his comment at #5.

"About two years ago Rus... (Below threshold)

"About two years ago Rush Limbaugh told his conservative army of morons that the best thing for this country would be for Obama to fail in his efforts for economic recovery and since that time Republicans have DONE NOTHING to bring about a better outcome."

I think they have Dane. "Just say no" is bringing a better outcome starting Nov 2.

Keep dreaming Lee, er, Dane... (Below threshold)
John S:

Keep dreaming Lee, er, Dane. I will credit Obama for creating a few jobs. The major restaurant chain where I work has provided health benefits for all employees that work more than 26 hours a week. In the early summer, right after Obamacare was signed, our location was quietly instructed to hire 20 more people. The reason? To lower the average hours worked for all employees to 25 hours. So over 100 low-paid employees lose their insurance and get a BIG paycut. But the Democrats plan to fix this: In 2014, we'll be forced to buy a $1,500 month insurance policy on our $800 month salary. Nice going Bambi, we can't send your illegal alien ass back to Kenya soon enough.






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