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A Troublingly Familiar Question

Last Friday, while most everyone was watching Steven Colbert clown it up in front of Congress, another hearing was going on. A former Justice Department voting rights official, Christopher Coates, testified before the Civil Rights Commission to speak about the "post-racial" environment of the Obama-Holder Justice Department. And Coates dropped bombshell after bombshell after bombshell before the Commission.

Among the allegations Coates charged:

  • The Justice Department's decision to reverse itself after winning a default victory in the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case and forgo harsher penalties for the accused for dropping the charges against two and reducing the third to a slap on the wrist was directed by political appointees of the Obama administration, and not by career employees of the Civil Rights division.
  • Obama political appointee Loretta King specifically ordered Coates to stop asking Justice Department job applicants if they supported race-neutral enforcement of the Voting Rights Act.
  • The Justice Department had tried to block Coates from testifying before the Commission, to the point of ordering him to refuse to comply with their subpoena.
  • Obama political appointee Julie Fernandez (Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights) met with the staff of the Voting Rights division and explicitly said that only "traditional" cases -- those defending the rights of "racial and language minority" citizens. The implication was clear -- No Whites Need Apply. Cases where whites were the victims of oppression -- such as the odious Ike Brown case in Mississippi -- were no longer of interest.
  • The Justice Department had chosen to no longer enforce the parts of the law that required states to properly maintain and update voter rolls, removing deceased and other now-ineligible voters. Eight states have not removed a single voter from the roll in two years (a statistical impossibility), but the official Obama/Holder Justice Department position is a shrug.

Let's first dismiss some of the crap that's usually thrown at Coates. No, he's not a Republican activist. Coates might have come to the Justice Department (and, eventually, head of the Voting Rights Division) as a Bush appointee, but he had previously served as an attorney with the ACLU.

Further, let's remember that Coates wasn't just making allegations. He was testifying under oath. If he was lying, he was committing perjury. And Bill Clinton to the contrary, lying under oath before a Congressional committee is a major offense.

These are incredibly serious charges, leveled against political appointees to the Justice Department. This raises many, many questions that need to be answered by the head of the Justice Department, Attorney General Eric Holder. And the most prominent question that must be demanded of him:

What did the Attorney General know, and when did he know it?

And now there's another element that threatens to unravel the ever-more-flimsy narrative that the Obama administration is pushing: that all these decisions were made by career employees of the Justice Department, that politics had nothing to do with any of these actions.

Someone clever took a look at the visitor logs for the White House, and right in the middle of the whole mess one name of a guest to the private residence of the Obamas jumped out: Malik Shabazz.

Which happens to be the name of a member of the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia. More specifically, he's the head of the party.

Now, it might not be the same man. "Malik Shabazz" was one of the names Malcolm Little used, but he's best known as "Malcolm X." There are probably a lot of people named Malik Shabazz, including a professional wrestler.

But the timing is incredibly suspicious. The White House, when questioned on just which Malik Shabazz visited this July, says "not that one," but won't say anything more.

This raises an even more troubling question about the New Black Panther Party case, and the politicization of the Voting Rights division of the Justice Department:

What did the president know, and when did he know it?

Considering how much the current administration campaigned on promises of "openness" and "integrity" and "honesty" and being "post-racial," we ought to have great faith and confidence that this matter will be settled quickly and honestly and clearly.

But that faith would be misplaced, as those promises -- like every other promise Obama has ever made -- came with expiration dates. Those are all irrelevant, as we are reminded often. "I won." "Elections have consequences."

Let's remember those casual dismissals, and take them to heart.

And then ram them down their throats this November.

The Voting Rights Act is not just for "racial and language minority" citizens. It's for all Americans. Even whiteys, ofays, rednecks, peckerwoods, crackers, white trash, honkys, honky honkys, and dead honkys.


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I've read elsewhere that Co... (Below threshold)

I've read elsewhere that Coates was a 1996 Clinton appointee.

It is amazing that liberals dismiss allegations of voter intimidation when whites are the victims. Their usual retort is that it pales in comparison to what blacks and minorities have experienced.

Maybe so, but when the law is not applied equally to everyone, nothing good can follow.

This SHOULD be the focus of... (Below threshold)

This SHOULD be the focus of Congressional investigation, voter outrage and media scrutiny.

But with the lapdog media actively ignoring it, the voters distracted, and Congress controlled by the Swamp Queen...it isn't going anywhere. Yet.

November 2nd we can at least give the Republicans control of Congress and THEY can dig into this!! Then Holder can shuffle off to prison where he dbelongs.

DOJ won't discuss allegatio... (Below threshold)

DOJ won't discuss allegations of racially applying the law? Sounds like Holder's DOJ is populated with cowards when it comes to discussing the subject of race.

I hadn't realized that this... (Below threshold)

I hadn't realized that this was occurring at the same time that Colbert was testifying.

The coincidence certainly causes me to wonder if the Colbert testimony was a distraction to keep the Coates testimony from being the lead story for that news cycle.

Perhaps it is just coincidence, but with people as media/propaganda savvy as the Democrats, questions do get raised.

Holder is in for a very bus... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Holder is in for a very busy few years. The sad news is he probably won't be able to fall back on a Presidential pardon.

I find it simply amazing th... (Below threshold)

I find it simply amazing that the most common liberal response to the intimidation perpetrated by the NBPP has been: "Oh c'mon, do you really think anyone was so intimidated they didn't vote?" As if any threat is okay if the recipient isn't made afraid.

The Holder Justice Department is every bit as bad as Reno's. Maybe worse. It's pretty much a race to the bottom.

I amazed amazed that Holder... (Below threshold)

I amazed amazed that Holder is ignoring Coates' testimony and Democrats seem so unfazed. But the day of reckoning is coming when the House and hopefully the Senate come under Republican control. Then hearings will be called, especially on the failure to enforce the purging of voters' lists.

The other solution is to emulate the Houston citizens group, the King Street Patriots, that ferreted out over 24,000 no match registrations submitted by the fraud friendly group Houston Votes.

Publicizing fraud is the only way to stop these weasels.

Of course the MSM had burie... (Below threshold)

Of course the MSM had buried this story below the 9th level of HELL, knowing that full disclosure of White House/Holder involvement would NOT make voters terribly happy. Will republicans have the will/courage to launch a MASSIVE investigation, should they reclaim the house and/or senate?? That remains to be seen. But if the country club, ruling class elites who RUN the party should ignore the will of voters who restore power to the party in November, woe to republicans in 2012!!

It's clear the democrats un... (Below threshold)

It's clear the democrats understand the majority of the american population is tuned out, they pay far more attention to entertainment tonight than the news. So I believe they indeed drug Colbert in for a little 3 ring circus to distract from what is a real scandal.

Yas yas..... many questions... (Below threshold)

Yas yas..... many questions that will be over looked, powder sugar coating a tubular brown, stinky thing callin it a doughnut, forced down the troats of the American people who are then told that it wasn't just a desert, it was chock full of vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Then as we gag on it, told there must be something wrong with us...... and then when we throw it up, made to clean it up afterwards.

I think right after we clean it up we should go out; get firing squads, and put the offensive lieing sum-b*****S up against the wall.

Do you think Mr. Colbert kn... (Below threshold)

Do you think Mr. Colbert knew his role in this 'slight of hand?' And if not he, what about the rep who invited him?

What did Barry know, and wh... (Below threshold)

What did Barry know, and when did Holder make sure he knew it.

I hope Rep. Issa gets a LOT... (Below threshold)

I hope Rep. Issa gets a LOT of sleep between now and January...he's not going to get much after that.

Holder is going to get his ... (Below threshold)

Holder is going to get his conversation on race, but he's not going to like it.

Another bit of evidence are... (Below threshold)

Another bit of evidence are the FOIA documents obtained by Judicial Watch.

The FOIA docs reinforce Coates' testimony that Thomas Perez's testimony under oath to the US Commission on Civil Rights was inaccurate. It may have even been perjurious.

Oyster, isn't it amazing th... (Below threshold)

Oyster, isn't it amazing the lack of concern on the part of the left over the BPP situation. Especially given the over reaction to the as yet totally unfounded accusations that someone used an inappropate word at a tea party rally. Seems odd that, Black Pathers with weapons (on video no less) no big deal that shouldn't scare anyone, regular americans at a tea party oh my god those people are dangerous.

Nice...Well, at le... (Below threshold)


Well, at least I know WHY Colbert was asked to testify before congress. We got played, again.

That's exactly right Housto... (Below threshold)

That's exactly right Houston, it's the oh look a kitty tactic designed to keep the ever so responsible media from noticing a little thing instutional racism at DOJ.

Well, at least I k... (Below threshold)
Well, at least I know WHY Colbert was asked to testify before congress. We got played, again.

Whatever the purpose of the Colbert thing it backfired on the Democrats. With all of the problems facing the country the Democrats treated a House Committee Hearing as a joke. It makes the Democrats look like they don't take the country's problems seriously. That was just as bad for them as the Coates' testimony.

As for Coates' testimony, the MSM would have ignored or downplayed it either way. But Coates did testify and now that genie is out of the bottle. Once the Republicans take the House, the story will get legs.

The MSM said this: (cricket... (Below threshold)

The MSM said this: (crickets chirping) Amazing how the left doesn't care about law breaking as long as their side does it. ww

I was up against Mr. Coates... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

I was up against Mr. Coates in a voting rights case [I represented a nominal party, and no, voting rights is not a specialty - a mistake when facing Mr. Coates]. He's a Clinton appointee - a "true believer" in the Voting Rights Act. A dry, syrupy guy - bright, tenacious, knows the VRA inside-out, a complete SOB when he was convinced he was right and you were wrong, and I don't think he ever took a case when he thought he was wrong. He was not amused when, after he was introduced and told us how contrary to law the main defendant had acted, I said: "Oh, so you're from the gov'ment, and you're here to hep." Hated his butt - he's damn good. And more integrity in is pinky than Obummer/Holder put together X10.

Along with election should ... (Below threshold)

Along with election should come a new determinaton that "We, the Republicans/TEA PARTY/Conservatives, will no longer be interested in being liked. We will only be interested in being and doing whats right for our country and all who live here". To hell with the socialists etc.






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