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Kamikaze Campaigning

I'm trying to recall if I've ever seen anything like the campaign tactics of a few Democrats this year, and I'm coming up blank. But that's not keeping me from finding it amusing as hell.

In Florida, renowned Democratic nutjob Congressman Alan Grayson is fighting like hell to stave off a Republican challenger whose name warms the heart of this proud son of New Hampshire. Grayson put out an ad attacking Daniel Webster that was one of the most dishonest and misleading ones ever aired, taking a Webster quote completely out of context (a Bible verse, cutting out the part where Webster said "don't say this"). The ad has gone viral, leading to Grayson literally becoming a laughingstock and putting the finishing touches on his dismal political career -- but possibly freeing him up for a job at MSNBC.

And now we have the unfolding saga of Meg Whitman's maid. As my colleague Kim deftly covered, about a decade ago Whitman hired a maid for her home (and paid her quite handsomely). She worked for the Whitman family for years, until it was discovered that there were some questions about her immigration status. Whitman eventually fired the maid, who now has Gloria Allred as her attorney and is announcing to the world that the maid in question is an illegal alien and Whitman is an awful person for paying her for all those years.

Well, that's one way of looking at it. Here's one closer to reality.

Whitman found the maid through an agency, and at the time conducted all the diligence she was obligated to as to ascertaining the woman's immigration status. The woman lied on the forms and possessed fraudulent documentation. Then, years later, Whitman got a letter from the government saying that the Social Security number the woman was using had some problems, but she should NOT do anything under the presumption that the woman was an illegal. Whitman's husband turned the letter over to the maid, with instructions to "take care of this" -- apparently under the assumption that it was a typical government clerical error. The verbage of the letter certainly would lead a reasonable person to also think so. From the letter:

"This letter does not imply that you or your employee intentionally provided incorrect information about the employee's name or SSN. It is not a basis, in and of itself, for you to take any adverse action against the employee, such as laying off, suspending, firing, or discriminating against the individual. Any employer that uses the information in this letter to justify taking adverse action against an employee may violate state or federal law and be subject to legal consequences. Moreover, this letter makes no statement about your employee's immigration status."

There's also another line that jumped out at me: "...ask the employee to give you the name and Social Security number exactly as it appears on the employee's Social Security card. (While the employee must furnish the SSN to you, the employee is not required to show you the Social Security card. But, seeing the card will help ensure that all records are correct.)" Hello?

Well, the maid didn't take care of it and was duly fired later.

Fast forward until now: Whitman is the Republican nominee for governor. The maid wants a bit of payback for losing her job, so she gets hold of Gloria Allred (a lawyer who's made a career as a feminist and Democratic activist) and dumps the whole thing in her lap. Allred starts trumpeting loud and clear to anyone who will listen about the whole mess, hoping to scuttle Whitman's campaign.

Think about this for a moment. Allred, the attorney of record for this maid, is announcing that her client has committed numerous serious crimes over about a decade, purely to advance Allred's political agenda. She's an illegal alien (immigration laws) who presented false identification documents (forgery, possibly identity theft) and said she was legally entitled to work in the US (fraud) and worked for Whitman for years (many probably tax law violations there). And if at any time she used the Postal Service for filing tax forms or statements, toss in mail fraud as well.

What the hell kind of lawyer would do that to their client?

That's rhetorical, but I'll answer it seriously anyway: the kind of lawyer that knows that the Attorney General of California (Jerry Brown, who's running against Whitman) and the Obama/Holder Justice Department won't do a damned thing about this lawyer holding press conferences to list in detail all the crimes her client has committed.

What Allred is doing is showing just how lax our system is in dealing with illegal aliens, even when caught, and how tough it is for most people -- even people with the financial resources as Meg Whitman and her family -- to obey the spirit of the law because the letter is so damned convoluted. And she's showing just how desperate the Democrats are to win.

Allred has, quite possibly, violated several tenets of the lawyers' code of ethics (yes, there is such a thing) by doing all these things that are decidedly against her client's best interests. And the client (at least theoretically) is facing some hefty fines, deportation, and possibly jail time based on the statements her attorney has made on her behalf. All in the name of an attack that is failing miserably.

Allred and the maid are setting themselves up for the kind of failure and ignominy that Congressman Grayson (D-Arkham Asylum) is headed to -- both driven for the desperate, frantic, and (hopefully) ultimately futile attempt to keep a Republican from winning election.

Let them serve as a role model for many other Democratic activists: please, continue to set yourself on fire in attempts to burn down Republicans. Your self-destructive tactics are as entertaining as they are futile.


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Comments (32)

Allreds maids were unavaila... (Below threshold)

Allreds maids were unavailable for comment.

I heard Allred on Mark Levi... (Below threshold)

I heard Allred on Mark Levin's show yesterday. While Levin clearly doesn't like Allred he asked some very pertinent and reasonable questions. Rather than answer directly she chose to infer he was a racist and hated lowly domestic help. When asked if she'd been contacted by anyone from Jerry Brown's campaign she answered "NO", but when asked if she'd been contacted by a third party she refused to answer.

I'm betting a little detective work will produce some interesting details about the who's and why's of Brown's and democrat involvement.

Oh, btw, ICE is on it's way over to have a little discussion with the latina, and they're bringing a green van with steel mesh windows with 'um.

Test.... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:


This strikes me as damn nea... (Below threshold)

This strikes me as damn near suicidal politically. As far as I can tell, by any reasonable standard Whitman hasn't done anything wrong. The employment agency vetted her, the Social Security Agency explictitly said that it wasn't to be construed as her being illegal - so what did Whitman do that was measurably wrong? If she'd fired the maid when she got the letter, she'd have been in violation of labor laws. Not firing her means she's guilty of employing an illegal alien. So she couldn't fire her and wasn't supposed to keep her - WTF should she have done?

I think the dems have provi... (Below threshold)

I think the dems have provided the GOP with a giant stick to beat the dems about the head and shoulders.

We have a known illegal alien. Forget about protecting the border, can the immigration people pick up one self professed illegal alien who is appearing on TV. The answer is no, but for political not technical reasons. As the GOP hammers the dems about why this self professed illegal alien remains on this side of the border, the dems will initially just shout louder. But then they will notice that they really should do something, try something ineffective and overall show how much of a joke they are in regards to enforcing illegal immigration laws. More people get pissed, more people vote and fewer dem congress critters after election day. You have to love the dems.

It is only illegal to hi... (Below threshold)

It is only illegal to hire an illegal alien if one knows that the person is an illegal alien.

Furthermore, the suggested remedies in the letter did not include reporting the employee to ICE.

I guess I'm confused, what ... (Below threshold)

I guess I'm confused, what exactly is this suit about? I mean the housekeeper is not supposed to be working in the country and she got fired for it, what could be the grounds? I also don't understand what the letter from the government has to do with anything other than an attempt at a gotcha. This is douchbaggery at it's very best. Again I suspect that Whitman's intial reaction will be the wrong one, or has already been the wrong one, she should avoid being defensive in anyway, there is nothing here for her to "explain" she should take this opportunity to go on offense and paint these people for the political opportunist they are. Don't dignify the charge with a response instead slap them in the face with it. Sadly it might already be too late and knowing the mind set in California she'll probably loose to moon beam and they will slide ever further down. I'm glad I don't live there.

This is part of what's wron... (Below threshold)

This is part of what's wrong with big government. A letter goes to the employer who can only give the government the information that the employee provides. Yet, no letter to the employee who is ultimately responsible for correcting any bad information.

Much like my ex-husband who was ordered to pay child support nearly 30 years ago and never paid a cent, the state never sent him a single letter. But they sent ME a letter on three occasions asking why I had not received any child support payments.

But I'm certain they'll do much better with our health. They'll likely send a letter to the deceased and ask why they didn't show up to their doctor's appointment.

They'll likely send a le... (Below threshold)

They'll likely send a letter to the deceased and ask why they didn't show up to their doctor's appointment.

I forgot to add .... and then ask for their vote.

JLawson- "... (Below threshold)


"If she'd fired the maid when she got the letter, she'd have been in violation of labor laws. Not firing her means she's guilty of employing an illegal alien. So she couldn't fire her and wasn't supposed to keep her - WTF should she have done?"

She should have ran as a democrat.

Allread claims that the mai... (Below threshold)

Allread claims that the maid was 'referred to her by another lawyer'.

WHO was that?

What the hell kind of la... (Below threshold)

What the hell kind of lawyer would do that to their client?

Jay, the word you're looking for is "crapweasel."

There's another explanation... (Below threshold)

There's another explanation here:

Allred has the IQ of a sack of crowbars.

Allred's timing of this is ... (Below threshold)

Allred's timing of this is incredible. Mark Levin made mincemeat of her. He charged her with putting her client in jeopardy for politcal gain. Now poor Nicki is open to felony identity theft charges as well as other lesser charges. This girl is coming out at the wrong time in history. American's are fed up with the illegal immigrant thinking they could just ignore our laws. Allred hurt this person more then Whitman ever could. ww

That would be Congressman G... (Below threshold)

That would be Congressman Grayson(D - Chattahoochee) here in Florida, JT. We have no need to be passing out incorrect information. Details, don't you know!

Allred made the mistake of ... (Below threshold)

Allred made the mistake of figuring Whitman did NOT do things by the book and did NOT keep adequate records. OOOOPS, Gloria. Meg has ALL of the records, proving beyond doubt the the maid lied, had forged documents, etc. Of course Allred has been a big Brown supporter/contributor foe DECADES. Looks just a LITTLE bad for both Brown AND Allred, as Whitman has MORE than enough money to get the true story out.

I don't understand. Why is ... (Below threshold)

I don't understand. Why is the word nutjob crossed out?

Me thinks just maybe this t... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

Me thinks just maybe this time Ms.Allred has grabbed a tiger by the tail. With the money (her own) Meg has spent on her campaign, (over 100 million) I don't see her taking this Allred thing lying down. Unless I miss my guess, regardless how the election turns out, I believe the BWITCH Allred is in for a brawl she'll regret.

Hopefully Whitman sues the ... (Below threshold)

Hopefully Whitman sues the former maid for fraud once the election is done.

It truly is a hilarious tim... (Below threshold)

It truly is a hilarious time to be alive to see such asshattedness amongst the denizens of the Democrat party.

Grayson keeps blowing bigger holes in his dingy and the resulting back splatter is making Rangle look like the cupboard mouse as he tries the biggest hand wave of his criminal career in the House to deflect the ongoing investigations. I really do hope he wins re-election so the Republicans can run his ass through the wringer, repeatedly.

Allred is a loud mouth publicity whore that has chosen the wrong subject and 'victim' at the right time in history to see just how approving the public is of illegal aliens and lawyers that try to portray them as being victims when they are so clearly not.

The ensuing circuses are going to fill all three rings and several big top tents and the audiences are already stocking up on rotten veggies to toss.

I can see November from my back porch, and damn does it look like a fine time to watch politics.

If she'd fired the maid ... (Below threshold)

If she'd fired the maid when she got the letter, she'd have been in violation of labor laws. Not firing her means she's guilty of employing an illegal alien. So she couldn't fire her and wasn't supposed to keep her - WTF should she have done?

Right, because firing her or doing nothing were the only two choices available.

I call it THUG POLITICS<... (Below threshold)


There's also another lin... (Below threshold)

There's also another line that jumped out at me: "...ask the employee to give you the name and Social Security number exactly as it appears on the employee's Social Security card.

And did they?

"Dear Mr. Tea,
One of your employees may be a criminal. We don't know this for sure, so you shouldn't take any action yet. However, you should verify the facts that we are providing. You should be especially motivated to do this, because her crime is one for which you may also be liable, if you are aware of it. This letter serves as notification that, if you weren't before, you are now aware of this possibility."

Let's hear how your responsible response to this would be to hand the letter to the employee, tell her to "take care of it", and never follow up.

Until Allred produces an or... (Below threshold)

Until Allred produces an original for examination, forgery is not out of the question. Los Angeles is a center of forgery, especially being so close to the studios and their artists, among other industries, and anyone can lift the handwriting of someone else with transparent copy paper and copy it onto other things, such as social security letters.

Right, because firing he... (Below threshold)

Right, because firing her or doing nothing were the only two choices available.

Not nothing, John - remember she'd already been, supposedly, vetted by the employment agency. THEY supposedly checked her employment status, and APPARENTLY there was nothing wrong at the time. So there wasn't much suspicion of the maid at that point. Why would there be?

So the letter arrives, is discussed with her, and given to her to take care of. She's been a trusted employee for a while - why would they immediately NOT trust her?

At this point, the maid has two choices - none good.

She can admit the SSAN was false, and thereby open herself to problems immediately. Not a good option.

She can say "I'll take care of it", shitcan the letter, and figure it'll take months before that's discovered (since government wheels grind slowly except when covering their own asses at which point it's "Warp 7, Mr. Sulu!") then she can duck out and go back to Mexico, having saved (good god - $23 an hour?) as much of her pay as possible.

So which would you choose? Come clean and get booted, or hope to continue the scam?

But I concur with the others here - Allred's fucked that woman over big-time, and it's going to have serious repercussions over the entire illegal alien controversy.

john, it was the second par... (Below threshold)

john, it was the second part that jumped out at me -- they are not REQUIRED to present the card, just give the number.

And the letter specifically said do NOT take any action against the employee based solely on this letter, with the threat of legal sanction. Did you even READ that part?


And the letter specifica... (Below threshold)

And the letter specifically said do NOT take any action against the employee

No, it said do not take adverse action, "such as laying off, suspending, firing, or discriminating against the individual." Did you even READ that part? It said nothing about taking no action to follow up and verify that she was legal.

You're defending them for not doing what they were supposed to not do, and you're ignoring that they also didn't do what they were supposed to do.

In fact, the letter directed, in big, bold, capital letters what action needed to be taken: "THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO", followed by instructions for the employer. And those instructions were not "give this letter to your employee and let her handle it".

And while it said she's not required to show her SSN card, it says nothing about you being prohibited from asking for it.

See? There were quite a few things that someone who was interested in following the law, or even just protecting themselves, could have done. And if they couldn't think of those things on their own, the government even spelled it out for them in the letter.

So the letter arrives, i... (Below threshold)

So the letter arrives, is discussed with her, and given to her to take care of.

Yes, I bet they all sat by the fire and had tea and discussed it. That's why they denied ever seeing it. "Absolutely not true," Whitman said. "Neither my husband or I received any letter from the Social Security." And that Diaz could have "intercepted" the letter.

And why, after Harsh's handwriting was found on it, he suddenly said "it's possible" he may have seen it. Gee, ya think?

No, it's more likely he saw the letter, scribbled his note, left it for her, and never asked about it again. Not exactly the responsible thing to do.

I'm amazed at how the left ... (Below threshold)

I'm amazed at how the left is now all about firing illegals and deporting them, welcome aboard brothers. Now that we've found common ground let's get something done in Washington to put a stop to illegal immigration.

DREAM INTERPRETATION?... (Below threshold)


I have this recurring dream of a large ship, the USS Democrat, hitting a solid wall of some sort. The ship is sinking very fast, and in order to escape, many of the passengers are knocking holes in the bottom of the ship in an effort to escape drowning.
I thought about seeing a mental health professional about this dream, but screw it. It relaxes me and makes me happy.

So let me get this Right: <... (Below threshold)

So let me get this Right:

Ms Whitman and her husband employ a "reputable" agency that swears to doing due diligence as to the immigration status of its clients. The Whitmans then physically sight the selected candidate for employment's proffered Social Security Card, California Driver License and sworn on-penalty-of-perjury Immigration Form 9, hires the candidate and employs her for nine years. The eventually much-loved and trusted employee's relationship to Ms Whitman's family, meanwhile, becomes that of extended family member and her wage is increased to Twenty-Three Dollars per hour.

Along the way an SS Number query is noted -- and turned over to said trusted employee to be fixed up.

After nine years the employee approaches the Whitmans and confesses to serial federal felonies, to being a criminal alien and to having lived a life of lies for at least the past nine years -- and offers her 'resignation" - which the Witmans tearfully accept.

More than a year later, the criminal alien's altered circumstances and all or part of $345.00 less income per week having meanwhile rendered her more vulnerable to exploitation, the member of the permanently-parasitical classless pretending to the office of "attorney-general" of the state of California (Mr Brown) is informed of the Whitman's former employee's criminal alien status and at least a decade of serial felonies.

This evidence of very serious felonious activity on the part of the criminal alien is interpreted, spun and pathologically projectile projected by the craven crypto-fascists that comprise Mr Brown's support base as an opportunity to have the criminal alien's seriously-fascistic "Democratic" potty-activist trip and slip "lawyer," Ms AllRed, as the means by way which to strike a blow against Ms Whitman's candidature.

And to Hell with even any pretense at concern for, in the process, exposing Ms AllRed's "client," the former employee, to the very serious legal and criminal consequences of her at least ten-years-long serial felonious activities.

Yes, Mr Brown, with a decades-long track-record like yours and with closely-allied activist supporters like the nakedly-hatefully fascistic and otherwise obscenely exploitative of her "clients," (and granted your serially-abused-for-political-purpose office's and the California Bar Committee's selective amnesty for her own serial derelictions) Ms AllRed, at your side, you are most definitely and superbly well-qualified to represent the "Democratic" potty and to stand as its candidate.

And, for being so well qualified and for all of your troubles and if it be His will for you, may you and Ms AllRed both also rot and burn in Hell.

Now I've browsed this threa... (Below threshold)

Now I've browsed this thread, it once again strikes me as amazing how apparently astutely -- when it might advance their any nefarious objective and/or purpose -- the Left's fascistic and crypto-fascistic savants are able to read and to "interpret" feral and other levels of gummint's promulgations, edicts, issues, communications and various other spewings.

While at other times none among their number knows what is the meaning of is, is.






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