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Obama on his pace of change: "It took time to free the slaves"

This goes beyond ridiculous... he's well on his way toward cementing his status as America's joke of a President:


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Yes Barry, it took time to ... (Below threshold)
Bill Fabrizio:

Yes Barry, it took time to free the slaves. And this November is the time for voters to begin their fight to free themselves from the enslaving force of big government. But take heart sir, we will also be freeing you from your immoral role as our "master"!

"...and it's going to take ... (Below threshold)

"...and it's going to take time for me to put the yoke around everyone's neck".

But it hardly took any time... (Below threshold)

But it hardly took any time at all to destroy the economy and wreck our health care system.

Hey, you think Castro, Stal... (Below threshold)

Hey, you think Castro, Stalin, and Mao did all their wonders in just 2 years? The man just needs a little more time is all.

The rhetoric continues... b... (Below threshold)

The rhetoric continues... but I don't think he understands just what that's doing to his base. Folks aren't flocking to see him like before, they're deeply discounting the tickets and still not selling out - that doesn't sound like someone who's support is strong and increasing, and he's sounding desperate, not confident.

Trouble is, the more desperate he sounds the less attractive he becomes. His entire facade was built on being Mr Cool & Confident - when he does Uncertain and Frazzled the facade crumbles.

I'm starting to think he's not going to last out his term. Personal reasons, perhaps - or maybe political - he'll find an excuse to bail to something more 'befitting' his glorious stature.

"he's well on his way towar... (Below threshold)

"he's well on his way toward cementing his status as America's joke of a President"

No, he is already there.
How long are we going to allow him to take the country with him?

Holy cow, that dude is losi... (Below threshold)

Holy cow, that dude is losing it big time. Now he thinks he's Abraham Lincoln.

Barry is a clunker.... (Below threshold)

Barry is a clunker.

"he's well on his way towar... (Below threshold)

"he's well on his way toward cementing his status as America's joke of a President"

No, he is already there.

It took Republicans to free... (Below threshold)

It took Republicans to free the slaves -- from their Democrat masters.

You're doing a dynamite job... (Below threshold)

You're doing a dynamite job Barry! Keep it up!

Pretty soon he'll start hal... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Pretty soon he'll start hallucinating completely and then declare that he's Moses.

Since Barry and his vermino... (Below threshold)

Since Barry and his verminous ilk are busy trying to force us all onto Government "plantations", I find his metaphor a bit troubling!

STFU, Barry...and then go away!

Hey. Lighten up and lets ha... (Below threshold)

Hey. Lighten up and lets have some sympathy for the man. Do you know how much time and effort it takes to waste a trillion dollars? That is over $1.9 million every minute. 24/7/365. It takes time to waste the tax payers money and all the man hears is disrespect from those tax payers whining about how much money he's taking. He ain't asking those taxpayers to share the load on spending all that cash, so why should he listen to the taxpayers complaining about what it takes to earn that cash. Earning is for suckers, the federal gravy train is where its at.

If any Republican said this... (Below threshold)

If any Republican said this it would be proof of their lack of sensitivity to blacks and among most on the left proof they were racist. I would like to hear someone tell me exactly what we are enslaved to that would allow Obama to make this statement.

Why do small men like him a... (Below threshold)

Why do small men like him always insist on projecting their lives onto the context of great events or deeds that they had absolutely nothing to do with? He is so clueless regarding his behavior that he is incapable of being embarrassed or ashamed of himself.

I'm sure Queen Elizabeth is... (Below threshold)

I'm sure Queen Elizabeth is trying to download this update to her "Speeches of The One" flash drive.

My word, there's ... (Below threshold)

My word, there's lost, and then there's THIS guy.

You go, Barry.

Delusions of adequacy.... (Below threshold)
Jay Wills:

Delusions of adequacy.

@15 Of course we are all e... (Below threshold)
JustRuss (IT1 SW USN Retired):

@15 Of course we are all enslaved to Capitalism and Freedom... No, that is not an oxymoron...

@those who say he might not make it his entire term... Honestly I'd much rather have Biden in office, he is entertaining AND useless.

It also took a civil war wi... (Below threshold)

It also took a civil war with lots of bloodshed to free the slaves... I think TOTUS needs to get a new speechwriter. That's a very poorly thought out comparison.

Besides that, is he really comparing government takeovers to the abolishment of slavery and women's sufferage?

Sounds like Barry needs ano... (Below threshold)

Sounds like Barry needs another vacation.

Hey! You don't think the upcoming election could be a referendum on him could it?

"...it took time to crap ou... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"...it took time to crap out this much blathering hyperbole in hopes of making you feel good...."

""It took time to free the ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

""It took time to free the slaves""

Yep. 2 years is just about right.

Only a Democrat could say t... (Below threshold)

Only a Democrat could say that and not get raked over the coals by the press...

Oh wait, I keep forgetting who his accomplices are.

The Kenyan, the Lame Stream... (Below threshold)

The Kenyan, the Lame Stream media, the Democrats, and all of Congress that voted for his wayward bills can go you know where. When the GOOD PEOPLE put the right people in the RIGHT PEOPLE better not mess it up. Duty and honesty are paramount.






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