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Are you ready for the new Progressive Dominion?

Last week, President Obama held an hour-long conference call with leaders of progressive religious organizations and community groups in an effort to enlist their support in the Administration's new public relations campaign to salvage the reputation of ObamaCare. The story garnered little attention from the mainstream press, yet one of President Obama's remarks should have created a firestorm among "separation of church and state" advocates:

"The debate in Washington is over, the Affordable Care Act is now law. ...I think all of you can be really important validators and trusted resources for friends and neighbors, to help explain what's now available to them." (emphasis added)

Yes, you read that right. The President wants churches and religious organizations to serve as validators of his government policies. Needless to say, Obama's comment flew under the radar of liberal First Amendment groups like Americans United, and passed largely unnoticed by left-wing blogs. If a Republican president had uttered such a First Amendment-breaking directive ... well, you know the rest. But these are sanctified progressive Christians, so there is obviously nothing to worry about.

To understand just how potentially upsetting such a power-sharing role between the government and religious institutions could be, we have to take a second look at one of the most objectionable elements of the Obama Administration's recent "financial reform" legislation -- the requirement forcing corporations to allow shareholders to nominate directors via proxy statements. This requirement (which is reminiscent of the method used by Saul Alinsky to impose racial equality at Eastman Kodak in the 1960's) would be a boon to progressive social justice groups and religious organizations, because it would provide a way for their members to be directly involved in the operations of major privately-owned corporations.

Once social justice groups and religious organizations have been authorized by the President to act in ways that validate the goals and policies of his Administration, and once members of these same groups have been given Directors seats at some of our nation's largest corporations, the stage could be set for American economy to be transformed into a full-fledged fascist "crony capitalist" system, in which government largess and favoritism becomes necessary for a business to remain competitive.

To put it another way, businesses will be steered toward government-approved financial, labor, and environmental practices shaped by progressive "social justice" standards. Financial difficulties caused by these constraints will be alleviated by the government through the promise of subsidies and tax breaks. Businesses that fail to comply (either through unwillingness or inability) will be burdened with investigations, audits, and lawsuits until they are forced to comply, or closed down, or absorbed by a larger compliant organization. When President Obama says he "supports capitalism," this is the kind of capitalism that he supports.

Of course such practices already exist to some extent for subsidized industries like coal, steel, and agriculture, but we could soon see the first massive implementation of such a system on the health care industry, through the requirements of ObamaCare. And simply voting Obama or the Democrats out of office will have no affect on the Directorship of private companies, nor will it nullify the thousands of pages of new regulations enacted by the current Administration and Congress.

Does all of this sound far-fetched? Here is how Ron Radosh describes a very similar mechanism at work today in China:

[A]n important essay by journalist Ian Johnson, in the current issue of The New York Review of Books, makes the point that "today, the [Communist] Party is arguably stronger than ever but few outsiders are aware of its enduring reach." It is at the center of events as varied as shifts in global currency markets, New York stock market listings, and clashes over North Korea.

While China's economy may be a market communism and many of its policies cannot be called anything resembling traditional Communism, "the Party is still Leninist in structure and organization, resulting in institutions and behavior patterns that would be recognizable to the leaders of the Russian Revolution." Johnson provides a particularly striking example showing how powerful the Party is. China's new thriving giant corporations are not actually run by its board of directors, but by the Party:

All have Party secretaries who manage them in conjunction with the CEO. In big questions, such as leadership or overseas acquisitions, Party meetings precede board meetings, which largely give routine approval to Party decisions. The Party's overarching control was driven home a few years ago when China's large telecom companies had their CEOs shuffled like a pack of cards because of a decision by the Party's Organization Department. It would have been like the US Department of Commerce ordering the heads of AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile to play musical chairs. For the Organization Department, which acts as the Party's personnel department, it was normal; it often shifts senior Party officials every few years to prevent empire building and corruption.

A similar structure guides the political decisions that are made. The National Congress is nothing but a rubber stamp institution for the Party, which runs the government through what Johnson calls a "parallel structure of behind-the-scenes control." Even in a high school, it is the Party leader, not the principal, who decides how the school is to be run. The Party has 78 million members, which are led by the nine-man Standing Committee of the Party's Politburo. In other words, it is not incorrect to call the regime one of "market Leninism."

Rather than declining in power as the economy grows, the Party seemingly has perfected a mechanism to maintain control while it presides over a controlled capitalism. Those brave enough to demand real democratization, a multi-party system, and a weakening of control from above, face years in brutal prisons.

I don't think it's a stretch to say that the academics and social activists who now have a direct line to the White House would give anything for such a system to exist in the United States. Naturally our economy would be minded by a compassionate, well-educated, morally superior, and social justice-minded elite (probably very similar to the group of people currently sponsoring the "One Nation Working Together" rally in Washington, DC) that would ensure fair distribution of wealth while protecting us from the traditional "boom and bust" cycles of laissez-faire economics. The fact that such an elite (like the Communist party in China) would have no public accountability is simply a niggling detail. We should simply trust them.

For years I've found it amusing to watch liberals and progressives whine about the "Religious Right" and accuse conservative Christians of destroying the Constitution and promoting "theocracy" and "Dominionism." The truth is, there is nothing that groups like Sojourners, The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, La Raza, and ACORN would like more than to have a permanent, powerful position of control over our economy and our government. President Obama's seemingly innocent call for these groups to become "validators and trusted resources" of government policies should be seen as a first step toward turning this long-standing progressive dream into a nightmare reality for our country.


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Brilliant Observation!... (Below threshold)

Brilliant Observation!

I have said the the symbolic words (Change & Transformation ) Obama has used over and the systematic changes he has accomplished are only tiny steps away from meaning Fascism and Leninism, if he is not stopped!

Quite a "scare the bejeezuz... (Below threshold)
M. A. Winners:

Quite a "scare the bejeezuz outta the useful idiots" screed there Laprarie. The Teatards and good chrizz-jun conservatives rethugliecants are proud. All that's missing are the black helicopters and brownshirted progressives wearing jackboots comin' to take away yer free-dumbs, yer guns, yer bible and all the white women.

Funny, I thought it was the... (Below threshold)

Funny, I thought it was the evil jackboot-wearing Rethuglican Dominionist Nazi theocrats led by Pat Robertson, who were coming to take away all our porn, dope, booze, and free abortion clinics. Silly me.

"....to one nation, under O... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

"....to one nation, under Obama, with reparations and redistribution for all!"

Shareholder voting has been... (Below threshold)

Shareholder voting has been around for centuries.

What would be frightening is if Obama claimed a majority of all corporate shares and started voting them.

And Alinsky had nothing to do with racial equality. He was a Communist who wanted a Communist revolution. Black people were and still are merely incidental to Communist doctrine.






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