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Gloria Allred suddenly a fan of racial profiling

Gloria Allred is still on television peddling her argument that Meg Whitman should have known that her housekeeper Nicky Diaz Santillan was illegal because of a letter the Social Security Administration sent to Whitman and her husband saying that Santillan's social security number didn't match up with their records. Last night Greta did a masterful job slicing and dicing Allred's case into tiny pieces.

I have a few questions about Allred's claim. How should this letter have been a red flag regarding Santillan's immigration status? First, we don't even know if Whitman even saw the letter. Second, the letter itself said that it was not a statement on the employee's immigration status and if an employer took adverse actions toward the employee they would have been subject to legal action. Third, even if Whitman did see the letter, why would she automatically jump to the conclusion this meant Nicky was illegal? Santillan's documents were in order as far as Whitman was concerned. Also Whitman hired her through an employment agency, which gave her documents even more credibility. Fourth, what if Santillan were white, Anglo-Saxon, and protestant, would Allred still insist that the letter should have raised a red flag for Ms.Whitman that Santillan was illegal? I seriously doubt it. So why should Meg Whitman have jumped to the conclusion that Ms. Santillan was illegal? The only possible answer was that she is Latina.

Since when did Gloria Allred become a fan of racial profiling?


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Allred has the typical libe... (Below threshold)

Allred has the typical liberal double standard. Anything done by a Republican is blameworthy, even if the same conduct would be applauded if done by a Democrat. She denied that Nicky was "an illegal alien," because that term is not PC enough for her. Instead, she said Nicky was "an undocumented worker."

Ms. Whitman and her husband received documentation from the employment agency that Nicky was legally eligible for employment. Considering the EEOC rules, insisting on receipt of more proof would probably have been asking for trouble.

Peddling, not "pedaling." <... (Below threshold)

Peddling, not "pedaling."

When it became politically ... (Below threshold)

When it became politically expedient for her to become a bigger publicity whore to advance herself all the while exploiting her client. The side issue is trying to destroy a Republican candidate for governor.

I'm so confused, are we sup... (Below threshold)

I'm so confused, are we supposd to ignore illegal immigration or are we supposed to fire illegal immigrants and have them deported, jailed for fraud etc. Please lefties make up your minds.

What, exactly, is Allred's ... (Below threshold)

What, exactly, is Allred's case that she is trying to make? "Your honor, my illegal alien client is outraged that Meg Whitman did not rat her out to the immigration authorities."

Yeah, that works.

Gov. Moonbeam fan, little G... (Below threshold)

Gov. Moonbeam fan, little Gloria, was tripped up by Meg having been so fastidious in her record keeping. Copies of the phony SS card, of the maids statements and records, Allred figured that Whitman would have kept NONE of these!! So now Allred must lie even MORE perversely than usual for leftists of her ilk, making herself look even WORSE in the eyes of the non-brain dead portion of the public. Even the media flacks she is depending upon can't drag her out of this one.

As a CFO of a (very small) ... (Below threshold)

As a CFO of a (very small) printing firm which hired many hispanics, I received several of those same letters. One of the letters had MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER listed. Most of the problems stemmed from failure to change SS records for name changes, etc. In my case, when I had originally reguistered for SS (when I was 13 years old) I used my MIDDLE NAME on the application. For most of my life, I have used my middle INITIAL. (PS, I am not illegal!!!)

Let Santillan stay. Deport ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Let Santillan stay. Deport Allred. I hear Saudi Arabia is lovely.






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