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Out of the Dark

A Novel by David Weber

The problem with Xenobiology and Xenopsychiatry is that Alians are, well, Alien.

So when the predominantly peaceful and staid Hegemony discovers a planet of sentient but murderously militant omnivores, they dispatch their nastiest clients (the carnivorous pack hunting Shongairi) to force the Humans to submit.

The Shonagiri, finding that Humanity has progressed much faster than expected in the intervening centuries between initial survey and the arrival of their colonization fleet, decides to initiate their colonization efforts with a global decapitation strike of KEWs (Kinetic Energy Weapons, i.e. rocks dropped from orbit). The survivors, they are sure, will thereafter submit.

What could go wrong?

A fun read with some interesting twists.

I heard David Weber tell the denouement of this story in my Library in March of 2009 as we hosted him for food, drink, and talk after a book signing here in San Jose, and the plot remains true with the addition of minor characters and additional scenes from around the globe.


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Weber has done some good wo... (Below threshold)

Weber has done some good work. I'm looking forward to reading this one.

I have yet to read anything... (Below threshold)

I have yet to read anything by David Weber that wasn't at least decent (and much that is great). I'm just reading "Out of the drak" now. Excellent. I also like that his aliens are alien and the characters aren't two dimensional (both alien and human) while also not being a mass of contradictions. Definately worth the read.

Some folks think it really ... (Below threshold)

Some folks think it really sucks:


Warning: spoilers at the end of the link.

It's rough. Really, really ... (Below threshold)

It's rough. Really, really rough. Given his normal writing style there's enough area in the plot for 2-3 books. Instead it's crammed into one book where you wonder what the hell's happening half the time. If I had to take a guess I'd say that this was some sort of contractual obligation with regards to Tor cause it doesn't read nearly as well as any of his other stuff.

Thanks for pointing out thi... (Below threshold)

Thanks for pointing out this new sci-fi novel. Weber is one of my favorite authors. If your readers like science fiction and are unfamiliar with David Weber, I strongly recommend they give him a try.

Huh?????... (Below threshold)


Have loved David Weber's wo... (Below threshold)

Have loved David Weber's work since I first downloaded On Basilisk Station from Baen's Free Library. I have just now purchased the audio version of Out of the Dark from Audible and it is downloading.

Baen's free library has made me spend more on books ever since I found it. Wonderful marketing strategy, sort of the same one a drug pusher uses. The first taste is free.

Well, you could get sued by... (Below threshold)

Well, you could get sued by David Niven, I suppose, but he probably gave his ok to re-use the "Footfall" plot.

Footfall's aliens we... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:

Footfall's aliens were herd beasts, vice pack hunters. Both used KEW strikes, but the solutions to the alien invasion are notably different.

Unfortunately, mojo, Niven ... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, mojo, Niven would have to then be sued by Heinlein (or his estate) for his use of the concept.

The concept of KEW weapons is far from new, and is still the best way thought of to use control of the orbitals militarily. Who needs nukes when a C-fractional hunk of rock will have the same effect without the radiation?

KEW weapons - from the depa... (Below threshold)

KEW weapons - from the department of redundancy department.







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