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Dueling DC Rallies

No match.  At all.  May it be a foreshadowing of the coming election.


With thanks and all credit to John at VerumSerum who closes with comments worth checking out.


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Comments (11)

racist!!!... (Below threshold)



Amusing, at one point, the ... (Below threshold)

Amusing, at one point, the lefties announced to themselves that their rally was larger.


Looks like Barry has his w... (Below threshold)

Looks like Barry has his work cut out for him. Way to rally them troops Barry!!

I believe the photos, but I... (Below threshold)

I believe the photos, but I do wish they were time stamped for the full effect and veracity.

If they were taken at the height of the tea party rally and the beginning or end of the one nation rally, I would cry foul.

they were both taken at rou... (Below threshold)

they were both taken at roughly the heighth of their respective events.

Justrand,Thanks.... (Below threshold)


500,000 on the lawn are dre... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

500,000 on the lawn are dressed in Trumka
Astroturf Camo....as you can see it's the
best in the stealth business.

More and more I'm convinced... (Below threshold)

More and more I'm convinced the left hasn't got any idea of the magnitude of the avalanche they've started...

It was one thing to hold a rally with only the MSM reporting - and being able to hide the results if attendance wasn't what was expected. But with the internet - it's not quite so easy to control the narrative, to make sure only the proper pictures get out.

No wonder there's a push to control the internet...

I am offended, yes highly o... (Below threshold)

I am offended, yes highly offended that they highjacked my birthday to have their rally! Where is the ACLU?

As some at the other site h... (Below threshold)

As some at the other site have said, by looking at the shadows of the trees and the fact the pond runs east to west, it pretty close to the same time of day. The one shadow is a bit longer but they are both going pretty much North. The longer shadow is probably due to it being one month later.

When you have double-digit ... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

When you have double-digit unemployment and a catastrophic housing market, even the human zombies that ordinarily populate left-wing rallies have much more pressing things to do with their time.






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