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The Tragedy Of The Commons

I had to work yesterday, so I couldn't attend or observe the Leeches United rally in DC. Fortunately, plenty of others did, and there's plenty of room for analysis of the whole thing. I might even take a stab at it later.

But for now, though, one aspect is compelling my attention.

Doug Ross has a remarkable collection of the rally and its aftermath up -- and it's that aftermath that caught my eye.

When OneNation left the Mall, the place -- especially the World War II Memorial -- were thoroughly trashed.

Contrast that with Glenn Beck's recent rally on 8/28, and how they left the Mall.

To me, this reflects the differing attitudes the two factions have towards public property -- and, by extension, public resources:

"This is our property. We own it, as citizens. We're going to clean up after ourselves."

"This is public property, not mine. Let someone else clean it up -- and government workers need the work."

There's another element that may be at play here. One side would be ashamed at leaving a mess behind; the other takes pride in the proof of their presence and numbers.

And a third one comes to mind: the Tea Party and 8/28 gatherings mostly brought their own signage and whatnot; the One Nation folks were given their mass-produced signs and banners and fliers, so they weren't personally invested in the material -- and had no qualms of just dumping it on the ground when they were done.

So much for "give a hoot -- don't pollute" or "don't be a litterbug."


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I was shocked and disappoin... (Below threshold)

I was shocked and disappointed when I talked to my brother-in-law last night that my sister had attended the rally. Her round trip from OH to DC was paid for completely by the union she belongs to. Have to check and see what else was paid for. Wonder if they got meal vouchers too?

It is mainly an example of ... (Below threshold)

It is mainly an example of the level of maturity and responsibility of the members of each group. Since there is no test of either to vote, we have the thugs and dweebs voted in DC right now.

It is simply a dichotomy of... (Below threshold)

It is simply a dichotomy of attitudes. The 10/2 attendee attitude is that it was a place they could trash because it wasn't their property and they didn't need to respect it. The 8/28 attendee was that it was their property and they respected it.

The end result is self evident.

The leches trashed the area... (Below threshold)

The leches trashed the area just like their heroes have trashed the economy.

The liberals scream and hol... (Below threshold)

The liberals scream and holler about saving the whales, the grizzly bear and the wolves. Has any of them seen them in real life? Nope. Most don't even have a clue where the food comes from that is on the supermarket shelves, yet, they expect us to abide by their environmental rules. Then they show what complete hypocrites, they are by leaving their trash behind at rallies. Not just in Washington D C, but other places where they have held rallies in the past. Go to show how clueless they really are.

This seems to be a recurrin... (Below threshold)

This seems to be a recurring theme with these folks.

Trashing the mall is the pe... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Trashing the mall is the perfect symbol for progressivism. The ruling elite shouts at the masses to "Stop Global Warming", "Don't pollute", "share the wealth". But not a single one of them would consent to giving up what they have to share their wealth. Few if any make more than he most feeble of symbolic gestures with regard to global warming (qv Al Gore).

Progressivism is about the enlightened few declaring what is good for the rest of us whilst they continue on their merry way. It's about getting what you want without actually having to lift a finger to earn it.

In America today progressivism is about taking from those who earn and giving to those who ignorantly support these self proclaimed intelligencia, while making sure to exempt the wealthy progressive elites.

After all, laws and rules are for the masses not for the ruling class.

Y'all are overlooking a muc... (Below threshold)

Y'all are overlooking a much simpler explanation for the trashing. Who cleans up after these things? Government employees. UNIONIZED government employees.

If the attendees picked up after themselves there would have been so many grievances filed you'd never believe it. So, the attendees had to leave it all there. And if they added to it unnecessarily, well that's just overtime pay for their brothers in the International Brotherhood of Litter Picker-Uppers. Gotta help the fellow travellers, ya see.

Those were three concise -... (Below threshold)

Those were three concise - and very correct - points of contrast. Thank you, Jay.

Litter is actually a bit si... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Litter is actually a bit simpler problem. The sort of people who just leave their trash are those from troubled backgrounds. Most couldn't name their real father, and their mothers were usually prostitutes or other derelicts who neglected them, and never taught them any values.

This is also the type of sad situation that leads people into becoming Democrats, or other reprobates.

I thought the left was all ... (Below threshold)

I thought the left was all about recycled. So much plastic and cardboard wasted. How sad.

Yeah, those libs really wal... (Below threshold)

Yeah, those libs really walk the talk, don't they.






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