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Gone, Yet Not Forgotten

Hi All!

Been quite some time since I've posted a piece here.

I left a small post to my Wizbang mates as to why I've not posted in some time.

It has been a combination of medical issues, concerning both myself and my wife, and employment issues, concerning both myself and my wife.

Anyway, as I told my fellow writers, my wife and I have been walking on eggshells, with sleepless nights and bloodshot eyes.

Not a very good situation in which to write thoughts to share with one and all.

As I told my colleagues, I feel a bit of a slug not writing about current events.

But, my wife and I are going through some serious changes, emotionally, concerning our employment, and directions in which our lives will be speeding toward with unguided control.

I pray all will be well. And I ask that any of you will humbly include my wife and I in your prayers.

My thanks to you to all.

It is amazing to me just how profoundly stress and worry can affect one's ability to keep his focus on the day's events.

That said, I have found myself almost paralyzed to formulate my thoughts into words meant for you to hear, and for me to want to present.

Many here do not agree with me on issues of which I have written. Many of you do.

I appreciate both sides.

Forgive me my absence.

It has just been an extremely confusing episode.

Honestly. Just writing this bit of sharing seems to help.

Thanks to all who understand.

I don't know why, but I feel a bit of a resurgence approaching.

Your liberal hating friend,



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Comments (24)

Praying for you and yours S... (Below threshold)

Praying for you and yours Shawn.

I've been there myself for ... (Below threshold)

I've been there myself for the last year as have many other Americans. So, I feel your pain because it has been my own. Will celebrate a "real" change on my birthday which falls on election day.

Wishing you well, Shawn!</p... (Below threshold)

Wishing you well, Shawn!

Hang in, Shawn.... (Below threshold)

Hang in, Shawn.

The good always win, buddy.

You'll be in our prayers.

My prayers and good wishes ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

My prayers and good wishes for you and your wife, Shawn.

I look forward to seeing more frequent contributions from you again.

All is forgiven.I ... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

All is forgiven.

I hope and pray that everything stabilizes for the better for you and your wife.

- syb

Stay strong, Shawn. Best o... (Below threshold)

Stay strong, Shawn. Best of luck to you.

Added you to our book of in... (Below threshold)

Added you to our book of intentions a couple of weeks ago Shawn... prayer flares are fired on your behalf often... keep us posted man...

Thank you, Shawn, I have go... (Below threshold)
Edward Sisson:

Thank you, Shawn, I have gone through the same kind of thing myself. Keep at it A strong mind and strong heart will win through.

Shawn, I hope ever... (Below threshold)


I hope everything works out ok for you and your wife. You'll both be in my prayers.
Take care, have faith.

Regards, Hank

Shawn,Funny thing,... (Below threshold)


Funny thing, for me blogging is the only thing that keeps me from losing my sanity sometimes. (And no, this is not license to assume that every time I post something I'm on the verge of cracking up.)

2009 and 2010 have been very ... shall we say ... interesting years for my family as well. But in the midst of it all I found a renewed faith in God and a new understanding of grace on behalf of friends and extended family members. And many things happened to us that I can attribute only to answered prayer. It's truly a blessing to be on the receiving end of these things, especially when you feel that you have fallen short or failed in so many ways and are not worthy.

So hang in there, be thankful for what you have, and trust that things will get better, because they will -- but probably just not in ways you were expecting!

Sending prayers for you and... (Below threshold)

Sending prayers for you and your wife, Shawn. Hope things turn around soon.

All too often the most sign... (Below threshold)

All too often the most significant events in life come from the unplanned or unexpected ... keep fighting the good fight and opportunites will present themselves ...
don't worry about not posting ... it sounds like you have more important things right now ...

"Your liberal hating friend... (Below threshold)

"Your liberal hating friend."

Maybe your life would be less sad and pathetic if you could let go of some hate.

Keep the faith and keep the... (Below threshold)
NJ Mike:

Keep the faith and keep the FURY, Shawn. Even though I risk the building spontaneously burning, I will keep you in my family's prayers.
Ever need a break, and are in Joisey let me know.........pizza & beer, on me.

Shawn, the struggles you de... (Below threshold)
John S:

Shawn, the struggles you describe are what the majority of Americans face at the moment. The White House and the MSM underestimate the rage in this country. I was out of work for 8 weeks, due to emergency eye surgery. I got fired for it. I have a new job cooking in a restaurant, part-time not by choice, and paying half what I made one year ago and one-quarter what I made when Bush was president. Multiply my story by 100 million.

Shawn,Hang in ther... (Below threshold)


Hang in there buddy. Best wishes for you and your family to pull through these troubled times.

Hope you didn't accept any ... (Below threshold)
Jeff L:

Hope you didn't accept any liberal unemployment compensation during your and your wife's unemployment. If you did you can thank the democrats in congress for giving you what is it now, 5 or 6 extensions? Refresh my memory, how many republicans voted yes on the extensions?

Amazing.You arroga... (Below threshold)


You arrogantly misguided prick.

A call for kindness, and you turn it into a political manifesto.

Me? No. None of my financial sustenance has been provided by my taxpayer dollars.

Nor, has my wife's.

We were smart enough financially to take disability precautions to avoid any of that.

But you, a slug who seems to hold those which have, under this administration and years of Democratic congressional rule not responsible for the shitstorm we have uncounted through the last 3 years, has the unmitigated balls to pose questions to those who, if not republican, were democrat. And if that were the case, you would not even peep about any problem you may have.

Shame on you. You are a hack. A lying, unrepentant piece of shit who flows with the tide of sewage that dumps into the same rivers which you propose to protect. Physically and politically.

Your ignorance goes hand in hand with your political horse shit.

-You are DONE you piece of liberal sewage.

"A call for kindness, and y... (Below threshold)

"A call for kindness, and you turn it into a political manifesto."

Actually you did that, Shawn.

"Your liberal hating friend,


How can you expect those for whom you loudly proclaim your hatred, to have any sympathy for you at all?

Now, now, Shawn, the mental... (Below threshold)

Now, now, Shawn, the mentally and morally impaired can't help themselves, they are just victims of their own depravity. Good to hear from you, but better to hear you still have a metaphor or two to bash folks over the head.

Now take that anger and let er rip on someone of National Prominence who doesn't deserve it. Let the trolls mudder threads from under the bridge. Your Billy Goat Gruff can send them back to their tide of sewage with little effort.

Ohhhhhhhh shawnie I'm so af... (Below threshold)
Jeff L:

Ohhhhhhhh shawnie I'm so afraid of your threats. I'm done? Bring it bitch.
Liberal hating punk ass mother fucking pisce of shit internet tough guy. A live in North Port, Florida anytime you are in the area stop by and we will see who is done.

PS. I believe your wife didn't accept any unemployment like I believe you got the balls to back up your threats.

Speaking as a cancer surviv... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Speaking as a cancer survivor and as someone going back in tomorrow for a minor issue (Wasn't gonna bring that up but for the context and Jeff's little spit-spew):

Prayers for you and your family Shawn. God loves us all but protects His own.

I've been laid off in the past year, and my wife's job sucks, so I know a bit about employment issues. I've been told (erroneously) that my condition was terminal and had to face some grim options just a few years back, and I have to carry tumors which may or may not metastasize for the rest of my life, however that plays out. So I knwo a bit about medical issues.

Focus on God, your family, and being the man you were made to be and do the things you were made to do. Everything else is of no consequence.

Kyrie Eleison, brother.

Don't pay any mind to Jeff. Just because a rabid dog snarls at you, does not mean for a moment you have to bark back at it.

Just call 'Animal Control'. Count on 'Olaf' and Kevin to do the honors on that count, just give it a little while.

Jeff L is apparently referr... (Below threshold)

Jeff L is apparently referring to an article written by Rick, another author of this site, and ascribing it to Shawn. Jeff, there are quite a few people who write here, and not all of us agree with each other on every point. (See my occasional jousts with DJ for some good examples of how we disagree without being disagreeable.)

But whether or not Shawn has the testicular fortitude to "deal with" you, Jeff L, is utterly irrelevant. Because I am choosing to step up for my ailing colleague. Me and Olaf The Troll God's Hammer.

Say goodbye to your Wizbang commenting career, Jeff L...







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