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"How can you not love and admire the American fighting man"

That and much more from a piece at The Captain's Journal written by someone involved in a recent Afghanistan firefight:

How can you not love and admire the American fighting man. Men who are sent perform pointless, thankless tasks in the service of their nation. Poorly lead, poorly supported; they still manage to perform with patience and valor. It is unfortunate that there are no words to describe the thoughts and actions of such men. I try to explain to the privileged 99% of American citizens who do not serve, just what this means. And fail miserably. They just look at me, disbelief on their faces and I'm sure, disgust on mine.

So the platoon is vehicle mounted, MRAPS and Hmmwv's with ANA in Ford Rangers. The platoon negotiates a defile with high ground all around and the ambush is sprung when the lead and then trail vehicles are disabled with IED and RPG fire. Its a good size linear ambush; PKM's and RPG's. The platoon takes causalities immediately and all vehicular maneuver is initially destroyed under intense fire. The soldiers dismount to fight for their lives. Even the gunners are forced off their turrets.The Taliban forces have RPG 9′s and are trying to take the vehicles apart even as the PKM fire is pinning the dismounts and killing and wounding. C2 is a mess and the some of the ANA forces are trying to run away.

One soldier, armed with an old iron sighted M14 he found in a Conex container in a small outpost, targets three PKM gunners who have the main element pinned down. The Taliban forces intend to reduce this force to the point that they can conduct a ground assault across the ambush site and secure equipment and prisoners. Platoon leadership is massing fires and calling for Medivac and CAS, but it's not going too well.

Finish it and ask the question once again, where do we get such men?


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Where do we get ... (Below threshold)

Where do we get such men? They come from all parts of this country, coast to coast. They come from all walks of life, and the common factor is a love of country unequaled anywhere. They are the product of a land unequaled on the planet.

They are Americans.

"They are Americans."</i... (Below threshold)

"They are Americans."

Well said, Gramps!

Want more about these excep... (Below threshold)

Want more about these exception men?

Read Sabastion Junger's "WAR"

C2 is a mess and the som... (Below threshold)

C2 is a mess and the some of the ANA forces are trying to run away.

Sounds like Vietnam all over again. You can't defend a country that doesn't want to defend itself.

Why waste the lives of the finest and billions of dollars, too? If they want to live in the stone age, let 'em. If they give Al Qaeda sanctuary, bomb 'em.

But there are no Heroes in ... (Below threshold)

But there are no Heroes in the military. That is what some say but I disagree with them.

Not to get off subject but I am curious about the comparison of sights. Last time I was in we still qualify with iron sights which I like. We did however practice with one of the laser sights that were being use a good deal. It seemed like the accuracy of the laser sights were not that good after about 100 yards. It could be a matter of personal experience and needed practice on my part. I am not sure. For a new recruit with little shooting experience especially in clearing rooms, I could see laser sights being better.

Anyway, if anyone knows of a study in this area let me know. My personal AR15 at home has a scope with slot underneath so I can use my iron sights. I use the scope to help see my target then switch to Iron sight for the shot. My second one has a dedicated scope on it but like many scoped rifles; one needs to treat them with care.

They come from the homes of... (Below threshold)

They come from the homes of Americans across the country and from the finest military training establisment and the finest military the world has ever seen. There has neve been their match and likely won't be.

They deserve the best weapons, training and leadership we can provide.

We get them from the ranks ... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

We get them from the ranks of blue-collar Americana.

We definitely don't get them from the ranks of spoiled-brat liberal idiots on the Internet.






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