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I Want A Promotion!

Hey, Kevin? I think it's time we once again reconsidered my title around these parts. After all, if Andrew Sullivan's blog -- which he apparently only sometimes writes, and other times lets his staffers write stuff under his name -- can rate a "senior editor" of the "most important one-man blog in the world," why can't we have one, too? And why can't I be that one?

My qualifications: well, I've been with the site longer and earlier than anyone but you (we won't discuss my almost-year-long sabbatical). Also, I... er... um... well, I can't think of any other reason. But that could be me just having a "senior moment," and -- a-ha! -- another reason to make me "Senior Editor!"

Plus, I really, really, really want it.

Come on. It wouldn't really mean that much, except to me.

Do it for Sully.


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Comments (24)

How about - Big Kahuna... (Below threshold)

How about - Big Kahuna

Great cartoon, my only crit... (Below threshold)

Great cartoon, my only criticism is that the original quote was not "some folks greed", but "white folks greed".

Sorry but BHO said "a white... (Below threshold)

Sorry but BHO said "a white man's greed" Not folks

I've always been intrigued ... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

I've always been intrigued by the title "Editor at Large" (not, apparently, to be confused with the "Large Editor"). What does it mean? Kind of like a criminal at large, whereabouts unknown, but whose capture is sought?

Or, better yet, how is it that writers are called Editors at all? If all you do is edit your own writings, are you really an Editor? Seems a stretch to me.

Yes J has done a tremendous... (Below threshold)

Yes J has done a tremendous job handling the likes of rev Lee Dane Ward. A promotion is well earned.

J T is entitled.

I'd rather be a janitor at ... (Below threshold)

I'd rather be a janitor at wizbang than senior editor at Sullivans blog.
Wizbang, after all, has standards.

Simply based on the fact th... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Simply based on the fact that Jay Tea uses ellipses sparingly and correctly and, thankfully, only when necessary, he should be named Senior Editor.

That, and he be writin' pretty good and stuff.

Hey Kevin! Watch it! Guys... (Below threshold)

Hey Kevin! Watch it! Guys like Jay Tea, next thing you know, he'll want to eat in the officer's mess.

If not, "Senior Editor," th... (Below threshold)

If not, "Senior Editor," then maybe, "Senor Editor?"

Better go back and re-read ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Better go back and re-read that article J. The guy claims to be ONE OF THE senior editors. That implies more. Maybe Sullivan isn't very good at punctuation.

On the other hand, you are quite good at punctuation, spelling and what all else. So, even though I don't get a vote, you've got my vote. Or endorsement. Whatever.

Maybe just make him Elder ... (Below threshold)

Maybe just make him Elder Editor or Ancient Editor?

Gosh. He worked hard for th... (Below threshold)

Gosh. He worked hard for that title. Just don't call him "ma'am"! Heh.

Personally, I'd ask for the... (Below threshold)

Personally, I'd ask for the title "Supreme Leader".

As he use uses ellipses app... (Below threshold)

As he use uses ellipses apparently incorrectly and not sparingly enough...

I say Jay Tea deserves the title if only so he'll be granted discounts at cinemas, cafes and Walmarts the globe over...

He is the oldest contributor is he not?

I wouldn't be surprised Sul... (Below threshold)
John S:

I wouldn't be surprised Sully needs more time off. His AIDS dementia is only getting more obvious.

Senior Moment?... (Below threshold)

Senior Moment?

Well Prompterbinky would ma... (Below threshold)

Well Prompterbinky would make Jay 'BLOG-CZAR'

may as well do rock, paper, scissors with Rick and DJ. or.....swimsuit contest.

How about:* El Máx... (Below threshold)

How about:

* El Máximo Líder?

* Grand Exalted Pooh-Bah?

* Great Helmsman?

* Ruler of the Sevagram?

You deserve this promotion,... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

You deserve this promotion, Jay. You pull lots of weight around here. You're a very entertaining writer as well. ----Paul Hooson

JT=Senior EditorKevi... (Below threshold)

JT=Senior Editor

My 2 cents.

Hit the button too fast... (Below threshold)

Hit the button too fast


Assistant Head Groundskeepe... (Below threshold)
Jim in Houston:

Assistant Head Groundskeeper

Back in the day, Jay, your ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Back in the day, Jay, your colleagues bandied about several titles, but I think Kevin still tries to maintain the facade of a "family website" here (as if some 11 year old is surfing political sites) so most of them would be off limits.

Besides, why would you WANT a title after Sullivan had it? Hasn't it been "Sullied" by the experience?

But if your heart is set on it, tell Kevin I vote "Yea" (as if I had a vote in anything). Just be darned careful when you are pinning on Sully's badge, mmmkay?

You wouldn't want to prick yourself . . .

Peter F. ~ Watch it, pal. ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Peter F. ~ Watch it, pal. I get all my ellipses from Poughkeepsie, they are all genuine Poughkeepsies, every blessed one. (Seriously - you should try the pickled in garlic ones).


914 said:

Yes J has done a tremendous job handling the likes of rev Lee Dane Ward. A promotion is well earned.

Jay used to tell us it was for his amusement he kept LW around, but I always suspected Lee was in possession of photographs of Mr. Duckie in flagrante IYKWIMAITTYD.






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