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Turning virtue into vice


Coming our way via RedPlanetCartoons.


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Yaaas let us consume, but w... (Below threshold)

Yaaas let us consume, but where do we put all the crap that roughage generates? Whyyyyy we grow more ideas on how to stifle entrapreneures.

BTW the stats are out. The liberals are not bearing enough children or 'gasp' are aborting; to replace themselves, so all we have to do is have bunches of kids and they will be gone. It is like they are committing cultural suicide. Good.

Caution though; there might be a cultural change from liberal crapola to, I don't know....sanity maybe? America is going to change for sure just not the way the liberali Facists want it too.

Picture this. I am a doing my victory dance around my living room uh bedroom shouting glory to god and saying, were going to win, were going to win. By God were going to win.

That garden's gonn... (Below threshold)

That garden's gonna have a growth spurt after November 2nd.

Paging Ayn Rand...... (Below threshold)

Paging Ayn Rand...

Almost did not recognize Mr... (Below threshold)

Almost did not recognize Mr. Ears without his flag pin.

The dude with the ears is a... (Below threshold)

The dude with the ears is a Roundup saleman.






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