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Alan Grayson is slimy

He has no soul:


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Comments (7)

Just goes to show what a 'c... (Below threshold)

Just goes to show what a 'class' act Grayson is. He'll be joining the funemployment line in January.

He lies just like Dane Lee ... (Below threshold)

He lies just like Dane Lee Barry.


What an ICON for the Dem br... (Below threshold)
Sir Toby Belch:

What an ICON for the Dem brand! This pig's slop
should be scoured from the pan of politics.
He's a regular on Big Ed's MSNBC screed. He's
a hero of the left. I say, put him on the MSM
everywhere and let normal people make up
their minds.

Alan Grayson feeds live chi... (Below threshold)

Alan Grayson feeds live children into meat grinders: "We're doing that!"

You know it has to be total... (Below threshold)

You know it has to be totally over the top when MSNBC throws it in his face. Grayson is a total piece of sh-t.

I live in his district, and... (Below threshold)

I live in his district, and I'm continually surprised at the number of Democrats (especially younger ones) who support this jerk. "He speaks his mind," or "he really sticks it to the Republicans" are common views.

Some people really love him, even though they can't actually remember anything substantial he's done, other than insult the GOP for the last year or so.

He's losing badly to Webster, so I feel a bit better. Every time we see one of his new ads, Grayson loses a few more points.

I still think the Webster c... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

I still think the Webster campaign ought to do a parody of the old T. Rex/Bauhaus song "Telegram Sam":

"Taliiban Dan, you're my main man!"






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