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The latest Republican Governors Association video: Four Weeks

I would love to know who makes the videos for the Republican Governors Association. They have great production value and pack a serious punch. Here's the latest and it's their best so far.


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Must be my day to proofread... (Below threshold)

Must be my day to proofread - You are missing the leading "T" on th etitle of this piece.

Looks like the governors ac... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Looks like the governors across the country have got their head out from where the sun don't shine. Good to see they are ready to take Obamalala's policies head on even if the Republicans in Congress won't.

Stunning!! I have posted i... (Below threshold)

Stunning!! I have posted it at my website, BeJohnGalt.com

best video this election season!!

Very interesting how the In... (Below threshold)

Very interesting how the Internet and New Media and utterly de-centralized political organization. There is no longer one GOP, but a federation, a coalition of many. This is good. Leftist organization is, by its nature, centralized. And we all know that centralized power is crap. The Democrats are done. The lies can no longer be spun. Too many truth-tellers. Too much sunlight. GO FOR 100 HOUSE SEATS!!!

I guess there isn't an actu... (Below threshold)

I guess there isn't an actual audio sound bite of "I won" because that's about the only thing that's missing from this video. It's a bit long, but otherwise very well done. I wish this kind of thing got airplay during major network primetime.

This is the best political ... (Below threshold)
George True:

This is the best political ad I have seen bar none. It makes most of the Republican ads I have seen so far seem amateurish by comparison. This one needs to be picked up and played everywhere, relentlessly, for the next four weeks. The RNC would be smart to find out who produced this and plan on using them for 2012.

The more Barrys face is sho... (Below threshold)

The more Barrys face is shown the better.

Just not during dinner.

The unprepared, incompetent... (Below threshold)

The unprepared, incompetent, moronic fence-jumper fraudulently occupying the White House (he may or may not have been born here, but for damned sure he doesn't share AMERICAN values in any form) has us teetering on the verge of complete chaos. Getting him contained must be our mission for Nov. 2 and for the next 2 years until he can become a pathetic footnote in our nation's history.

In the meantime, due to George Soros' megalomania, we will continue to remain at risk until the usurper is history!

Who is seeing this besides ... (Below threshold)

Who is seeing this besides the faithful? Where is it being shown? The worlds greatest video has no impact if no one sees it.






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