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Kathleen Folden is my kind of gal

Did she succumb to her sinful nature or did she act most righteously?

FoxNews reports, you decide:

A Montana woman has been charged with criminal mischief after allegedly taking a crowbar to a controversial art museum display in Colorado that critics say portrays Jesus Christ receiving oral sex from another man.

Kathleen Folden, 56, of Kalispell, Mont., was arrested Wednesday and accused of damaging the the 12-panel lithograph, "The Misadventures of the Romantic Cannibals."

The piece, on display since Sept. 11 at the tax-funded Loveland Museum Gallery in Loveland, Colo., includes several images of Jesus, including one in which he appears to be receiving oral sex from a man as the word "orgasm" appears beside Jesus' head.

It has triggered protests and even calls to police by critics asking for an investigation into whether it violates a Colorado law that protects children from obscenity, the Loveland Reporter Herald reported. The city attorney determined it did not.

Witnesses told the Reporter-Herald that Folden entered the Loveland Museum Gallery, used a crowbar to break glass over the art and ripped the print.

Mark Michaels, an area art dealer, told Denver's KUSA-TV that he tried to stop her adding that the woman screamed: "How can you desecrate my Lord?"

The 'artist' is quoted later in the piece:

"Should we as artists, or any free-thinking people, have to be subjected to fear of violent attacks for expressing our sincere concerns? I made a collage with a comic book and an illustration of a religious icon to express the corruption of something precious and spiritual," Chagoya told FoxNews.com. "There is no nudity, or genitals, or explicit sexual contact shown in the image. There is a dressed woman, a religious icon's head, a man showing his tongue, and a skull of a Pope in the upper right corner of the controversial page. I did not make a picture of Christ. I used symbols as one would use words in a sentence to critique corruption of the sacred by religious institutions."

Those institutions, he says, need to be criticized when they get corrupted and people have every right to dislike his criticism, just as he has a right to express it.

"Violence is the opposite of what Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha taught. I am amazed that some of the followers don't adhere to the teachings. Agree to disagree and love thy neighbor," he said. 

I'm wondering why Mr. Chagoya isn't choosing to express himself by desecrating Muslim images?

And for those who want to criticize Ms. Folden for acting less than you perceive a Christian ought, perhaps a reading of this passage from Holy Writ is in order.

God bless Kathleen Folden's passion.


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Comments (31)

I'd say that she, as an art... (Below threshold)

I'd say that she, as an artist, as "any free-thinking people", was simply "expressing (her) concerns" in a bit of performance art. Now people have "every right to dislike (her) criticism" of his work, but since she expressed it so artistically then I'm guessing she "has a right to express it". Who the hell is Mr. Chagoya to step in and say that street theatre, or pseudo-violent performance art, is not appropriate or should not be allowed? Free speech, anyone? anyone? Bueller?

Obviously she needs to behe... (Below threshold)

Obviously she needs to behead the "artist"!

When these artist cowards d... (Below threshold)

When these artist cowards do the same thing with Mohammed (but it always about Christ-never any other entity from other religions)then I will give them some slack. But they would not dare....they know they would have a forever death sentence on their head. Like I said COWARDS.

I fail to understand why "a... (Below threshold)

I fail to understand why "artists" who are intentionally provocative and offensive are surprised when people are offended and provoked.

However if he wants to see a really adverse reaction to his "art" he should put a turban on the "giver", name it "Jesus and Mohamed" and take it to that heavily Muslim suburb of Detroit. If he survived the experience, I think he would have a better appreciation of Kathleen Folden's restraint.

I don't see how the First A... (Below threshold)
James H:

I don't see how the First Amendment, Mohammed, or beheadings enter into this. Woman committed vandalsim, so she should face charges of vandalism. End of story.

I should add: I actually r... (Below threshold)
James H:

I should add: I actually react to offensive artists with a "meh" these days. For the most part, they're just seeking attention. Don't give them attention, and you deny them satisfaction. Give them opprobrium, and you fulfill their martyr complexes.

Besides, being offensive simply for the sake of being offensive is merely juvenile.

I agree with James H in #6.... (Below threshold)

I agree with James H in #6. It is beyond me how an art museum director could be proud of a display such as this being shown under his/her watch. I notice it is a tax-funded museum so I guess voters could make them beg a little harder in the future for alms.

Although vandalism cannot be tolerated, I have no doubt that if this self-styled "free-thinking" artist substituted the image of Mohammed for that of Jesus the image would have never been hung in the first place. In fact I would love to ask this artist if indeed he could be a little more ecumenical and create a companion piece with Mohammed similarly depicted and see how he responds to the request.

Chagoya's work depicting... (Below threshold)

Chagoya's work depicting 'The Prophet' with romping pig faced transvestites has received very little press and appears to have been the first to be scrubbed from on line catalogs. I do not care what an artist produces, or attempts to sell. I do care what I am forced to patronize.

Artfare: Welfare payments ... (Below threshold)

Artfare: Welfare payments to artists disquised as support for the arts

End Artfare now. Any artist who can not produce art which convinces a patron to buy it, needs to find new line of work Artists who live off the public dole, should not product are which offends the public.

Now c'mon. We're all up in ... (Below threshold)

Now c'mon. We're all up in arms about Molly Norris being sent underground by fanatic Muslims. This woman clearly committed vandalism.

Our weapons are not carnal.

Considering how those from ... (Below threshold)

Considering how those from the religion of perpetual outrage react when they object to, well everything, this seems like a rather peaceful protest to me.

I'd love to hear what Molly Norris thinks about this.

James is right in that this... (Below threshold)

James is right in that this was simply an act of vandalism - in the eyes of the law.

I have to disagree with this though: "I don't see how the First Amendment, Mohammed, or beheadings enter into this."

One cannot help but try to imagine this artist's choice of subjects was an easy choice as was the choice of the institution to display it. For once I'd like to see our "intellectual betters" choose to show something as offensive with the central subject being "a religious icon's head" which could be interpreted to be ... oh, I don't know .... Mohammed? I think it's entirely appropriate to bring up that which is conspicuous in its absence: publicly funded "art" that insults one particular religion that's always in the news these days or offends its adherants and why.

"End of story" sounds too much like saying that any discussion beyond the legal shouldn't be happening. I too am bored when confronted with crap like this, but it doesn't preclude me from also having an opinion of it.

My Lord is infinately bigge... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

My Lord is infinately bigger than the work of this artist or His would-be defender. After all, Jesus willingly went to His murder by people who hated Him.

A much better approach for this lady who have been to talk with the artist and discover what his intentions were, and go from there, instead of committing vandalism.

She would have been more su... (Below threshold)

She would have been more successful just adding a picture of Mohammed to the thing.

Hi,Kathy Folden is... (Below threshold)


Kathy Folden is my mother and I wanted to let you know that unfortunately she is not a principled religious person standing up for the things she believes in. She has a serious mental illness and is deluded into thinking that god talks to her every day and orders her to do things. She knows nothing about the beauty of religion and instead has used it to escape the troubles of her past. She will not take responsibility for her life and face her problems and instead has turned to trying to con people into feeling sorry for her so they will support her and give her money. Sorry, the person that used to be my mom is trying to con everyone and needs serious help.

Big Mo: Amen, Brother!... (Below threshold)

Big Mo: Amen, Brother!

In the whole cosmic scheme, this artist is infinitesimally small. He will stand before God on that day and an answer for every idle word will be required of him.

The fact that this is even being discussed is giving him much more attention than he is due. I also agree that if he wants to demonstrate how free-thinking he is, perhaps he should expand his repertoire. But I bet he won't. He's a coward, and will continue pursuing what gives him the most attention at the lowest price.

"I'm wondering why Mr. Chag... (Below threshold)

"I'm wondering why Mr. Chagoya isn't choosing to express himself by desecrating Muslim images?"

The word 'coward' comes to mind.

Artist: "Violen... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:


"Violence is the opposite of what Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha taught."

Obviously the artist knows very little about Mohammed.

And for those who ... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:
And for those who want to criticize Ms. Folden for acting less than you perceive a Christian ought, perhaps a reading of this passage from Holy Writ is in order.

Rick, you are grossly misinterpreting the Bible verses that you link to. When Jesus cleansed the Temple, he was acting in the role of a priest, which is what he was. Kathleen Folden is no priest, and she wasn't cleansing God's earthly temple.

Nothing in the Bible justifies Kathleen Folden's behavior.

It seems Ms. Folden decided... (Below threshold)

It seems Ms. Folden decided enough was enough. I expect she knew exactly what the consequences of her act would be and is willing to pay the price. She didn't harm a person, she bashed a piece of art. Violence should be the last resort, just as war should be. There comes a time when one must take a stand against evil or evil takes control and goodness and freedom is lost. We should all have her courage. It is vital that Americans take a stand and stop the evil that is spreading here now.
"All it takes for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Ah, first advocating butt-k... (Below threshold)

Ah, first advocating butt-kickin', now crowbar-smashin'. What a wonderful world Rick wants to live in.

No John, not the world we w... (Below threshold)

No John, not the world we want, but the reality of a world view that is being pushed down our throats.

the reality of a world v... (Below threshold)

the reality of a world view that is being pushed down our throats.

Really? So, what... Christine O'Donnell is using witchcraft to compel people to violence?

"I too yearn for the good ole days..."

"Kathleen Folden is my kind of gal"

Nope, clearly Rick is enjoying this.

Christians should take a le... (Below threshold)

Christians should take a lesson from the crazy Islamist and riot, and threaten to behead his entire family, beginning with him.

I'm not a Christian, and I ... (Below threshold)

I'm not a Christian, and I approve of this message.

Hey John, are you displayi... (Below threshold)

Hey John, are you displaying some of that tolerance liberals push?

people should be allowed to... (Below threshold)
joe jonas:

people should be allowed to express their disgust at organized religion though art without fearing the violent reprisals of psychos like kathleen folden.

this is sickening. in my opinion, all religious people are wackos, but i dont go around defacing their property.

kathleen folden will get whats coming to her from the authorities, a hefty fine and some time behind bars, probably some much-needed psychological evaluation. but those of you here who think she did a good thing should be ashamed of the hate inside you.

to argue that christianity is better than islam because catholic priests just rape boys while islamic fundamentalists blow people up is DUMB. both religions are destructive.

"I'm wondering why Mr. Chag... (Below threshold)
Chris m:

"I'm wondering why Mr. Chagoya isn't choosing to express himself by desecrating Muslim images?

Because most of the shitheads who try to force thier religion on others in this country are christians.

1 Samuel 15 said to Saul, "I am the one the LORD sent to anoint you king over his people Israel; so listen now to the message from the LORD. 2 This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'I will punish the Amalekites for what they did to Israel when they waylaid them as they came up from Egypt. 3 Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy [a] everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.' "

Isn't this Jesus speaking right here? So do I love my enemies or slaughter their babies? Jesus says to do both!

This is about one thing: re... (Below threshold)

This is about one thing: religious fanaticism. There will always be nutjobs who think it's their duty to perform atrocities to stop anyone from expressing a dissenting point of view. This woman broke the law. She should be punished, period.

Chris, the teachings of Jes... (Below threshold)

Chris, the teachings of Jesus begin in The New Testament of the Bible.

What she did was wrong. The... (Below threshold)

What she did was wrong. The art piece was donated freely, no money involved. When you have one of the most popular religions, then you will have to get used to people taking shots at you.

The catholic religion has done more than enough grievous acts throughout it's history and even now finds way to fall in on itself, along with any other manmade institution.

All of you that want to take a stand against evil, get the corruption and greed out of our political system, and stop doing useless, and I mean useless things like smashing art.






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