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Joe Manchin under pressure, now trying to out-conservative his Republican opponent

Joe Manchin is not doing as well as he'd like running for the US Senate, so he's doing everything he can to separate himself from Barack Obama and the rest of the Democrats in Congress, including trying to out-conservative his Republican opponent:

He claims that he will take dead aim at the cap and trade bill. That's not what he said in the run up to the 2008 election:

Which Joe should West Virginia's voters believe? Should Manchin win, which Joe will show up in Washington?


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Which Joe should West Vi... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Which Joe should West Virginia's voters believe?

Well, if you actually believe what a Democrat candidate says in the weeks immediately prior to an election by definition you'd have to be either too stupid to vote or a Democrat who'd automatically vote for the Democrat in eny event.

Should Manchin win, which Joe will show up in Washington?

The liberal one; at least until 5.5 or so years expired and he'd be up for reelection, at which time he'd re-morph into a conservative Republican.

Just as phony as that "Can ... (Below threshold)

Just as phony as that "Can I get Me a hunting liscense here?" Golddigger.

The dems are so full of shit that only novembers fleet enema will flush their stench.

"The prospect of hanging co... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

"The prospect of hanging concentrates the mind wonderfully."

Dr. Johnson said it best.

We all KNOW "which Joe" wou... (Below threshold)

We all KNOW "which Joe" would show up in DC...the radical, Hussein clone leftist. I would guess most voters know it as well.

Eau de flop sweat is waftin... (Below threshold)

Eau de flop sweat is wafting this way!

"Should Manchin win, which ... (Below threshold)

"Should Manchin win, which Joe will show up in Washington?"

Same one that's there now.

Surely would lik... (Below threshold)

Surely would like to meet him and ask him about that.

Question would be, "Were you lying then, or now?"

Somehow I am seeing that ph... (Below threshold)

Somehow I am seeing that photo-op with John F'n Kerry with his brand new shotgun out duck hunting...

I don't care what these lib... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

I don't care what these liberals say they will still caucus with the Dems and vote the way they are told by the leadership. And any Dem over the 50 mark will tip the chairmanships in committee to the liberals.

It's almost like Joe doesn'... (Below threshold)

It's almost like Joe doesn't want to be associated with Democrats.

My wife wears flipflops too... (Below threshold)

My wife wears flipflops too. It don't me I want anything to do witn them. Better bare feet.

Great work once again! Than... (Below threshold)

Great work once again! Thanks.






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