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Marcy Kaptur flashback: Osama Bin Laden and
al Qaeda like America's founding fathers

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz went on Fox News Sunday to help fellow Democrat Marcy Kaptur, who is facing a real challenge for the first time from business man Rich Iott. Wasserman-Schultz said Rich Iott was out of line for participating in a World War II re-enactment when he played the part of a Nazi. Iott is a history buff and has participated in all kinds of military re-enactments from various eras for thirty years. Nonetheless, Wasserman Schultz tried to insinuate that Iott is a Nazi sympathizer, a truly disgusting personal smear. Eric Cantor who was on with dirt-slinging Debbie said he repudiated the re-enactments, but it appears she sandbagged him. I supposed Debbie also would repudiate Michael Caine and Robert Duvall for having played Nazis in The Eagle has Landed.

Marcy Kaptur said she was shocked:

But what about Congresswoman Kaptur's comments just before we entered into the war in Iraq wherein she compared Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda positively with America's founding fathers? Even worse, she said the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the US were acts of "sacred piety":

Before launching a military strike against Iraq, Americans should consider their own history to remember how powerful the mix of religion and politics can be, U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D., Toledo) said.

"If you think back to our founding as a country, we are a country of revolution," Miss Kaptur said in an interview this week.

She and the Rev. Jim Bacik, pastor of Toledo's Corpus Christi University Parish, will speak at a workshop Friday for local Catholic leaders titled "Preaching and Teaching Peace in the Face of War."

When America "cast off monarchical Britain" in 1776, it involved the help of many religious people who had fled repression in other countries, the 11-term Toledo congressman said. Among the nontraditional American revolutionaries were the Green Mountain Boys, a patriot militia organized in 1770 in Bennington, Vt., to confront British forces, she said.

"One could say that Osama bin Laden and these non-nation-state fighters with religious purpose are very similar to those kind of atypical revolutionaries that helped to cast off the British crown," Miss Kaptur said.

In Iraq and other Arab nations where revolutions are potentially brewing, religious fervor will play a vital role in shaping political events, she said, and the United States must be careful "not to get caught in the crossfire."

"I think that one thing that people of faith understand about the world of Islam is that the kind of insurgency we see occurring in many of these countries is an act of hope that life will be better using Islam as the only reed that they have to lean on.

"I think that people of faith understand that for many of the terrorists, their actions are acts of sacred piety to the point of losing their lives. And I think that people of faith understand that there is a heavy religious overtone to the opposition."

Marcy Kaptur's real comments were inexcusable, almost unforgivable, because they deliberately misconstrued the truth. Our founders revolted in order to escape oppression, while Bin Laden and al Qaeda are the definition of oppression. Yet, she and her Democratic allies in the House have the nerve to criticize her opponent for a World War II re-enactment where he merely played a part?

What an insult to our intelligence.

Update: This post could have also been titled The Chicago Way comes to Ohio's Ninth Congressional District. A couple weeks ago in a post called The Chicago Way comes to Michigan's First Congressional Disctrict, I wrote this:

The lesson we need to learn from this sorry episode doesn't have anything to do with Dan Benishek at all. It's that the Democrats use political tactics that are so sleazy and dishonest that we can't help but come to the conclusion that they will sink to any level that is necessary in order to fulfill their own political needs. Barack Obama proved this during the 2004 Illinois Senate race when his thugs worked with the media to unseal the Ryans' custody records. Barack Obama proved this again during his presidential campaign when he promised fiscal discipline, tax cuts for the middle class, and a stronger and more unified country, but when he came into office he governed against the will of the American people and rammed through policies that crippled our economy and put the American taxpayers on the hook for trillions of dollars. Alan Grayson proved this when he slandered his political opponent Daniel Webster in a political ad by editing comments Webster made in such a way that it sounded like Webster was saying the opposite of what he actually said. And now the Michigan Democrats are proving this by twisting Dan Benishek's divorce and custody records in order to paint a portrait of him that is disconnected from reality.

And the Democrats are proving it once again by implying Rich Iott is a Nazi sympathizer just to win an election.


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Comments (50)

DWS is hoping Patty Murray ... (Below threshold)

DWS is hoping Patty Murray gets re-elected. Otherwise she'll be the dumbest woman on Capital Hill. Along with being one of the nastiest.

More and more the democrats... (Below threshold)

More and more the democrats disgust me. Being liberal is one thing, being a leftist excuse-making jerk for our enemies is entirely something else.
How could anyone vote for this woman just because she might stand for something the voter endorses...it will not make much of a difference if you are dead for a terrorist attack.

I can't believe this bog is... (Below threshold)

I can't believe this bog is actually defending a Nazi sympathizer.

He dressed up and re-enacted actions taken by the SS.

Why would anyone think that... (Below threshold)

Why would anyone think that pretend SS-Sturmmann Iott is a Nazi sympathizer?

Why, it's not as if his reenactment organization whitewashed the history of the SS, or anything:

It is our aim to bring you a bit of actual history behind the men who fought against the "Bolshevik scourge"; volunteers who came from the various Northern European countries allied with Hitler's Germany who only had a desire to see an end to Soviet Communism.


You see, the SS were misunderstood guys who just wanted to fight the Commies, not kill all Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals and establish a 1000 year Reich.

So cut SS-Sturmmann Iott some slack.

Yep that's exactly right ga... (Below threshold)

Yep that's exactly right galoob and Dane have blown the lid off, it's about time the republican connection to the SS was uncovered. You guys are seriously delusional. This was a reinactment, unlike the commies and socialist that were sponsers of the big ed show a couple weeks ago. You all down with that bunch of nazal gazers?

In a comment to an earlier ... (Below threshold)

In a comment to an earlier post, Galoob said:

"While I agree that there is a convergence between communist and fascist ideologies, the difference is that fascists allowed and assisted large private corporations to maintain their holdings. This is in line with what I regard as a right-wing tendency to weigh the scales in favor of corporations over workers and consumers. Obama has pursued right-wing ideas by letting the massive frauds of Wall Street go unpunished."

I guess that, according to Galoob, Mr. Iott dresses up as a facist and President Obama is a facist.

Oh, by the way Mr. Galoob, those on the "right" in this country do not want the government to "weigh the scales" in anyone's favor. Having the president give our money to General Motors so that it can stay running seems a little "facistic" by both our measures.

Can we please get a better ... (Below threshold)
Burton Choinski:

Can we please get a better quality of troll in here? Dane and Galoob have officially gone the rails into retard land.

I suppose people involved with civil war reenactments want the return of the confederacy and slavery? Oh yea, and those who do the minuteman/redcoat reenactments up here in Concord are actually Tory sympathizers and want us back under the British empire.

You two morons and the thought process/ideology you represent are part of the reason why Americans are waking up to throw your worthless party into the dumpster.

Dane,Is everyone wea... (Below threshold)

Is everyone wearing the grey uniforms at Gettysburg re-enactments every year pining for the restoration of slavery?
Every man wearing red coats in Willamsburg seeking to put Queen of England in charge of the 13 colonies?

Honestly, I don't know this guy from Adam. He's in OH, and not my immediate problem (mine is named Sestak/Toomey). If being a war re-enactment guy is the only hint at Nazi sympathy or leaning people have on this guy, he's still far behind (or ahead, depending on your POV) of Marc Garlasco or the late Sen. Byrd.

I looked at Galoob's link though... right on the first page in big bright lettering...

This page or anyone involved in its creation, or members of reenactment groups listed here, are in no way affiliated with real, radical political organizations (i.e., KKK, Aryan Nation, American Nazi Party, etc.) and do not embrace the philosophies and actions of the original NSDAP (Nazi party), and wholeheartedly condemn the atrocities which made them infamous. May the victims of this unspeakable horror rest in peace. As we portray the German combat soldier, we are only interested in recreating his daily life, furthering our understanding of what it took to be a soldier, and at the same time having fun reliving history. We honor the men (and women) who really experienced the war, and we salute their courage and loyalty to put their lives on the line in defense of their native soil, no matter what nationality or government.

But, if you're going to make sauce for the gander, how about that goose? Any opinion on Kaptur's statements?

Once again, it must be poin... (Below threshold)

Once again, it must be pointed out that Iott also has performed as Civil War Union infantryman, a WWI American "doughboy", and as a WWII American Infantryman and Paratrooper.

Of course, everyone knows that Iott is not a Nazi sympathizer. Even Dane and galoob.

But what Dane and galoob REALLY know is that the dems cannot remotely, under any circumstances, run on their record and the impact of their efforts.

At all.

Not even a little bit.

Therefore, it is imperative to employ sideshows to distract the voters.

However, the world of communications have changed. So standard, coordinated "hit" pieces like obambi's/axelrod's/Legacy Media on the US Chamber of Commerce are no longer even capable of derailing a Republican surge.

Oh, if only algore hadn't led the way in the development of the internet!

It will be amusing to see what li'l cat the dems pull out of the bag next to avoid discussing the reality of their "RECOVERY SUMMER" BABY!!!!

"it's about time the rep... (Below threshold)

"it's about time the republican connection to the SS was uncovered."

Well, no, that's not what I said at all.

I asked why this blog and some of its readers are defending a man who dressed up like an SS officer and acts out the role of a Nazi?

Re; The civil war war saw American vs American.

WW II saw American vs Nazis.

Iott chose the SS.

"These guys don't know their history," said Charles W. Sydnor, Jr., a retired history professor and author of "Soldiers of Destruction: The SS Death's Head Division, 1933-45," which chronicles an SS division. "They have a sanitized, romanticized view of what occurred." Sydnor added that re-enactments like the Wiking group's are illegal in Germany and Austria. "If you were to put on an SS uniform in Germany today, you'd be arrested."

Who on earth would want to wear a Nazi SS uniform?

Republican Rich Lott.

And look at the conservatives who are defending him? I can't believe it. You are actually defending someone who chooses to dress up like a Nazi SS officer.

of course moron dane avoids... (Below threshold)

of course moron dane avoids commenting on Kaptur's horrendous comments.I guess you agree with them dane?

Notice how Dane and galoob ... (Below threshold)

Notice how Dane and galoob do not address Iott's performing war reenactments as a Civil War Union infantryman, a WWI American "doughboy", and a WWII American infantryman and paratrooper?

But not to worry.

On election day, dane and galoob's and all the little voice-actuated lefty trolls will be confronted with the reality that the country is no longer fooled by them.

At all.

Gallob and Dain... They ju... (Below threshold)

Gallob and Dain... They just dont come any stupider then these 2..

Wasserman-Schultz is filthy... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Wasserman-Schultz is filthy, lying slime - much like galoob and other leftist trash.

"we can't help but come to ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"we can't help but come to the conclusion that they will sink to any level that is necessary in order to fulfill their own political needs. "

Good lord. It took you this long to figure that out? Remember elections are not exercises in democracy for the dems, they are merely exercises in how to game the system for political and financial advantage. For that reason the dems feel that anything and everything goes. There is no level too low for them to stoop to.

You are actually defendi... (Below threshold)

You are actually defending someone who chooses to dress up like a Nazi SS officer.

FYI, the rank insignia that Iott wore in the pictures was that of an SS-Sturmmann, something like a PFC or Lance Corporal, not an officer.

It's not as if he was a Obergruppenführer, Obersturmbannfuhrer or even a Sturmbannfuhrer.

Your kids better choose car... (Below threshold)

Your kids better choose carefully next time they play Cowboys and Indians. They might run afoul of the PC Police and ruin their futures.

"Notice how Dane and gal... (Below threshold)

"Notice how Dane and galoob do not address Iott's performing war reenactments as a Civil War Union infantryman, a WWI American "doughboy", and a WWII American infantryman and paratrooper?"

Did not address it because its irrelevant to the discussion of why Iott dressed up like a Nazi SS trooper.

I don't care if he dresses up as Barney Rubble at Halloween either.

I do care about US politicians who choose to emulate Nazis.

Galoob is a Nazi sympathize... (Below threshold)

Galoob is a Nazi sympathizer,he knows their rank insignia.
Quote:"FYI, the rank insignia that Iott wore in the pictures was that of an SS-Sturmmann, something like a PFC or Lance Corporal, not an officer."

Dane: "Did not address it b... (Below threshold)

Dane: "Did not address it because its irrelevant to the discussion of why Iott dressed up like a Nazi SS trooper."


Of course.

Discussing all of the roles a war reenactor has filled is "irrelevant" to the discussion of why war reenactors dress up as participants on different sides of war reenactments!!!

There it is folks.

They have nothing else!


4 years of Congressional control!

2 years of total Prsidential/Congressional control!

A full year of total super-majority control!

Why aren't they arguing about what a wonderful job they've done??!!


Hey, remember just about 22 months ago when we told by the Dane's of the world that it was all over for the Repubs/Conservatives?

"40 years in the wilderness" is all that awaited the Republican party and conservatives in general.

And here we are, just 22 months later, and all the dems have is "Nazi!" and "Racist!" and "Witch!"

Wow. Priceless.

"I do care about US politic... (Below threshold)

"I do care about US politicians who choose to emulate Nazis." So was Tom Cruize a Nazi sympathizer for his movie? What about all those other actors who played Nazi's. To show history accurately you have to show both sides of war and how they lived that is part and parcel of historical re-enactment, everybody can't be the first man on the beach.

In a way, you have to feel ... (Below threshold)

In a way, you have to feel a little sympathy for Dane/galoob et al.

Their little playbook had worked so well for 2 election cycles in a row.

The dems pick the folks to demonize, the Soros-funded "independent" groups chime in, the "objective" media (all the usual suspects) suddenly and simultaneously (sort of journo-listy) produce breathless "reports" and "news" stories outlining the charges against these demons, and then the dems go on to win elections.

Yet, that's not whats happening this time around, is it?


Not even a little.

And just like Carter, the idiots like obambi and dane and galoob have just shot themselves right in the foot for the next 10-15 years (that's how long it will take for the public to "forget" the dem failures when they had total control).

Get ready Dane/galoob.

Here it comes.

Are you ready?........(doesn't matter really, it's coming anyway).....

"Did not address it because... (Below threshold)

"Did not address it because its irrelevant to the discussion of why Iott dressed up like a Nazi SS trooper."

Hey dumbass, let me explain it in simple terms so you can grasp the concept.

Re-enactment groups often "take turns" playing the bad guys. Otherwise EVERYONE shows up in WWII GI attire. The same goes for re-enactment groups IN EUROPE.

Garand, there's no use expl... (Below threshold)

Garand, there's no use explaining anything to dane/galoob.

Their entire purpose is to make as many posts as possible labeling the republican candidate as a nazi "sympathizer"/"emulater".

They know it's not true.

And they simply don't care.

Actually, they do care. They clearly enjoy it BECAUSE they know it's not true.

It's like the joy the lefty trolls get by repeating patently false and debunked "quotes" by conservatives.

Again, it's all they have left. They have been exposed. And there's no where to hide. No where to cast blame that will be accepted by the vast majority of voters.

So they spin.

And spin.

To no avail.

Nazi Sympathizers get good ... (Below threshold)

Nazi Sympathizers get good cover on right wing blogs. They'll rail and spit for days to defend a guy who dresses up in a Nazi SS uniform then acts our the roles of the Nazis.

Gee, I'm surprised.

Iott said he could not recall when he and his son joined the Wiking group but that he was no longer involved.

Wiking is exclusively Nazi SS, not civil war, not WW 1 - those are allright weing strawmen thrown up by defenders of Nazi Sympathzers.

Wiking is a Nazi SS re-enactment group that Iott specifically joined.

He didn't see anything wrong with dressing up as a Nazi. Neither do the Tea Party drunks on this blog.

Amazing. But not at all surprising, is it?

Dane you are a complete was... (Below threshold)

Dane you are a complete waste, we defend him because he's DONE NOTHING WRONG. You try to smear him because he likes to be involved in war reenactments. If you're not saying he's an SS supporter what the hell are you trying to say? Is this what your side has? Is this all you're going to do this election cycle is find stupid crap that has no meaning what so ever and try to smear people with it? You do know the president you love so much sat in the church of a complete and utter un american rasist for 20 years right? This total gutter crap coming from your side is just plain stupid there is so much more dirty laundry on your side.

Well I'm going to have to d... (Below threshold)

Well I'm going to have to disagree that he's done nothing wrong. I think glorifying the Nazi SS is a despicable, heinous act for an American to do.

For an American politician to do it is absolutely unthinkable and reprehensible.

A Nazi SS. Shameful.

I propose a spelling change... (Below threshold)

I propose a spelling change for a word in the English language. Let's change the spelling of "disdain" to "dis-dane." I think the meaning would be more clear.

Of course you disagree I kn... (Below threshold)

Of course you disagree I know that you dumb ass, you've made that very clear. Of course you really haven't been able to prove that he's GLORIFIED the SS I mean I assume in the reenactment Germany still lost the war. But ok you disagree it's your opinion and your entitled to it. Now what about the heinous to use your term act of sitting in a church listening to a complete un american rasist? You down with that, that's ok? Remember Obama wasn't reenacting a racist period in black liberation theology he was listening to his mentor, he was having his character shaped. How's that not 10 times worse than play acting in a war reenactment?

Got to back up Drago. The p... (Below threshold)

Got to back up Drago. The problem with trying to argue with leftist partisan hacks like Dane or Galoob is that they fully know that what they're writing is bullsh*t, and yet they write it anyway. Dane doesn't truly believe that Iott is "glorifying" Nazis. And yet here he is doing his best Baghdad Bob impersonation, arguing the point. Whether this is from sheer stupid stubbornness or intellectual dishonesty doesn't really matter. It's probably both.

Oh, and personally, I'm wai... (Below threshold)

Oh, and personally, I'm waiting for Dane's condemnation of those vile Nazi sympathizers Werner Klemperer and John Banner.

You know if Obama had to en... (Below threshold)

You know if Obama had to endure 1/2 the scruitiny that Dane would like to give this he wouldn't survive. Let's use the same standard here:
1. Obama is friends with an unrepentent domestic terrorist that has tried to kill americans, for a politician to be associated with anyone like that is HEINOUS!
2. Obama's mentor is a blame america first, racist of the first order, for an american president to have his character formed by the likes of this man is HEINOUS
3. Obama got his house through a shady deal with a convicted felon, for an american president to deal with a person like this is HEINOUS.
Dane loves Obama because he never play acted in a war reenactment and shudder played the part of the enemy. To Dane that's glorifying the SS, but Obama has real associations that are far far worse in the real world (not in the world reenactment) Dane seems to have no problem with that at all. So tell me Dane Billy Ayers AOK with you, how about the honorable Rev Wright, or al cap... I mean Tony Rezko? These associations are ok?

Obviously having a candidat... (Below threshold)

Obviously having a candidate who likes to dress up as a Nazi SS trooper bothers some on the right.

You just can't find any of them around here.

Doesn't bother me Dane.It w... (Below threshold)

Doesn't bother me Dane.It was an reeanactment douchebag. Maybe you should keep your pointless opinions to yourself.

Dane, save it. You're not <... (Below threshold)

Dane, save it. You're not really upset about this. You're not bothered about it at all. To you, this is nothing more than a dishonest, pathetic weapon for you to use to slam Republicans. We're not going to dance to your tune and condemn Iott as you demand, troll.

You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.

Seig Heil, Michael. I shoul... (Below threshold)

Seig Heil, Michael. I should shut up or face the consequences you and your Nazi Sympathizers dish out on me?

"It was an reeanactment douchebag."

Yeah, I'd say anyone who spends years of their life dressing up as a Nazi SS trooper is a "reeanactment douchebag" all right. At last someone on the right got it right that time....

Time for your evening meds ... (Below threshold)

Time for your evening meds Dane...of...and please get a life...what a loser.

Michael,We're deal... (Below threshold)


We're dealing with a sick kook who spends a ridiculous amount of time trolling a blog filled with people he loathes. He gets off on the attention he gets here, and I'm not going to give him any more. I suggest you do the same.

Hey Dane-sh little troll!</... (Below threshold)
Sky Captain:

Hey Dane-sh little troll!

Why don't you go answer John in #32 before you spout off anymore about historical reenactors?

Seems like you have some explaining to do about how you're fixating on Mr Iott, yet have nothing to say about Obama.

If I didn't know better, one would think it was only because of skin color. Would that not make you *gasp* raaaaacist?

Nazi Sympathizers and the w... (Below threshold)

Nazi Sympathizers and the women who love them - next time on Oprah.

Soros turns in his neighbor... (Below threshold)

Soros turns in his neighbors to the Nazis and feels no remorse... the left celebrates him (and takes his pay)
but historical battle reenacment? This is where the line must be drawn!
Galoob, btw, must be BryanD on newer better meds

Next on DANE'S WORLD Obama ... (Below threshold)

Next on DANE'S WORLD Obama the american terrorist lover and the dip $hit that loves him.

dane: "Nazi Sympathizers an... (Below threshold)

dane: "Nazi Sympathizers and the women who love them - next time on Oprah."

Ha ha ha!

That's it?!


Get ready Dane.

Get ready.

How about this: "Republican candidates for the House and Senate and the American people who trust them enough to vote out each of those Mao and castro-lovin' li'l dems, next on every news channel you turn on......in November."

Are you feeling it Dane?

Are. You. Feeling. It?

Doesn't matter if you do or not, it's still comin'.........

Or are you too busy with 10% unemployment after "RECOVERY SUMMER" baby!!!

I can't believe this bog... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I can't believe this bog is actually defending a Nazi sympathizer.

He dressed up and re-enacted actions taken by the SS.

Yeah...we call that "acting" out here in the hinderlands (and in Hollywood). Would you prefer he dress us as a French Knight in the Battle of Agincourt instead?


I asked why this blog an... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I asked why this blog and some of its readers are defending a man who dressed up like an SS officer and acts out the role of a Nazi?

For the same reason we don't a bunch of D&Ders dressing up as their favourite character and having mock battles in the forest.

It's pretend role-playing. You know? Like a real-life video game?

I think Iott should next participate in a Spartan battle, that should be fun.

In a way, you have to fe... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

In a way, you have to feel a little sympathy for Dane/galoob et al.

No, I don't. Most people with a semi-functioning cerebellum knows about war reinactments. What did they expect, we would ask some Germans to come over to Ohio and play the part of the other side?

I'm waiting for Dane's c... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I'm waiting for Dane's condemnation of those vile Nazi sympathizers Werner Klemperer and John Banner.


From "<a href="http://chica... (Below threshold)

From "The Left's Powers of Delusion."

Why don't leftists ever recognize their fantasies as self-serving delusions? I believe it is because most leftists, and certainly the professional intellectual leftists who fabricate and sell those fantasies for money and prestige, live in a nonempirical world. Empiricism is the final test of any idea. This is the fundamental idea of science but it holds true in all fields of human endeavor. An idea must manifest in a physical form and interact with the material world before its truth can be truly verified. Business people have ideas of businesses all the time but the only real test of the idea is to create the business and see if it thrives. Generals create weapons, tactics and doctrines only to see them all disintegrate when real war breaks out. Engineers build objects and machines that must work.

Leftists, however, live in a world isolated from physical consequence. They pay no material consequence for the failure of the ideas. It is not as if any of the leaders of the Kent State rioters ever ended up with hands bound, kneeling in the mud of a Cambodian rice paddy waiting for a raped and brainwashed 12 year old to suffocate them by wrapping a plastic bag tightly over their heads. No radical leftwing radical professor of the era lost his job for failing to predict the psychotic nature of the Khmer Rouge or the consequences of the horrific rule of Cambodia. No American leftists has ever paid a serious material consequence for any error, no matter how sweeping. It is always someone else who pays.

It was the Kulaks, Ukrainians, idealistic communists and others who paid the price for Stalin, not the legions of western leftists who ignored his crimes and cheered him on. It was the Chinese peasants who starved to death during the Great Leap Forward and not the college student with the "Mao more than ever" t-shirt. Less dramatically, it is the poor of America who suffered from crime, permanent joblessness and the disintegration of families because of leftists' policies, not the ivory-tower intellectuals who created those policies.

In the specific case of Indochina, the "peace" movement failed catastrophically to bring peace to anyone. The people of Indochina suffered horribly. However, since the "peace" movement ended with the far left dominant in American politics and culture, American leftists see it as a great victory and seek to recreate it at every opportunity. Why shouldn't they? They personally or collectively don't expect to pay any material consequence for their selfishness and self-absorption.

This isolation from physical consequence lets leftists swim through life in a haze of self-delusion. Without physical consequence, absolutely everything in their lives become just a fictional story. This is why leftists are so keen on the idea that everything is a "narrative". In their world, everything is just a narrative.
"Reality-based" thinking means that you don't have to think about reality - just come up with a good narrative, have your buddies sign off on it, and presto - you've got yourself a "reality" that replaces that nasty bitch of a real world you have to live in.

Plus, you can call everyone around you delusional when they won't believe that Mao just loved fluffy bunnies and the primary cause of death in the Ukraine after Stalin's decision to starve the Kulaks out was overeating.

Since when is acting a crim... (Below threshold)

Since when is acting a crime? How can seemingly "intelligent" people try to ruin a persons reputation on such nonsense? Are you so politically "Poor" you have to resort to such tactics?

"Cut to the quick!" -- You ... (Below threshold)

"Cut to the quick!" -- You got down to the nugget of truth right away. Good writing!

Just one observation regarding Kaptur's (Captor's) comments: She equates Islam as equal to Christianity.

My refutation to her belief: One religion believes in Giving your life to save others...the other believes in giving your life to Kill others!

Just another moral-equivalence dudette!

So tired of these liars trying to divide and conquer!






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