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Not. Helpful.

On Sunday, President Obama was speaking in Philadelphia, and for once the entertainment was supplied by members of the crowd, not the TOTUS (Teleprompter Of The United States).

First up, one asshat made a stab at claiming the million dollars a web site has offered for the first person to streak at an Obama event with the web site scrawled across their chest. He got naked, ran around, and showed off the URL, but was busted quickly by authorities. And the web site owner says as soon as he sees the video (and the guy gets out of jail), he'll pay him.

Next, someone tossed a book at Obama, narrowly missing him.

No word on what the book was, or who threw it.

Expect a surge of hysteria from the left about how it must have been a Tea Partier, finally indulging in the violence that they've been warning us about all along (while their own thugs have been engaging in actual violence).

Anyway, the book missed Obama, so he didn't have a chance to demonstrate his athletic prowess -- unlike President Bush and the shoes in Iraq, he didn't even have to dodge and it's questionable if he even saw it coming.

So let's have a little fun. What book do you think it might have been?

Right off the bat, we can eliminate The Communist Manifesto, Mao's Little Red Book, and Alinsky's Rules For Radicals -- throwing those at Obama would be redundant.

He probably already possesses an autographed copy of Prairie Fire by William Ayers, et al. (that's the one that's dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan, among others), so that's out too.

Bibles and Korans tend to be a bit too revered by their owners to just toss around.

It seemed a bit too beefy to be a copy of the Constitution -- funny how the plan to set up the entire US government is so brief, yet ObamaCare ran over 2000 pages. But it certainly would be symbolic enough.

Conversely, it's too slim to be a copy of Atlas Shrugged, so that's out. Man, that's one thick book. Ayn Rand could have used an editor.

Freakonomics and Adam Smith's The Wealth Of Nations are possibilities, or even P. J. O'Rourke's recent treatise on Smith's book.

So, if you were to present a book to President Obama (preferably delivered in some more acceptable method than an overhand lob at his head), which would you choose?


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Comments (32)

Small thin paperback, looks... (Below threshold)

Small thin paperback, looks like a dark grey back in the photo I saw. I'm more interested in finding out what book it was.

I would rather "throw the book" of criminal offences at him rather than offer him any reading material. He has demonstrated he isn't interested in looking at other points of view.

The Road to Serfdom?... (Below threshold)

The Road to Serfdom?

I was in a book store just ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

I was in a book store just the other day, in the oversized paperbacks section I saw they had The Complete Idiot's Guide to Economics. I guess that would be my guess.

"Pinheads and Patriots" ...... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

"Pinheads and Patriots" ... although I doubt one can actually turn a pinhead into a patriot.

The constitution? Would be ... (Below threshold)

The constitution? Would be the closest thing to actually having some contact with that document that the president has had since taking office.

Watership Down... (Below threshold)

Watership Down

The Federalist... (Below threshold)

The Federalist

Someone's trying to take hi... (Below threshold)

Someone's trying to take him back to basics...

Comprehension Mini-lessons: Inference & Cause and Effect

Heaven knows he doesn't seem to have that idea down!

If you want to go with O'Ro... (Below threshold)

If you want to go with O'Rourke, I'd say "A Parliament of Whores". But then again that would have been more appropriately thrown at Reid or Pelosi.

I wish someone tossed "Crim... (Below threshold)

I wish someone tossed "Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama".

The Constitution for Dummie... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

The Constitution for Dummies.

The Uniform Code of Militar... (Below threshold)

The Uniform Code of Military Justice (AKA the UCMJ).

It was a paperback copy of ... (Below threshold)

It was a paperback copy of Going Rogue.

Crime and Punishment... (Below threshold)

Crime and Punishment

Looking at the photos on an... (Below threshold)

Looking at the photos on another site, the front cover of the paperback, trade edition sized, book appears to have an image of a "caduceus" on the front, or something along that vien.

With that in mind, my guess is it was somekind of basic medical tome. Probably a comment on Obamacare and the lack of medicine that Obamacare represents?

Along with "Economics for dummies" a book Obama could use a copy of is "Medicinal practices for dummies".

Justin Bieber's autobiograp... (Below threshold)

Justin Bieber's autobiography.

Glenn Beck's "Arguing With ... (Below threshold)

Glenn Beck's "Arguing With Idiots".

How to Dissappear, by Frank... (Below threshold)

How to Dissappear, by Frank Ahern. (We can only hope.)

Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. (We can only hope,pt II.)

"My Pet Goat" Hurry up and ... (Below threshold)

"My Pet Goat" Hurry up and finish the damn thing yoda.

"The Forgotten Man" by Amit... (Below threshold)

"The Forgotten Man" by Amity Shlaes. His Wonderfulness is repeating all of the mistakes that turned the depression into The Great Depression.

Given Barry's short attenti... (Below threshold)

Given Barry's short attention span (he gets bored easily) - I'd throw him a comic book. Something not too intelligence challenging, or with a lot of big words.

You dismiss the Koran too q... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

You dismiss the Koran too quickly. Sure, a Muslim would be unlikely to throw a Koran, but there are plenty of non-Muslims who very well might.

The Turner Diaries, ... (Below threshold)

The Turner Diaries, thrown by a right wing nutbar.

I would have a hard time ch... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I would have a hard time choosing between these three:

"Thomas Jefferson: A Life" by Willard Sterne Randall. (The paperback resembles a softball, so I could sling it with ease.)

"Common Sense" by Thomas Paine. (Is 40 or so pages too light? Hmm, maybe. But it's the thought that counts.)

"God and Man at Yale" by William F. Buckley. ("Take this you, Hah-vahd sissy!")

Then again, Obama wouldn't have time to read them as he's too busy playing golf.

Black Like Me ww... (Below threshold)

Black Like Me ww

"Animal Farm" by George Orw... (Below threshold)

"Animal Farm" by George Orwell

Some strange shift in the a... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Some strange shift in the atmosphere must have occurred. Time was, and not very long ago, where even a passing jibe at Ayn Rand would have brought the fan-boys out in force. They would descend upon the thread like the islamic rage boy, screaming and wailing about the sacrilege.

Now, nothing.

Let's hope everyone is concentrating on striking blows against the empire in three weeks, and after the election things will get back to normal. Otherwise, where will the fun be in mocking Ron Paul?

<a href="http://en.wikipedi... (Below threshold)
"Finding a job in the comin... (Below threshold)
Edward A. Schuster:

"Finding a job in the coming years."

Ann Coulter's High Crimes &... (Below threshold)

Ann Coulter's High Crimes & Misdemeamors

Weep for the poor moonbats.... (Below threshold)

Weep for the poor moonbats...turns out it was an 'overexuberant' Obama supporter that just wanted Barry mmm mmm mmm to read his book. My goodness, even those who predicted a disastrous circus thought it would take more than 2 years.

It was probably a copy of A... (Below threshold)

It was probably a copy of Allen Drury's Advise and Consent.

It's for an absolute certainty that even if he ever read a single book, which I very seriously doubt, he missed that one.

Or was it Taylor Caldwell's Dear and Glorious Physician? He sure as Hell missed it, too.






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