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First Chilean Miner Rescued After Sixty Nine Days

If you're not watching one of the cable news stations or your late local news now, you're missing the emergence of the first of the 33 Chilean miners being evacuated from their underground chamber after 69 days underground.

Watch live at CBS, Fox, ABC, CNN, or view the MSNBC feed live below:


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Wow, what a great event. Pr... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Wow, what a great event. Prayers from around the world for their safe rescue were answered.

Amen, Paul (and greetings, ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Amen, Paul (and greetings, old friend)!

But this is no miracle - Chile very wisely decided from the beginning to save these men if it were possible, and invited all the nations of the world to send their expertise.

One of our own contributions came from NASA - a special high-calorie liquid food to be consumed before the disorienting ascent in the cramped rescue capsule, which had been developed to help astronauts avoid nausea during stressful changes in force and pressure.

God bless the miners and the rescuers, every one. All too often, mining disasters do not have happy endings.

Just read that the first mi... (Below threshold)

Just read that the first minars are out :-)
Such a happy day for them and their families. God Bless!

Hallelujah!What a ... (Below threshold)


What a Herculean effort, both above and below the surface of that failed mine.

Conundrum: are Gaia worshipers happy or sad on such an occasion? Just wondering.

Claustrophobia requires tha... (Below threshold)

Claustrophobia requires that I take a boat load of Valium just to undergo an MRI! Underground in some dark hole for 69 days? nope. Sixty nine MINUTES and I would have been finished.

Yeehaw!!!! Now if someone... (Below threshold)

Yeehaw!!!! Now if someone could resue us from this presidents economic policies..






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