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Broken Faith

On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama took the oath of office and became the 44th President of the United States. At that moment, the instantly held the allegiance and loyalty of every single man and woman in the United States armed services. He became their Commander In Chief, the highest link in their chain of command.

Sadly, it appears that he has forgotten (or, more likely, never learned) that loyalty -- true loyalty -- is a two-way street. Because he is breaking faith with the United States military. And he's doing it in such a way that undermines the very foundations of our system of government.

By law, absentee ballots for military members serving overseas have to be sent out at least 45 days before the election. This is to allow the ballots to find their way to Americans in the furthest-off reaches of the world, be filled out, and returned in time to be counted for the election.

This law -- the MOVE Act, standing for "Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act," one of the less tortuous legislative acronyms -- was passed last year. And in its first year, it's being pretty much ignored.

The Military Voted Protection (MVP) Project has filed a complaint, saying that seven states are at least partially violating it. Their complaint points fingers at Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Indiana, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Further, North Carolina and New York are also apparently assing around with the law.

I recall that the instant I decided that no way in hell should Al Gore EVER be granted any position of power or authority in this or any lifetime: it was during the Florida mess in the 2000 election, when Gore's campaign prepared and sent out a memo to its agents on how to find technicalities and other flaws in military ballots to get them disqualified. The logic was clear: the military tends to vote Republican, so any disqualified ballot would most likely be for Bush.

So here are thousands and thousands of American citizens, serving their nation, making tremendous sacrifices, and being deprived of not only one of the most fundamental rights of citizenship, but depriving them of their only chance to influence the government that commands their loyalty.

And what is the Obama administration doing about it? What is the Holder Justice Department doing about it?

As we've all learned, not a hell of a lot. The voting rights division of the Obama/Holder regime's Justice Department doesn't recognize any threatened voting rights except by certain protected minorities. White people, military service members -- they're simply not important enough to merit protection. So they've granted waivers to Alaska, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Hawaii, Nevada, North Dakota, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, allowing them to get around having broken the law. They're also suing New York, Wisconsin, and Guam to get them to get off their asses and let their citizens vote.

Of course, at this point, any settlement or finding will likely come too late for military voters this year. Oh, well. Maybe they'll iron out the bugs come 2012.

And how will the American service members respond to this gross violation of their rights as American citizens? They've already given up a great deal of their rights by agreeing to serve; this one is one of the those they get to keep.

Until now.

I'm not worried about them deciding that since Obama has broken faith with them, they owe him just as much loyalty in return. I have way too much faith in them.

But, dammit, Obama and his cronies ought to. It's only because their arrogance trumps their ignorance.


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Comments (50)

IMO, trying to nullify or e... (Below threshold)

IMO, trying to nullify or eliminate the vote of our Armed Forces is a despicable act. Wish we could call it Treason, or something, and find a way to boot his ass out after just 21 months of broken promise and continued failures.

While it is not very likely... (Below threshold)
Not Always Right:

While it is not very likely to happen in our country, Obama ought not to forget that plenty of dictators and dictator wannabes have been deposed by the military.

Perhaps its time the Joint ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps its time the Joint Chiefs of Staff, representing all the military services, got off their dead damned asses and started filing federal lawsuits in these states against the person who is supposed to be running the state-wide elections. Since their acts aren't 'discretionary' in regard to the Move Act, maybe the treat of federal prison time will get their bureaucratic asses in gear.

But as you point out, it's only conservative votes that are being lost, no big deal.

Were I still in the service, I'd be emailing home, asking how to file my own lawsuit. If nothing else, it would mean some petty bureaucrat would be getting face time with TV cameras explaining why they can't do their job.

How about if we start a pho... (Below threshold)

How about if we start a phone, email, and fax campaign aimed at the offenders?

Shameful. If a Republican ... (Below threshold)

Shameful. If a Republican majority comes to pass due to the November elections, I would take particular enjoyment in seeing investigatons into the behavior of the Holder Justice Department. I am sure it would be very enlightening to put it diplomatically and hopefully would serve as a tacit warning to the corrupt forces in other agencies in the executive branch.

Pardon me, but this sucks! ... (Below threshold)

Pardon me, but this sucks!

And from the party that always complains about disenfranchising voters.

They still haven't counted ... (Below threshold)

They still haven't counted 2000's military ballots. Barrys criminal hope is that somehow he can cling to a majority in November.

Aint gonna happen, RIGHT JIM X!!!!!!!!!

The push to disqualify abse... (Below threshold)

The push to disqualify absentee ballots, with a focus on the military ones, seemed to be an indicator which direction the left was leaning at the time. It was all about GETTING control - not about what would be DONE with it. And it pissed me off no end. Selective recounting? A 'confusing' ballot, designed by Democrats? Hanging f'ing CHADS? Tossing out military ballots by the thousands?

Now they're blatant enough (with a Democratic House and Senate and Presidency) to not even bother sending the ballots. That's a great message to send to the folks overseas, isn't it?

Well, there's more folks who were military getting into politics. If I were on the left, I'd remember the old saying "What goes around, comes around" because we got a representative government and stable voting established in Iraq - and what was done there could well be done here.

The pendulum always swings - and with the left cranking that damn thing as far as they could the last couple of elections, it's going to swing HARD back the other way.

The military swears allegia... (Below threshold)

The military swears allegiance to the Constitution before the CINC. This sort of shit isn't forgotten, and will probably tip more than a few officers off the fence at some point in the future.

Felon Vote - Good</p... (Below threshold)

Felon Vote - Good

Military Vote - Not Good

'bout sums it up

Dead felon votes- even bett... (Below threshold)

Dead felon votes- even better

as the CIC Obama should ref... (Below threshold)

as the CIC Obama should refuse to cast his vote in any election until every single serviceman/woman has cast their vote in that same election. Every Governor should be required to do the same for their own state as well.

Trying to disrupt the faire... (Below threshold)

Trying to disrupt the fairest elections in the history of mankind, negating the will of those who pay the most for our nation, and making sure their people get into office to enact policies that have turned world superpowers into third-world countries?

This is not how "the good guys" act, unless they're fighting something far more destructive than themselves, so PLEASE, PLEASE tell us what disaster on the horizon is so destructive that you're willing to break the nation with the most freedom in the history of humanity.

Shameful behavior from a sh... (Below threshold)

Shameful behavior from a shameless guy. If he would show as much energy to fix this as he did for the black professor in Mass., he might go up a notch in the polls but he has obviously decided to protect the rights of democrats and minorities only. ww

Disney characters best of a... (Below threshold)

Disney characters best of all

Jay makes up another lie.</... (Below threshold)

Jay makes up another lie.

So here are thousands and thousands of American citizens, serving their nation, making tremendous sacrifices, and being deprived of not only one of the most fundamental rights of citizenship, but depriving them of their only chance to influence the government that commands their loyalty.

Bullshit. Nothing but 100% pure made-up bullshit.

No wonder you get zero trackbacks. You make up crap and spew your bullshit and only the mentally-impaired take you seriously.

Go ahead. Look back at Jay's fairy tale. Does he source any facts that show thousands and thousands of Americans are being denied their vote?

No, he doesn't. He just pulls bullshit out of ass and declares it as fact, and the idiots who read this blog lick it right up.

#16Wilful... (Below threshold)


Wilfull idiot exhibit now open.

<a href="http://www.myfoxny... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

http://www.myfoxny.com/dpp/news/local_news/new_york_state/new-york-misses-military-absentee-ballot-deadline-ncx-20101011 .... go play with yourself, Dane.

"And what is the Obama administration doing about it? What is the Holder Justice Department doing about it?" In the words of Bono speaking about Bill Clinton's efforts at fighting aids in Africa, "did fuck all."

No surprises here. As I ha... (Below threshold)
jim m:

No surprises here. As I have said before: For the libs elections are not about democracy. They are about winning and gaming the system.

They don't really care what the people want. They believe that they know better than the public does. If there had been any consideration for what the people wanted health care would never have passed.

They don't care if people have their rights to vote denied, if those people don't vote the way they want them to. They don't believe in rights for people who believe differently than they do.

Just look at the 10:10 ads. That tells you what libs believe in deep down. They believe that if you don't toe their line then you have no rights. They believe that violating the rights of people who disagree with them is funny. They don't understand why everyone doesn't see things the same way as they do and that scares them.

Dane, I saw a report on the... (Below threshold)

Dane, I saw a report on the news LAST WEEK on this subject. You my friend bring the asshole to the meeting. ww

Dane: Then why do you read ... (Below threshold)

Dane: Then why do you read it?

Four links in the article, ... (Below threshold)

Four links in the article, and Dane still says I'm "making shit up."

And while Upset Old Guy comes up with a fifth, Willie has my back as always. (Thanks, guys!)

Dane, I'm feeling generous. Show how all those links DON'T say what I said they do, and I won't ban you.

Sound fair?


To hell with it. If "Dane" ... (Below threshold)

To hell with it. If "Dane" isn't Wee Lard, then he's doing a good enough impression of him to earn the splashback from my "screw you and everyone who looks like you" attitude towards him.

Mr. Duckie has taken up the Hammer of Olaf The Troll God once more.


Nothing personal about the ... (Below threshold)
Walter Cronanty:

Nothing personal about the military. Don't you know that the various laws protecting the right to vote only apply to those who would support the Ds? Thus, the Voting Rights Act is enforced only according to the race of the person who violates it and that portion of the Voting Rights Act mandating that polling books be purged of dead people, felons, those who have moved, etc. is not enforcedat all. If you don't support the Ds, and the military certainly doesn't, don't expect any law protecting your right to vote to be enforced. Nothing personal, just Chicago D politics.

Poor Dane, going off the de... (Below threshold)

Poor Dane, going off the deep end like that.

Just shows what Karma can do.

"Mr. Duckie has taken up th... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

"Mr. Duckie has taken up the Hammer of Olaf The Troll God once more."

If my body wasn't so sore from today's chores I'd be dancing just now.

I think Dane has been Lee w... (Below threshold)

I think Dane has been Lee who shall not be named all along. Way to similar in style. Recall that Lee frequently liked to call Jay a liar as well. He also liked to apply the racist paintbrush quite liberally.

Lets have a poll to guess L... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

Lets have a poll to guess Lee Ward's next sockpuppet screen name . My money is on "Swede".

Folks, let's not give Dane/... (Below threshold)

Folks, let's not give Dane/Lee one last victory by letting him hijack this comment thread, and keep on topic...


Thank God!I get my... (Below threshold)

Thank God!

I get my name back!

Anyway, there seems to be a problem of disconnect here. One could reasonably argue that some of those states (CA, NY, CT and NM) that are missing the deadline are so deep blue as to present a concerted effort to disenfranchise their allegedly conservative voters. But Alabama? Arkansas? Indiana? These are not hotbeds of Liberal thought.

Honestly, I think Occam's razor applies: The places that missed the deadlines have an unmotivated bureaucracy. Therefore, since decimation is no longer legal, we should select one bureaucrat in ten to be fired.

SOMEONE in each of these st... (Below threshold)

SOMEONE in each of these states is RESPONSIBLE. You'd think the RNC would hold their feet to the fire. Surprising things happen when you front a bureaucrat with a television camera and ask why they're not doing their job - seeing as they have no problem cashing their paycheck.

Bah - if the military reall... (Below threshold)

Bah - if the military really wanted their votes counted, they would register as democrats.

Then they could be sure of having the votes counted two or even three times.

So, what kind of stunt will... (Below threshold)

So, what kind of stunt will Hussein pull besides election fraud and discounting military ballots as October winds down?

He is sure to try something to stave off the inevitable.

This absentee election iss... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

This absentee election issue is hardly a controversial military justice isssue of the day? Why not talk about something more relevant, the DADT ("Don't ask , don't tell") policy of the Pentagon that District Judge Phillips rule unconstitutional yesterday.

Perhaps the GOP, the party of NO as 'Neanderthols' on social issues, now that moderates are practically extinct, could widen the tent of their party to include a ban of not only gay men enlisting, but muslims, or blacks or women. Makes about as much sense.

I must admit this has been on one of my hobby horses, for a while, so obvious has been the injustice in a nation that prides itself on equality under the law. This sort of discrimination is unthinkable in Israel's IDF or Her Majesty`s Forces in the UK , or the Canadaian Armed Forces or any other 'advanced' country`s military, in the world, but the US tolerates it and the GOP encourages it.

Hey Stevie! Even been in t... (Below threshold)

Hey Stevie! Even been in the military? Do you actually think you have all of your 'civilian' freedoms when you enlist?

Try it. Your 'hobby horse' would get shoved up your ass. Been then, you'd probably like it.

GarandFan, I expected that... (Below threshold) Was there anyone who still ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Was there anyone who still believed Obama and the leftists aren't anti-American Marxists with terrorist sympathies?

Guess again! Every single stinking one of them.

BTW, the President of Chile went through a list of heads of state who have called with congratulations on the successful mine rescue. Naturally, Obama wasn't among them - probably has an early tee time in the morning.

Just as a starter - The MOV... (Below threshold)
Jerry Chandler:

Just as a starter - The MOVE Act was passed in 2009, under Obama, and its lead author and sponsor was Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.)

Damn those Democrats for passing legislation to protect the troops!

Now let's see about those states you list...

Alabama: Gov. Bob Riley - Republican. Senators Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby - Both Republican.

California: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Republican.

Connecticut: Gov. M. Jodi Rell - Republican.

Indiana: Gov: Mitch Daniels - Republican. Senator Dick Lugar - Republican.

Nevada: Governor Jim Gibbons - Republican. Senator John Ensign - Republican.

So, of the seven states you list as examples we have two that have Republican Governors, two where the Governor and one senator is a Republican and one where the Governor and both Senators are Republicans. Damn Obama and those filthy Democrats! Well, and those filthy Republicans that can't run their own states well enough to actually see to it that out military gets to vote apparently. But don't let the facts about who's in charge in some of these states stop you from telling the story you want to tell.

What about these other two...

North Carolina: Senator Richard Burr -Republican.

So the two states that you say are only "apparently assing around with the law" but not actually in full violation yet have Governors who are Democrats and NY has all three spots as Democrats.

So, of the nine states you list there are more run by Republican Governors than Democratic Governors and you have several with both Governors and Senators as Republicans. Why yes, of course... This must be the Democrats doing this and that damned, dirty Obama.

Moving on...

"And what is the Obama administration doing about it? What is the Holder Justice Department doing about it?
As we've all learned, not a hell of a lot. "

Right... Not a lot. And to back that up you link to a page where we learn amongst other things...

"The Justice Department today announced that it has reached an agreement with New Mexico officials to help ensure that military service members and other U.S. citizens living overseas have an opportunity to participate fully in the Nov. 2, 2010, federal general election. The agreement was necessary to ensure New Mexico's compliance with the 2009 Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE Act).

The agreement was filed in conjunction with a lawsuit by the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division alleging that election officials in six New Mexico counties violated federal law when they failed to transmit ballots by Sept. 18, 2010, to military and overseas voters who requested absentee ballots. The affected counties are Curry, Los Alamos, McKinley, Rio Arriba, Sandoval and Taos. The agreement extends the deadline for receipt of ballots from military and overseas voters. Ballots from eligible voters who requested ballots by Sept. 18, 2010, that are executed and sent by Nov. 2, 2010, and received by 7:00 p.m. on Nov. 6, 2010, will be counted."

... that the Holder Justice Department took steps to make sure that the military votes are counted by extending the deadline to receive and count them. Damn those dirty Democrats for trying so hard to disqualify those military votes! Obviously not enough at all right now. Maybe we should declare war on those states and bomb them.

"The voting rights division of the Obama/Holder regime's Justice Department doesn't recognize any threatened voting rights except by certain protected minorities. White people, military service members -- they're simply not important enough to merit protection."

My, my do you ever like to lie. Oh, by the way, the military has quite a few minorities in their mix. Quite a few Democrats as well it seems. In 2004 John Kerry got 41 percent of the military vote. In 2008 Obama got 44 percent of the military vote. The military isn't exactly the landslide vote that the Republicans like to make it out to be. Plus, if we're talking facts and the real world here, Obama actually got a 6 to 1 lead over McCain in donations from overseas military in the 2008 election. http://www.usatoday.com/news/politics/election2008/2008-08-14-military-donations_N.htm.

Not a lot of reasons for the Democrats or Obama to fear the military vote, but you keep on shoveling that stuff you shovel so well.

"And how will the American service members respond to this gross violation of their rights as American citizens? They've already given up a great deal of their rights by agreeing to serve; this one is one of the those they get to keep.
Until now. "

Jay, on what planet do you actually live on. My father was overseas military in the 60s and 70s and they had issues with votes back then. The 2008 presidential election was a disaster for military voters with thousands of them disenfranchised when their absentee ballots were sent to wrong addresses, lost in the mail or mailed too close to the election for the ballot to be returned. Oh, and Bush was in charge then. I guess you want to chastise W. now for trying to suppress the military vote to help the Democrats, right? In 1980, the U.S. attorney general sued Florida to enforce the Overseas Citizens Voting Rights Act in large part due to problems with military votes. And even then the 35 day mailing rule and the 10 day extension that Florida had wasn't even codified as law until 1984.

Hey, here's an old one for you... President Truman, 1952: "At a time when these young people are defending our country and its free institutions, the least we at home can do is to make sure that they are able to enjoy the rights they are being asked to fight to preserve." He was talking about voting. They had issues even back then.

But, of course, they've always kept that right without any problem whatsoever until now; until the evil Obama Regime. Well, at least on your little fact free, history free world.

Try a little bit of truth for a change. This has long been a problem and it has long been a problem under the reigns of both parties. It's a problem that desperately needs to be addressed and fixed and the reasons for why it cannot be fixed are growing weaker and weaker the better our technology grows. If you actually gave a damned about the problem and really wanted to see it fixed you would be writing a fact based piece about the actual problem and not a cheap bit of political hack work where you basically present the problem as being the Democrats in charge (made dumber by the fact that you have to leave out the fact that some of the states you list are run top to bottom by Republicans to make up your "facts" here.)

If you actually gave a damn about the military you might try writing something truthful about the problem rather than pandering to the "we hate Obama" crowd and using our troops as pieces in a political game. But I guess that's just too foreign a concept for you and the typical Wizbang readers.

Something good can come fro... (Below threshold)

Something good can come from this.

People in the military need leadership skils, integrity, courage, and an ability to think clearly to succeed.

Perhaps the Democrats' clumsy efforts to disenfranchise them can help persuade our men and women in uniform that when they've completed their military service, there's another way they can serve their country -- by running for political office.

And I suspect they won't be running as Democrats.

Do you know any veterans? Or are you one yourself? Let's spread this idea around ...

Thanks so much for the hist... (Below threshold)

Thanks so much for the history lesson Jerry, you see the difference now is thanks to Schumer and others there is a LAW and the DOJ is charged with enforcement, the DOJ is not capable of doing it's job. There are waivers for good cause that the DOJ has no guidelines for, they have not returned etc. The DOJ in this area is completely disfunctional, perhaps they are too busy covering up their misdeeds at the voting rights division.

Jerry,Got a deal f... (Below threshold)


Got a deal for you...we will grant that the Democrats really care about the military, based on your iteration of historical precedent, and in return, you grant that Republicans are the real civil rights pioneers based on the same historical precedent.


One need look no further th... (Below threshold)

One need look no further than the crap Al Gore tried to pull in Florida to know which way the wind blows. All this about republican gov and senators in the states that are out of compliance is a smoke screen this is a federal mandate not a state mandate DOJ has to enforce the law, there are also waivers for the first year that the DOJ can't seem to process mostly because there are no guidelines for what consitutes a reasonable waiver.

Jerry, Illinois is in that... (Below threshold)

Jerry, Illinois is in that group also, big time Dem (Durban). And what issues are you taking with the Democrats in the states that you listed?

You know what is stupid abo... (Below threshold)

You know what is stupid about that CNN poll Crickmore? It is half assed. The don't ask don't tell policy is about keeping your ****life to yourself because in war; for Americans, sex and military actions do not go together.
Garandfan is also right; the day you put pen to paper, you put your civil right on hold for the duration of your military commitment. In fact you sign your life away to defend every other American's right to point out and defend halfassed opinion polls. Let me make this even more clear. While in the military you are saying your commander controls EVERY aspect of your life. All encompassing absolute every. The only thing you may get to do is lobby for the relieving of your commander if it turns out he is about to be disobedient and treasonous to the units mission which is the defense of the constitution. Or maybe if he has suddenly become insane or something. Otherwise you have to obey even to the point of stepping into a hail of bullets if he says so. Clearly if someone cannot keep thier mouth shut when orderd too would be an effin coward in the face of sure death.
I think Garandfan has been there and so have I and I observed it to the tee.

The military is covered by ... (Below threshold)

The military is covered by the MCMJ and personnel are not treated under the constitution. The brass are for anything that will promote them to Washington plus "brass" has private quarters and showers. The front line troops are the ones that have to deal with the social engineering of idiots and they, by a huge majority want "don't ask, don't tell" because once they know, variables enter into the "team" logic. Just because some think homosexuality is great, others find it a diviancy and that is their right also. ww

Mr. Chandler - if you cared... (Below threshold)

Mr. Chandler - if you cared to do more than put some kind of superficial window dressing on your argument like, "Oooh, dude! They have Republican Governors!" you might go so far as to investigate which counties in these states were in violation.

I just picked a state at random and got this in about 4 minutes:

New Mexico Counties in violation of the MOVE Act: Curry, Los Alamos, McKinley, Rio Arriba, Sandoval and Taos

2008 election results by county (ie political leanings)
Curry - 67% McCain
Los Alamos - 53% Obama
McKinley - 71% Obama
Rio Arriba - 75% Obama
Sandoval - 56% Obama
Taos - 82% Obama

While the State officials are responsible in the end, it's the counties that are in violation. But nooooo. Some of them have smelly Republican Senators and Governors!

"[C]heap bit of political hack work" indeed.

Furthermore you can ignore the fact that a private organization, the MVP Project, is who pushed this into the view of the politically motivated Justice Department. I might add that it is also a long running problem there. They couldn't ignore it. They had no choice but to address it with the current news of their disgusting activities being so widely disseminated recently.

"80 % of the American publi... (Below threshold)

"80 % of the American public and almost all the military brass are in favor of ending the ban."

Hey Stevie, and what if that other 20% happens to comprise MOST of the people in the military?

What then?

(And I seriously doubt your "80%" - given that 52% of CALIFORNIANS passes Prop 8.

So Steve to you it's more i... (Below threshold)

So Steve to you it's more important that gays in the military are allowed to declare "I'm gay" then it is to insure they are allowed to vote? Are you sure about that? I mean I would have thought the most important thing in a represenitive republic would be voting, but maybe I'm wrong maybe openly displaying your sexuality is more important.

Of course, any one in the m... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Of course, any one in the military should be able to vote, and suffer no inconvenience, but the Fox news hyperlink.
seems to imply that these were the usual bureaucratic lackadasical state snafus as much by Red states such as Alabama as blue states.

They may be snafus but at t... (Below threshold)

They may be snafus but at this point they are illegal snafus and the DOJ is the enforcement agency, they have been more than a little lacking in addressing this situation. Maybe they should refocus away from DADT and spend a bit more time insisting the states (Red and Blue) fix the snafu. You implied that the real military problem of the day is DADT I suggest that isn't an important issue today or any other day.






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