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The euphoria of rescue

There's rich symbolism here, so rich:

The Anchoress sums things up nicely:

And then, after a brief wait, the second miner emerges from the rescue capsule with great joy; he embraces his wife and then opens a bag to retrieve...gifts.

For others.

In the midst of all of this drama, all of the lights and excitement and concern, and at a moment when a man could reasonably be excused for thinking only of himself, Mario Sepulveda Espinace thought about others, and he brought them gifts.

Rocks? Rocks containing gold? It doesn't matter. Mario Sepulveda Espinace crested the top of a hole from which he thought he might never escape, and his first instinct was to give. That's a thing worth writing about, and thinking about and praying about. I wish I had a picture of that moment! How huge and resilient is the human spirit?

We were already witnessing something jaw-dropping and near-miraculous. And a man arose bearing gifts, and it got even better, for everyone in the world who was paying attention.


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Comments (8)

This scene will be repeated... (Below threshold)
retired military:

This scene will be repeated on the night of the elections all across America.

I am so happy for their fam... (Below threshold)

I am so happy for their families. I couldn't imagine what those miners went through for the last 70 days. I couldn't imagine being away from my family that long either. Thankfully they are slowly returning to the surface. That is awesome news.

On a side note, I don't think I could handle a ride in that rescue capsule.

An international effort - n... (Below threshold)

An international effort - not dictated by any so-called President but rather voluntarily mounted has led to these men's deliverance from an impossible-to-imagine situation. And thank God for it.

If this had happened in the... (Below threshold)

If this had happened in the US, the rescuers would stilll be going through diversity and sensitivity training. Then we'd need an ecological study, followed by lawsuits from greenpeace.

Is the guy with a wife and mistress coming out or staying put?

Can we hire the Chileans to... (Below threshold)

Can we hire the Chileans to help us with our off-shore oil drilling?

Roy,It was a US fi... (Below threshold)


It was a US firm that drilled the shaft that the Chileans are using to rescue the workers: from the Denver Post.

"Is the guy with a wife and... (Below threshold)

"Is the guy with a wife and mistress coming out or staying put?"

I'm sure that's a question running through his mind! "Oh, if it's all the same to you I'll just hang out down here. Quiet, peaceful, I'll do a little digging... I like my alone time, you know?"

It's great he's getting rescued, but he's in for hell when he gets up topside!

So. An Australian mining en... (Below threshold)

So. An Australian mining engineer used American equipment and rescued some miners from a long-time dangerous, essentially failed, bankrupt, Chilean mine. It is, thank God, over.

Now will Fox please get Shepherd Smith's awful voice out of any of the shows I watch and back into whatever show he normally fronts and let the rest of us get back to watching something less boring. Like Glenn Beck, eg -- or some grass growing somewhere.






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