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Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg walk off the The View stage...

... when Bill O'Reilly had the audacity to say that Muslims were behind 9/11:

Of course, it was Joy Behar who led the walk-off, the same Joy Behar who's said some pretty crappy things about Christians, as Laura Ingraham points out quite clearly below:

The absolute idiocy exhibited by Behar and Goldberg will be hard to top... though give them time and I'm sure they'll each do exactly that but it's Behar's hypocrisy that's most telling. Here's a woman who takes umbrage at the notion that Muslims were responsible for 9/11 (which is completely true) yet made these statements a couple of years or so ago:

I have a theory that you can't find any saints any more because of psycho-tropic medication. I think that the old days the saints were hearing voices and they didn't have any thorazine to calm them down. Now that we have all of this medication available to us, you can't find a saint any more."

But we've certainly found an idiot Ms. Behar... most certainly.


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Comments (24)

Two stupid, clueless, worth... (Below threshold)

Two stupid, clueless, worthless, vile hags and poor excuses for human beings.
Tell them to keep on walking...you two are not importamt.

I encourage Bill O'Reilly t... (Below threshold)

I encourage Bill O'Reilly to appear more often on The View, perhaps he can continue to motivate Behar and Goldberg to walk-off more often.

To Whoopi Goldberg: ... (Below threshold)

To Whoopi Goldberg:

"So, O.K., no, those were not Muslims flying those planes on 9/11, those were magical pixies from the Spider Planet.

Whoopi and Joy should be th... (Below threshold)

Whoopi and Joy should be thrown off the show. What a disgrace to walk off because you disagree with a guest.

I am truly thinking of never watching the show again.

Don't these shows normally ... (Below threshold)

Don't these shows normally have a buffet offstage? I think that's where these cows were really headed.

Whoopi jumped the shark whe... (Below threshold)

Whoopi jumped the shark when she claimed that Polanski didn't commit rape rape, whatever the hell that means. And after her remark to McCain about bringing back slavery, she's shown she's a partisan moonbat.

Behar is your typical hard core liberal voter; stupid but highly opinionated.

Ironically, in hollywood, these idiots are quite popular.

Anytime you can get liberal... (Below threshold)

Anytime you can get liberal hosts to walk off THEIR OWN show is OK with me. Loved to see their panties in a knot.

Fat, menopausal women have ... (Below threshold)

Fat, menopausal women have issues, obviously.

Joann,I am trul... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


I am truly thinking of never watching the show again.

1. What the hell are you doing watching that bilge in the first place?
2. Your IQ will jump 30 points as soon as you stop.


It's interesting that on a ... (Below threshold)

It's interesting that on a show called "The View" no one else's view is accepted.

RG, thank you for pointing ... (Below threshold)

RG, thank you for pointing out the obvious.
They are vacuous ignorant b****s with an ax to grind and the more often they have facts thrown at them the more obvious it will become to their viewership that they are psychotic twits.

What's the View? Who's Joy ... (Below threshold)

What's the View? Who's Joy Behar? Isn't Whoopi a Klingon....Who gives a......ahhhh...

Eighteen days,


I did not know sows could b... (Below threshold)

I did not know sows could be so tempermental.

A feeding trough should be on stage for just such emergencys.

What I think is funny about... (Below threshold)

What I think is funny about this is that Bill O will beat them to death on this. It will give him the opportunity to drag out every dumb assed thing they ever said every anti christian filth they have ever said and play it before an audience that is probably 3 times the size of their's. Just like he's already done, he will drag this out play it for guest reactions might even get some of the enlightened elites to denounce them. Well played ladies, well played indeed.

The two of them forgot the ... (Below threshold)

The two of them forgot the name of their own show. The VIEW. Of course Muslim's flew the planes into the towers and pentagon. What clueless bitches. Of course Behar's ranting about Christians and JEWS is acceptable. How dumb. Even Walter's was embarrassed by their behavior and that says alot. ww

"Loved to see their panties... (Below threshold)

"Loved to see their panties in a knot"

Prairie, thems sum big 'ol panties.....otherwise known as car covers.

Sorry to burst bubbles, but... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

Sorry to burst bubbles, but "The View" is slightly less relevant than the Flat Earth Society. The fact it's even being discussed in the conservative blog-o-sphere speaks volumes about why the country is in such dire straits.

#17I dont w... (Below threshold)


I dont watch much tv so it is interesting to see this kind of leftism mentalness on display for viewers to amaze at and us to crack jokes at. 50 years ago turds like poopi and joy would be committed to a state hospital.

My how things have changed.

It really pisses me off tha... (Below threshold)

It really pisses me off that I have to work twice as hard intellectually to counter the stereo-type these women promote with a total lack of brain power.

They're perpetually offended, not to mention hypocritical, obtuse and just plain nasty in general.

"They're perpetually offend... (Below threshold)

"They're perpetually offended, not to mention hypocritical, obtuse and just plain nasty in general."

..and they have their bad points also.

I have changed my mind. Who... (Below threshold)

I have changed my mind. Whoopi looks like a Water Buffalo.

Fortunately the two are apa... (Below threshold)

Fortunately the two are apart of a dying breed....liberals.

.... Joyless Behar says she... (Below threshold)

.... Joyless Behar says she has a feeling she can't find any saints because of psycho-tropic medication. Joyless feels the old time saints heard voices but had no Thorazine to calm them down. Now there are lots of medications available,you can't find a saint any more ....

They're all in Rome for this weekend's Canonization of Australia's Saint Mary MacKillop.

I sure wish they would have... (Below threshold)

I sure wish they would have kept walking and never come back. Due east would be a good direction. Let them walk all the way to........... .MECCA.






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