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Barack Obama, Identity Thief

Well, once again Barack Obama is directly facilitating some gross misconduct in his name. Organizing For America, the heir to his presidential campaign, is running a phone bank for Obama supporters to call voters and urge them to keep the Democrats in office (because, after all, it's worked out so well so far).

There's nothing wrong with that -- both sides do it. But what OfA is doing is a bit dumber than usual (and for them, that's a lot). They've provided their unvetted volunteers with access to some rather sensitive information about voters, including name and phone number -- which could make them vulnerable to unscrupulous Obama volunteers (not that that would ever happen -- we all know what fine, upstanding citizens they are).

So, what ties this to the president? After all, it isn't his campaign that's doing it, it's the organization he built and then walked away from -- they renamed themselves and are carrying on without him.

Because, as I've noted many times, he left them with a parting gift -- his personal web site. And it's through that web site that they're running this phone bank.

Looking to do some harassment, stalking, casing out potential burglary victims, or do some digging for identity theft? Go on over to barackobama.com, register, and sign up for the phone system.

Several PJ Media readers have already done so, and had a bit of fun with it, informing callers just how their personal information was obtained so easily. Others have been sabotaging the efforts, irritating voters or listing them as unhappy with Obama.

I'm tempted, but I think I'll pass.

But remember, this is all quite literally being done in President Obama's name. He could put a stop to it at any moment, by demanding his domain name back, but he doesn't. Which puts everything they do firmly on his doorstep.

As long as Organizing For America holds the barackobama.com domain name, then Barack Obama owns everything they do through that web site. And that fact needs to be hung around his neck at every opportunity.


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rather sensitive informa... (Below threshold)

rather sensitive information about voters, including name and phone number --

Ya, because we know the Phone Book is classified Top Secret. At least it was in East Germany in the old days.

And political campaigns using voter phone lists, that's completely unprecedented, bordering on illegal! What a frickin' outrage!

I'm beginning to think that Wizbang is a clever parody, a subtler Onion.

Galoob, Holder says your qu... (Below threshold)

Galoob, Holder says your quota is 200 calls a day!

Better not fail him or Barry as your stimulus bonus check is at risk..

Okay - I'm not going to hol... (Below threshold)

Okay - I'm not going to hold this against Obama. He's not technologically competent, his idea of making a web site would likely be to take some Halloween spider floss and stretch it across a room across the furniture. He wouldn't have any idea how to go about registering a name, much less do an on-line database.

So his flunkies did the job - but now it's coming back that what THEY did isn't exactly ethical.

He OUGHT, if he's even aware of this, and he may not be - if his attitude is anything like this!


Don't nobody bring him no bad news!

Galoob, if your comfortable... (Below threshold)

Galoob, if your comfortable sharing your phone, name and address with anyone that wants them... why do you use a pseudonym on blogs?
personally, even when I donate to causes I like I do so with a variant of my name that I don't use in daily or official life. Makes sorting out the junk mail so much easier...

I will disagree with JLawso... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I will disagree with JLawson in that I believe obama is technologically savvy enough (or at least his organization is) that they could have done this better.

However, I am not fussed about this simply because obama supporters are the kind of people who basically don't believe that the public has any right to privacy or to have their personal information withheld from government or political organizations. They voted for a man who uses confidential tax and earnings info from the IRS to punish his political opponents. They voted for a man who believes that they are incompetent to conduct their own lives and that their lives are better run by nameless bureaucrats 100's if not 1000's of miles away in DC.

If they don't like their personal information being tossed around indiscriminately, then good. If that info is being used to harass them, then good. They are literally getting exactly what they asked for.

Here's why what OfA did is ... (Below threshold)

Here's why what OfA did is a Bad Thing: OfA volunteers arent the only ones who can use this information to raise money. Consider this scenario:

Good evening! My name is Felice DeMarque, and I'm calling on behalf of Obama for America. Could I speak to Galoob H. Galoob, please?

Mr. Galoob, how are you this evening? [Patter from official OfA phone script on website omitted] ... So, would you care to make a donation of one hundred dollars this evening?

Mr. Galoob, before we begin, could you please verify that you are the Galoob H. Galoob who lives in Dearborn, Michigan, and that you're 47 years old?

And for security purposes, could you please verify your address for me?

Very good. Now, could you please tell me your name exactly as it appears on the credit card you want to use this time?

And the card number? ...

Now, on the back of your card you'll see a four digit number in ink. Could you read that to me please? ...

Thank you. For security purposes I'm going to transfer you to a supervisor who will verify the information you've given me, but before I go I'd like to thank you again on behalf of Obama for America, and I'd like to give you this number to call if you have any questions or problems with your billing: 877-336-7200. Thanks, and remember to vote Democratic on November 2!

There! Wasn't that easy? You've just given a con artist full access to your credit card account.

Hell, we gave a con artist ... (Below threshold)

Hell, we gave a con artist full access to the powers of our country's government and military. What could be harder to take back than that?






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