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Shrink-in-Chief: Dems woes due to fear...

... which leads to less than clear thinking:

 At a Saturday-evening fundraiser held in the home of a wealthy Massachusetts hospital executive, President Obama suggested Democrats are having difficulties in midterm campaigning because Americans simply aren't thinking clearly. Seeking to explain his party's troubles, the president focused not on controversial legislation like national health care and the stimulus but on evolutionary psychology. "Part of the reason that our politics seems so tough right now, and facts and science and argument do not seem to be winning the day all the time, is because we're hard-wired not to always think clearly when we're scared," Obama told the assembled Democrats, who paid $15,200 a person to attend. "And the country is scared."

To "break through the fear and the frustration that people are feeling right now," Obama told the crowd, will require high-end donors not just to "write checks" but also to "lift up people's spirits and make sure that they're not reacting just to fear."

The country isn't scared Mr. President.  The country is pissed.  And thinking clearly has led to that anger.

Thinking clearly about your inability to lead in a crisis, thinking clearly about your governing against the will of the American people, thinking clearly about your bending over (literally) to those who stand against this country, thinking clearly about your mishandling of this economy, thinking clearly about your broken pledge to foster unity and bipartisanship, thinking clearly about those you choose as czars, thinking clearly about how your promised race transcendance is a complete joke.

The only ones who are fearful Mr. President are those in your party who are about to be shellacked in about 10 days... largely because they're in one way or another connected to you and your policies.


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Comments (22)

Barry can't even get his vi... (Below threshold)

Barry can't even get his villains straight. We're supposed to 'hate' the rich. We're supposed to 'hate' doctors and hospitals.

So he holds a fund raiser at the home of a wealthy hospital administrator.


We only win if we WORK and ... (Below threshold)

We only win if we WORK and FIGHT all the way thru the November 2nd.

If you haven't already volunteered to GOTV to throw the Dems out of office then for God's sake do so!!

Donate time, money and sweat!

"We're supposed to 'hate' t... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"We're supposed to 'hate' the rich. We're supposed to 'hate' doctors and hospitals.:

Exactly. That's why he appeals to groups like these where he can offer them the opportunity to be on the inside and to be shielded from what everyone else has to deal with.

obama sets one group against the next. The only way to protect yourself is to try to get in on the ground floor and use that influence to ensure that your enemies get screwed first. It's not about benefiting the country but about where you stand in line for the spoils.

C-level health care administrators love obamacare. It virtually guarantees their jobs because while it eliminates success it also eliminates failure. If every hospital is declining they cannot be held accountable for the losses at their own institution. Plus, they don't really care how many of their employees get the axe. Nor do they really care about how the quality of care will suffer.

These guys are donating to obama because his plan will guarantee their own security and increase their own personal power.

I wonder if he's projecting... (Below threshold)

I wonder if he's projecting? I mean this might be the first time in his life he has to sweat it. He can't stand in the shadows as a back bench legislator. He is having more and more trouble placing the blame on Bush, Boehner, Rove or whoever happens to be the villain du jour with him. The MSM is becoming less effective at running interference for him. He's lied so much no one really believes him any more. Maybe he is fearful and frustrated and this is how he copes - he projects it on everyone. I surmise he sees himself as an enlightened autocrat yet he has to face a job review in early November. I can't imagine he accepts criticism very well.

Next thing we can look forw... (Below threshold)

Next thing we can look forward to is when he starts blaming very people that backed him in 2008 -- the unions, state controlled media and Congress. Just wait until Chris Matthews and Keith Overbite start getting hammered by Barry and his minions. Then watch the blinders and gloves come off. There will be a real cat fight in the liberal world. All I can say is bring on the popcorn, because that will be a hoot.

Obama can't think clearly b... (Below threshold)

Obama can't think clearly because he's afraid.

I'm afraid. I'm afraid the ... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

I'm afraid. I'm afraid the new empowered Republicans in Congress will not take on Obamalala's agenda and go spineless and squishy. The liberal/socialists have gone way too far and moderating and meeting them in the middle would be a disaster. The Dems have shown they had no interest in "working together for the American people". True conservatives should not either.

I think pissed is a gross u... (Below threshold)
David Spence:

I think pissed is a gross understatement-I am absolutely enraged. I can barely stand to listen to this pathological liar anymore. His minions like Axel and Gibbs are just as shameless. There is a hot place in hell for these folks. All they can do on these Sunday talk shows, (which I can't tolerate), is to weave fantasies out of whole cloth. Now they have nothing left in their bag of tricks except beating this Chamber of Commerce paranoia to death. People see the Chamber of Commerce as much of a threat as the Boy Scouts. That's all they got-November 2, 2010 is the day we take our country back.

If he replaced the word "sc... (Below threshold)

If he replaced the word "scared" with "screwed" he would finally be telling the truth.

All he needs is a cardigan ... (Below threshold)

All he needs is a cardigan and his journey to the malaise speech will be complete.

$15,200 a head?! I hope th... (Below threshold)

$15,200 a head?! I hope they enjoyed the Kool Aid. Barry hates the rich but still cashes their checks. He'd rather see the Bush tax cuts expire than allow the richest 2% to keep a little more of the money they earned - even if it costs him a second term (let's hope).

What's the cliche -- "If yo... (Below threshold)

What's the cliche -- "If you're not angry you're not paying attention." Funny how liberals trotted that one out at every opportunity just a few years ago, yet today they seem to have completely forgotten what it means.

"It's the economy, stupid" works nicely as well.

You are on sight with this ... (Below threshold)

You are on sight with this one. It is a typical pseudo-psych technique to invalidate someone's emotion with double-speak like this.

Just say it over and over in a demeaning but "well-intentioned" way, and sooner or later it will "become" the truth.

The only thing to fear from... (Below threshold)

The only thing to fear from Barry is Barry himself. Maybe he should get a little relaxation. Take up golf or something.

"Obama can't think clear... (Below threshold)

"Obama can't think clearly because he's afraid."

That may well be true. But lord knows its not because hes afraid of work. He has never had to do that. He is afraid of losing the power he has not handled responsibly.

November does loom, for the Won tis doom.

There is something wrong wi... (Below threshold)
Ken in Camarillo:

There is something wrong with a person who says this.

Either he believes it, making him delusional; or he doesn't believe it, making him evil to the core.

Typical narcissist - the on... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Typical narcissist - the only error he can own up to is failing to explain his brilliant plans in words small enough for us befuddled and frightened peasants to understand.

In truth, though, I am pretty scared. We're stuck with this Marxist buffoon for another 27 months. Judging by the damage he's done in the first 21 months, it could be a bumpy ride.

It is amusing that it alway... (Below threshold)

It is amusing that it always comes down to something elitist for Barack.

We're either stupid and xenophobic, clinging to our guns and our God, or we're not understanding his myriad explanations of his health care plan (which he lied about, btw), or we're just too scared to be thinking right, or whatever.

Does it never occur to Obama that the rejection of his agenda may be due to the fact that it is singularly bad for America and bad for our prosperity?

You know, I highly respecte... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

You know, I highly respected Reagan, GHW Bush and GW Bush. And I even repected Clinton and Carter when they were president, partially because of the simple fact that they were president. But Obama? Every time he opens his mouth these days, all I can think of is one word: PUNK.

According to him, I as a bitter clinger am "not thinking clearly." No, sir, I am. I see right through you. So take your snotty arrogance and shove it where the sun don't shine, punk.

Clinton was able to pivot a... (Below threshold)

Clinton was able to pivot after the '94 elections because as a longtime governor of a southern state, he had experience with Conservatives. He may not have agreed with them, but he understood them.

Obama doesn't have that. Over the course of Obama's life he has lived in an insulated Liberal cocoon where Conservatives were always an alien species shaped by Left wing stereotypes.

He only knows the Liberal orthodoxy which believes it is the superior and infallible philosphy. Anyone who does not agree is stupid or evil.

This kind of blind faith makes him incapable of accepting that he may be wrong or that other people may have reasonable thought out disagreements with that philosophy.

I don't think he is capable of pivoting after these midterms. In this weekend's NY Times Magazine interview, Obama expects the Republicans to move in his direction after the election.

Basically after his election he told them 'I won so you need to move in my direction.' After this election it will be, 'You won so you need to move in my direction.'

It sure doesn't help the De... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

It sure doesn't help the Democrats very much when a household like mine doesn't even receive the election ballots for the upcoming election. Plenty of campaign literature and campaign phone calls, but no ballots this year for the upcoming mail in vote. That's a problem I need to fix.

Paul, go check the local ce... (Below threshold)

Paul, go check the local cemetary the Democrats probably left some extras there.






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