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Fraudulent branding

Kyle-Ann Shiver on the bill of goods sold to America:

Like those who inhaled the toxic smoke of the Marlboro man, only to find themselves stricken with a slow and painful asphyxiation, Obama voters now queue themselves at the unemployment office and the food stamps office and the welfare office in record numbers. But there isn't enough "change" to go around. And what most of these folks want is not a handout from their neighbors, but a paycheck and the self-respect that goes with it.

Sadly, those most hurt by Barack Obama's false advertising were those same black voters who invested so much in his candidacy. Black unemployed numbers dwarf those of their white counterparts. By promising things no mere mortal could ever deliver and jumping into a job for which he was dolefully unprepared, those who loved the symbolic racial victory the most have tragically been the ones most hurt by the Obama lie. Instead of still worshiping this man who bamboozled them, black voters ought to be outraged.

Fraudulent branding of the type we saw ubiquitously displayed for this candidate in 2008 should be the consumer lesson of the century when it comes to buying hyperventilated political claims not backed up with cold, hard evidence of past accomplishment.

I would like to think that America has learned a lesson.

November should tell the tale.

H/T Matteo.


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Comments (16)

They rented a nice lookin... (Below threshold)

They rented a nice looking suit for the party. Now that the party is over, all they have is an empty suit and the same problems.

Socialism fails evertime its tried.

in most cases you aren't po... (Below threshold)

in most cases you aren't poor because of a lack of money ... more money being thrown at it will not cure poverty ...
Lack of money is a symptom of being poor, not the cause ...

The fraudulent branding was... (Below threshold)

The fraudulent branding was MSM bias stripped bare.

It was also the soul of liberal/progressive politics/policies exposed for all to see.

The real test for whether t... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

The real test for whether the country learned its lesson will arrive in Nov. 2012, not this November.

Blacks are satisfied with O... (Below threshold)

Blacks are satisfied with Obama, much like the teenage boy is with the girl he loses his virginity with - they don't have to be good, they just have to be there.

But they'll still stick up ... (Below threshold)

But they'll still stick up for him.

Even when he won't buy them a car or make their mortgage payment.

The Democrats have trained them well. The "I'm a VICTIM" mentality doesn't require any thought or action. Just the opposite.

I tend to agree with Caesar... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I tend to agree with Caesar Augustus @ #4: the real test begins in 2012; 2010 is only the opening chapter.

Obama and the Democrats have squandered trillions and programmed the federal government for massive future debt which cannot be painlessly avoided. The FRB is sitting on trillions of assets in the form of mortgage securities and government bonds bought with money printed up before even the paper was paid for. Our fiscal situation was difficult BEFORE the Democrats took Congress in 2006, and they and Obama have taken a leaky ship and blown large holes in the hull.

Recovery will not be painless, and it cannot be fast. Democrats will not cooperate at all, and they still will hold executive power until Obama can be retired. The next President isn't going to be able to deliver prosperity in his first term, period.

It remains to be seen if we have learned our lesson, or whether a few more years of trouble will lead the feckless voter back to the wild promises of the Democrats before the work is done.

"The real test for wheth... (Below threshold)

"The real test for whether the country learned its lesson will arrive in Nov. 2012, not this November."

Make that half the Country + 7 extra states. The half I live in did not vote with the horn swaggled star gazed kool aid swigging fools that put this chowderhead in charge.

I would not count on folks ... (Below threshold)

I would not count on folks "learning their lesson" How many times was Marion Barry re-elected?

The people who elected Barr... (Below threshold)

The people who elected Barry are incapable of learning lessons. Most of 'em still think you can lend money to people who can't pay it back. And that crime rates in black neighborhoods are whiteys fault.

Nagin, Barry, Waters, Range... (Below threshold)

Nagin, Barry, Waters, Rangel..........."They may be crooks, but they are OUR crooks!"

Yeah, that makes one hell of a lot of sense.

The dream never dies for so... (Below threshold)

The dream never dies for socialists.Castro blamed the usa for turning cuba into the isle of despair and keeping it there for 50 some years.No matter how many times socialist schemes fail there is as barnum said "a sucker born every minute".

A vote for E pluribus Bara... (Below threshold)

A vote for E pluribus Barakulus is a vote for slavery. You enablers are slaves of the government system! Grow up and cut Barry and D.C.s purse strings Nov 2."

No matter how many times... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

No matter how many times socialist schemes fail. Are you kidding? Do you guys know what socialism is?. Among other things it would be nationalizing the bank or socializing their profits, not their losses, or breakingup up the big banks, not the reverse.

"The banks were irresponsible to start with. They are now are bigger and more powerful" than before the meltdown because of corporate capitalist Obama, who has more respect for them, now than say "free market" Alan Greenspan. See interview wth Simon Johnson, author of "13 Bankers. "The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown."

Crickmore,You've mis... (Below threshold)

You've mistaken the theory and political framework for the actions it would endorse.

The irony of it all. Obama... (Below threshold)

The irony of it all. Obama's policies have put the Blacks (more than any other class) back into slavery/identured servitude to the government, and they still think he is the second coming.
Next on the list, some form of amnesty for illegals, who we know are predominantely Hispanic. Another Miracle by the Obamessiah, a Two for One. He wins the undying support of the legal immigrants, the American Hispanic population (who don't understand it is THEIR jobs the "new" immigrants will be taking) and creates a new, but separate class of slaves/indentured servants, which in turn swells the ranks of the unemployed, and increases the costs of government social programs. That will be offset by increasing taxes, thereby creating the final class of slaves/indentured servants who will see the fruits of their labors going to the government for distribution of benefits to the other slave classes.

Revolution anyone?






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